[Spoiler] Jo Yoon-hee imagines married life with Lee Hee-joon

"My Husband Got a Family" Lee Hee-joon and Jo Yoon-hee are heated up in romance. KBS 2TV drama "My Husband Got a Family" on the 29th, Lee Sook (Jo Yoon-hee) blushed at the thought of married life with Jae-yong (Lee Hee-joon)

[Spoiler] Jo Yoon-hee imagines married life with Lee Hee-joon

Lee Hee-joon and Jo Yoon-hee are heated up in romance.

2TV My Husband Got a Family” on the 29th, (Jo Yoon-hee) blushed at the thought of married life with Jae-yong (Lee Hee-joon).

Ironically, it was Gyu-hyeon (Kang Dong-ho), Jae-yong’s love rival who changed the relationship between the two of them when they had progressed into nothing. Having penetrated her mind, Gyu-hyeon had a hand-to-hand fight with Jae-yong and said out loud, “Why would she like someone like this?” He had told her feelings for him on behalf of her.

However, despite having showed her feelings to Gyu-hyeon, Lee Sook still didn’t realize this and was reproached by her sister Il-sook (Yang Jeong-ah) for not knowing even after they kissed.

Previously, Jae-yong had been hurt all over from being beaten up in the fight with Gyu-hyeon. When Lee Sook asked who he fought with, he bluffed, “If I’m this bad, how bad do you think the other guy is? You seem to have a lot more interest for me, are you falling for me like falling into a swamp in the Amazons?”

When Lee Sook asked him about his family relations according to her sister’s teachings, he said, “I may look like the cold city guy but I’m actually from the outskirts”. When he revealed that he has the hearts for farming, Lee Sook started imagining married life with him. She got red in the face and started fanning herself.

Lee Sook doesn’t know but Jae Yong once tried to appeal to her that he was the son of an affluent family.

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