Hallyu Fest 2012 in Philippines!

Hallyu Fest 2012 in Philippines!


Hallyu Fest 2012 in Philippines!

July 28, 2012 was a day dedicated to Hallyu fans in the Philippines. The Hallyu Fest 2012 at MOA, Center Stage was a success! It was an event organized by the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines in line with the celebration of their first anniversary. This event has KPOP cover dance groups battling it out to represent the Philippines in the KPOP Dance Cover Festival during the Hallyu Dream Festival on September at Gyeongju, South Korea. There was also a Drama Cosplay Competition, photo contests and raffles with awesome prizes won by lucky winners.

Of course, the highlight of the event was none other than the appearance of the special guest which was “Boyfriend”, a popular young boygroup under Starship Entertainment which also boast popular artists like K.Will and Sistar. The group consisted of six handsome boys namely Leader Donghyun, Maknae Minwoo, The Twins: Youngmin and Kwangmin, Vocalist Jeongmin and Lead Vocalist Hyunseong. The boys acted as judges for the KPOP Dance Cover competition wherein several cover groups showed their skills in dancing and cosplaying their favorite idol groups.

Hallyu Fest 2012 in Philippines!

The event started with the contestants showcasing their dance number, followed by the presentation of the different theme songs used for the different Korean dramas that became a hit in the Philippines and helped develop the Hallyu Wave in the country. Boyfriend showed their amazement by waving their hands in the air and encouraging the audience to do the same. After that was the time for the Drama Cosplay Competition where the grand winner was none other than two cute kids playing as Baby Dongyi and Young girl Dongyi.

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Boyfriend heated up the event and made the crowd much hyper and enthusiastic as ever as they finally performed, starting off with their latest single “Love Style”. The boys were sporting cute outfits that fitted the mood of the song. Their performance was followed by the interview. Read the details of the interview below:

MC: This is your first time in the Philippines, how do you feel about it or what do you think about it?

Boyfriend: At the airport, we already saw our Filipino fans. We love seeing them!

MC: What is the album (Love Style) all about?

Boyfriend: It’s about our love for our fans, “Best Friends”!

MC: You actually have lots of fans in the Philippines. In the last KPOP Convention, your group won the “Rookie of the Year” award. How do you feel about that?

Boyfriend: We feel honored about winning the award and about being the judges for this event.

MC: What Korean food can you recommend to the Filipinos?

Boyfriend: Kimchi.

MC: Recommend a place to go to when visiting Korea.

Boyfriend: Han River, Dongdaemun and the Park.

MC: Give a Korean word we should all know.

Boyfriend: Saranghae (I Love You) and Namjachingu (Boyfriend).

MC: What is the favorite past time or hobby of the group?

Boyfriend: Communication. We like talking to one another.

MC: If you’re not a KPOP Idol, what would you be doing now?

Kwangmin: I’ll be a writer.

Youngmin: I’ll probably still be a singer since I love singing.

MC: Which singers would you like to collaborate with?

Boyfriend: Super Junior Sunbaenim.

MC: What is your favorite track in your albums?

Boyfriend: Don’t Touch My Girl and I’ll Be There.

MC: What is your ideal proposal to a girl?

Boyfriend: Saying “Saranghae” while making a heart sign.

MC: What is the best gift to give to your girlfriend?

Boyfriend: We’ll sing our songs.

MC: Truth or Dare?

Minwoo: Truth.

Fans: Dare!

Minwoo: Dare?

Fans: YES!

Minwoo: Okay, dare!

MC: Show the main point of the choreography of one of your songs.

Boyfriend: *showed the main point of their choreography for their song, “Boyfriend”*

After that, the boys performed their debut single, “Boyfriend” with much vigor. Their playful antics and smiles showed how much they enjoy performing in front of their Filipino fans. Leader Donghyun made the fans squeal like crazy with his fanservice.


The boys also awarded the winners for the KPOP Dance Cover competition. There was a tie for the first place winner and the grand winner and the representative of the Philippines for the competition in Korea is none other than “Boys on Fire”, a cover group of popular YG Entertainment girl group, 2NE1.

The event ended with a birthday surprise for Minwoo wherein he was given a big cake from Boyfriend Philippines, their official fanclub in the Philippines. The other members got mini cakes and the trophy for winning “Rookie of the Year” award last KPOP Convention was also given to them.

[PIC][PIC][PIC]Source: Korea.com

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