IU and Kikwang lend their voices to "Sammy's Adventure 2" + trailer and IU's OST, "Stranded"

It was revealed earlier today that solo singer IU and BEAST member Kikwang lent their voices to an upcoming 3D animated movie. The movie, "Sammy's Adventure 2," is a story about two turtles and is directed by Ben Stassen

IU and Kikwang lend their voices to "Sammy's Adventure 2" + trailer and IU's OST, "Stranded"

It was revealed earlier today that solo singer IU and member Kikwang lent their voices to an upcoming animated movie. The movie, “Sammy’s Adventure 2,” is a story about two and is directed by Ben Stassen. Previously, ’s Sulli and ’s Daesung dubbed the original “Sammy’s Adventure” back in 2010, when it was released in Korea.

For the movie, IU dubbed the voice of Sammy’s granddaughter Ella, and Kikwang dubbed the voice of Ella’s , Ricky. Kim Wonho also lent his voice to the movie as he dubbed the character, Big D, the aquarium’s dictator.

Both Kikwang and IU attended the movie’s premiere and press conference at 4PM on July 26th at Seoul’s Yongsan CGV and commented about their experiences while dubbing the movie.

Because of the similarity between of Kikwang’s character, Riki (Ricky), and his own name, he has earned the nickname, RiKi Kwang. About his new nickname, Kikwang commented, “The children are very silly. I said I was dubbing (in the movie) and they gave me a nickname right away. My name is Lee Kikwang and the character I’m playing, his name is Ricky so they gave me the nickname ‘Rikikwang’. With the nickname, they encouraged for me to do well.”

IU commented, “Since Kim Wonho was a natural I did not feel like it was a rivalry, but Kikwang was doing so well that it became like a rivalry for me.” She continued, “Kikwang was so good at his character that I was motivated to do well myself by listen to him recording.”

Due to the youthful charm of both Kikwang and IU’s voices, the expectations as well as anticipation for the movie have been raised. “Sammy’s Adventure 2″ will be released in theaters in 3D on August 2nd.

IU also lent her voice to the movie’s OST. Check out IU’s track as well as the trailer and videos from the press conference, below!


IU – “Stranded”

Will you be watching “Sammy’s Adventures 2″ when it is released on August 2nd?

Source: Newsen, Daum Movies, My Daily, and cjenmmovie

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