T-ARA, “Bullying” Scandal is the Worst Since Their Debut

T-ARA, Hwayoung T-ARA, "Bullying" Scandal Is The Worst Since Their Debut T-ARA has been suffering with the worst scandal since their debut involving their member Hwayoung

, Hwayoung

T-ARA, "Bullying" Scandal Is The Worst Since Their

T-ARA has been suffering with the worst scandal since their debut involving their member Hwayoung.

Hwayoung’s ‘Bullied/Loner Scandal’ has made previous actions of T-ARA look bad and had negative consequences on their group’s image.

Among them, Boram is said to have bullied her the most. On the 29th, a of Boram and Hwayoung, who was holding a broken umbrella, walking side by side was posted on a website. This posting said, ‘Boram used her umbrella to damange Hwayoung’s umbrella more’ and made the recent troubles worse.

Jiyeon was seen putting down Hwayoung on an entertainment program, Hyomin wrote on her Twitter, “There is a reason for everything.” There are even photos of the six members being mocked.

T-ARA’s Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Boram, Soyeon wrote tweets that seemed to have relations to pointing out Hwayoung not being able to perform because of her leg injury. Hwayoung then wrote on her Twitter, “Sometimes even with determination it’s too much. At times like these it’s upsetting, but I believe there’s a good meaning behind it that God has provided. Hoot.” 

The representative of Core Contents Media, Kim Kwang Soo, stated “After I return from this business trip in , I will make an announcement about T-ARA on the 30th.”

After Hwayoung injured her leg on SBS “Inkigayo” that aired on the 22nd, she was seen performing in a chair at the concert in Japan. Ever since, she has not been on air.

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