Eunhyuk, “I Had a Chance To Meet My Ideal Girl Choi Jung Won But It Didn’t Work Out Every Time”

eunhyuk, super junor eunhyuk Group Super Junior member Eunhyuk revealed his heart for actress Choi Jung Won. On Mnet "Beatles Code 2," scheduled to air on July 30, Super Junior will be making their guest appearance on the show

eunhyuk, super junor


Group member Eunhyuk revealed his heart for actress .

On Mnet “Beatles Code 2,” scheduled to air on July 30, Super Junior will be making their guest appearance on the show.

While filming for this broadcast, MC asked Eunhyuk, “I heard you’ve brought a girlfriend to your dorm before…” making everyone curious. This is because Super Junior’s dorm is known to be strictly not allow friends of the other sex.

To this, Ryeowook said, “When I opened the door, I saw a girls’ heels, and Eunhyuk was not in his room. I was so shocked I told Leeteuk.” Eunhyuk then said, “It’s all a misunderstanding, it was my mom and older sister. But because Ryeowook even called our leader, they had to exchange awkward greetings.”

But the girl Eunhyuk has been keeping in his heart was someone else, which is his ideal girl actress Choi Jung Won. Eunhyuk, who was a big enough of a fan to join Choi Jung Won’s fan website, said “There were a few opportunities for me to meet her. She saw the post I left on her fan website, so she contacted me through her manager to eat with her. But because I was still new as a singer, my manager didn’t allow me.”

Then Shindong said, “This is not the end. After that, Choi Jung Won invited Eunhyuk to her fan meeting, but because of a schedule, he couldn’t make it.”

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