‘Dancing Star 2′ Hyoyeon, ‘I Was Happy To Have the Support of SNSD Members’

MBC, Dancing with the Star, Girls Generation, SNSD, Hyoyeon hyoyeon The behind story of Girls' Generation members supporting the 2nd place winner of Dancing Star 2, Hyoyeon, was revealed

MBC, Dancing with the Star, , , Hyoyeon

'Dancing Star 2' Hyoyeon, 'I Was Happy To Have the Support of SNSD Members'  hyoyeon

The behind story of Girls’ Generation members supporting the 2nd place winner of Dancing Star 2, Hyoyeon, was revealed.

In MBC ”Dancing With the Star Season 2″ aired on the 27th, a special episode was shown. Best scenes and ‘the story that didn’t end’ went on air.

On this day, the shining support army that cheered for the contestants of “Dancing Star 2″ were shown. The strongest army was Girls’ Generation members, who came to cheer for Hyoyeon.

Starting with on the 3rd episode, , , , Sooyoung, etc. all visited the practice room and the audience seats. Hyoyeon seemed to show better stages every time at the cheer of her members.

Hyoyeon was touched that the members took their time to come despite busy schedules. She said, “I was happy to have my members”, revealing that their support played a big part.

Photo Credits: MBC

'Dancing Star 2' Hyoyeon, 'I Was Happy To Have the Support of SNSD Members'

hyoyeon and tiffany in dancing with the stars
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