58673boa Explains Lip Syncing On Comeback Stage

BoA Explains Lip Syncing on Comeback Stage

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BoA Explains Lip Syncing on Comeback StageOn July 29, BoA had a comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo. She performed the title song Only One and The Shadow from her 7th regular album Only One. However, excited fans ready to welcome BoA with open arms were soon disappointed to find out that she was lip syncing throughout her performances.

BoA explained in an interview recently, I have prepared lip syncing and live-singing performances of Only One to emphasize both my vocals and choreography. Therefore, her come back stages were scheduled to be lip-synced as a way of showing more refined choreography and performances. BoA added, When you dance, your body is not stable and therefore, you cannot sing live perfectly. In these two versions of performances I have prepared, I am going to focus on one thing at a time.

In her SBS Inkigayo comeback stage, BoA presented a splendid stage with unique, leading-edge lyrical hip hop choreography and powerful couples dance stage with SHINees Taemin. After BoAs explanation for her lip-synced comeback stage, fans and netizens expressed great anticipations for BoAs promotional cycle for Only One and both performance-focused and vocal-focused stages of the song.

Taeyeon Gets 9th song display Win on M!Countdown, f(x) Has First Comeback Stage

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Taeyeon Gets 9th Music prove Win on M!Countdown, f(x) Has First Comeback Stage Taeyeon’s continues to dominate music show wins with “I.” Taking her 2nd M!Countdown victory, it's far her 9th overall win for the song.

Just having made their debut remaining week, JYP‘s rookie group TWICE was the runner up this week with “OOH AHH.”

f(x) also had their first comeback stage, appearing off their new performances of “Diamond” and name track “4 Walls.”

Mamamoo's Hwasa to look on Hyuna's comeback stage

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Mamamoo's Hwasa to look on Hyuna's comeback stage

Hyuna"s friend Hwasa from Mamamoo is reported to be creating a distinct appearance on Hyuna"s comeback degree at M!Countdown on August 20.

It is noted that Mamamoo"s maknae diva is joining her friend Hyuna on her are living functionality to accomplish the rap a section of  "Ice Ice" and to cheer and enhance as well. Apart from Hwasa, BTOB"s Ilhoon could also be making appearance on her "Because I"m The Best" stage.

Are you excited to peer their interaction? Don"t pass over Hyuna"s comeback degree for "Because I"m The Best" tomorrow!

Yubin says she changed into once unsatisfied after Wonder Girls' comeback stage

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Yubin says she changed into once unsatisfied after Wonder Girls' comeback stage

Yubin printed that she cried after Wonder Girls" comeback degree with "I Feel You", and it wasn"t out of happiness for their long-awaited return.

On the August 11th episode of MBC FM4U"s "2 O"Clock with Park Kyung Lim", Yubin said, "I used to be so disillusioned that I cried after our first comeback stage. I worked truly tough on the drums, yet I wasn"t happy with the result. That"s why i used to be disillusioned with myself and cried. I didn"t cry, yet I teared up."

She continued, "Since I"m in the back having a look at the members, I see your complete picture, so i used to be truly frightened and overwhelemed."

What did you recall to mind the beauty Girls" comeback?

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Wonder women to hang offset Comeback stage on “M!Countdown”

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Wonder girls to hold outset Comeback degree on “M!Countdown” Wonder girls, now A 4-member ring, volition brand their comeback on “M!Countdown,” in line with An worker of JYP Entertainment.

here is their first Appearance in A song broadcast in 3 years, And they Are going to equally well brand Appearances on “Music depository financial institution” And “Music essence.”

Their 3rd complete Album, “Reboot,” capabilities the 4 individuals of the crowd equally individuals of A ring, signalling A new subject for the 4 girls. From the teaser symbol, it sort of feels that they're going to exist gambling A unfashionable- taste song.

Sunmi volition play the bass guitar, Yubin can exist the drummer, Hyerim volition play the guitar, And Yeeun volition play the keyboard. With the exception of the name song, the individuals had existen interested in the lyrics And the songs.

Wonder girls volition liberate the song for “Reboot” And hold A show off on August three. Their first Appearance on “M!Countdown” can exist on August vi.

BEAST has set the target to return to stage this summer while denying the claim of the July Comeback

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BEAST Aiming for Group Comeback This Summer, Denies Reports of July Comeback Following the release of an exclusive report stating that BEAST would be joining the summer comeback lineup this coming July, the group’s agency has stepped up to clear up the report.

On June 11, a representative of Cube Entertainment shared, “It is true that they are quite far into preparations for their new album, aiming for July, but the exact date has not been confirmed yet.”

The agency rep continued, “While BEAST has consistently been working on a new album, the specifics of the comeback time frame have yet to be decided. In addition to their overseas activities, they are preparing new music. Yong Jun Hyung is currently producing new songs and the rest of the members are also actively participating in brainstorming various ideas [for the album]. However, nothing has been confirmed for now.”

Since the release of their last album “Time” in October of last year, the members have been focusing on individual activities.

Are you hoping for a comeback soon?

Yang Hyun Suk explains why iKON"s debut and WINNER"s comeback are taking so long

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Yang Hyun Suk explains why iKON

As you know, YG Entertainment is pretty notorious for delays and not living up their promised time periods of comebacks or debuts. With fans growing impatient, the agency"s main head figure,Yang Hyun Suk,was contacted for an answer on what is taking so long.

In his interview with OSEN, Yang Hyun Suk talked about upcoming group iKON and rookie groupWINNER.

He said, "When will WINNER make their comeback and when will iKON debut? That"s not for me to decide. We will reveal their songs the moment they make songs that anyone would like and be happy to hear. So far there haven"t been any songs that satisfy me nor themselves."

He referencedBig Bang as he said, "Think about when Big Bang was first born. Not too long ago, G-Dragon talked about his trainee days on a variety show, about how he wrote songs for me as if he was turning in homework every day. If a singer wants to be in front of the public and sing songs, they need enough preparation before they debut. The lifespan of a singing career cannot help but be short if you half-heartedly keep releasing songs. That"s why even now, it takes Big Bang so much labor pains every time they try to release a new album."

Yang Hyun Suk added, "WINNER and iKON are both working really hard right now. During the past few months, they have given me over 50 songs. I returned all of them back to them. They"re still lacking that 2%. They know that too. By overcoming this process, they become bigger and grow. They"re very sorry to their waiting fans but I can confidently say that the announcement is not too far away. When WINNER make their comeback and iKON make their debut, the outcome will be worth the wait."

It seems we may have to be a little more patient for WINNER"s comeback and iKON"s debut, but like Papa YG says, we know it"ll all be worth the wait!

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EXO reveal more about their new title track "Love Me Right" + comeback stage dates

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EXO reveal more about their new title track

EXO continue to give us more to be excited about today, with details regarding their new title track "Love Me Right", as well as dates for their broadcast comeback stages!

As mentioned before, their repackaged album for "EXODUS" will be titled "LOVE ME RIGHT" and it"s set for release on June 3! The title track of the same name is said to be a bright dance track with a funky rhythm. The lyrics describe the positive energy, excitement, and happiness felt when taking a drive with someone you love. It"s expected to have a very different feel from their previous title song "Call Me Baby", so perhaps the boys will be showcasing a softer and more gentle side this time around?

Following their album release on June 3, they"ll kick off their comeback stages through "M! Countdown" on June 4, followed by "Music Bank" on the 5th, "Music Core" on the 6th, and "Inkigayo" on the 7th. So mark these dates down, and let the fangirling or fanboying commence!

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Big Bang"s 1st comeback stage is set at Inkigayo!

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Big Bang

We"re going to meet Big Bang"s stages once again starting at Inkigayo on Sunday, May 3.

It is now confirmed that Big Bang are returning to music shows having Inkigayo comeback stages for new songs "Loser" and "Bae Bae". Big Bang have already shown the choreography of these new songs through their "Made" concert in Seoul but the preparation for the music shows is said to be a level of a concert performance.

Are you excited to see the live and amazing stages of Big Bang once again? Don"t miss Inkigayo this week! For the meantime, let"s anticipate the release of the songs and MVs later at midnight.

BIGBANG to Hold First Comeback Stage on SBS’ “Inkigayo”

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BIGBANG to Hold First Comeback Stage on SBS’ “Inkigayo”

With just one day left until the release of their newest title tracks, it has been reported that BIGBANG will finally be returning to music shows as a whole group after three long years. The group’s very first comeback stage is said to be taking place through SBS’ “Inkigayo” this coming May 3.

According to a broadcast official on April 30, BIGBANG will be appearing on the May 3 broadcast of “Inkigayo” to put on their comeback performances for “LOSER” and “BAE BAE.”

This will be the group’s first complete music show appearance in three years, since “Monster.” The broadcast representative also explained that this upcoming comeback stage will include choreography, unlike their concert performance of their double title tracks.

Meanwhile, “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” is scheduled to officially be released on May 1, which will be followed by the release of new tracks every single month until August, with the final album coming out in September.

Are you excited to watch their comeback stage?