Shinhwa Minwoo Does A Jang Dong Gun Parody

Shinhwa Minwoo Does A Jang Dong Gun Parody "In This Lifetime, Live With Me"

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shinhwaShinhwa member Minwoo tried to do the Jang Dong Gun proposal, bringing laughter.

On July 28 broadcast of JTBC "Shinhwa Broadcast," Shinhwa visited the countryside. They held their own version of "Family Outing," completing missions on the grassfields.

On this day, Minwoo, Jun Jin, and Dongwan became one team and went out to get ingredients for dinner.

Minwoo suddenly said, "Live with me. In this lifetime, live with me," copying what Dojin said to Eesoo in the drama "A Gentleman's Dignity."

Their imitating 'play' continued. After Minwoo copied Dojin, Dongwan and Jun Jin started copying lines from an old Korean drama.

Photo Credit: JTBC