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Ten Reasons Why The Idol Olympics Are A Must-Watch Guilty Pleasure

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The Idol Star Athletic Championship is my favorite guilty pleasure of the season. Yes, it is randomwhat do idols have to do with sports, anyways? Yes, nothing , pretty pointless and often even cringeworthycan someone please tell them thats not how you high-jump? I will even say its quite boring most of the time, especially those times when SHINees Minho and ZE:As Dongjun participate. However, I watch it religiously every time it comes out, sometimes even more than once and very often coming back and forth to replay my favorite parts.

This last edition marks the fifth one; MBC first broadcasted it on September 2010 as a Chuseok special and decided to make it a regular act after the success of the first edition. This time, and as a homage to the Olympic Games that will take place this summer in London, the program has been renamed as Idol Star Olympics and features fencing, table tennis and archery aside from the usual athletics. And that means more chances to see our favorite idols fail at new sports, yes.

And again, as I mentioned before, I will definitely watch it this year too. Because aside from the punctual second-hand embarrassment, there are still enough reasons that make it worth. Here are mine.

1. Idols in shorts. Theres not much to explain about this point, but if youre not really into guys in shortsor girls, but lets be honest, we have seen them with shorter hot pants on stageat least you can appreciate idols in tracksuit. Dont they look like normal people, just for a change?

2. You can feed your inner fangirl or fanboy out of it for weeks. From the announcement to the fancams and pictures from the recording day until the episode actually airs and gets subtitled, you basically have spazzing material for at least one month.

3. It gives spotlight to usually underexposed idols. Because the Idol Star Athletic Championship is not about singing, dancing, being funny or being good-looking, idols who usually get overlooked get a chance to shine. In the last edition, for example, Dal Shabet’s Ga-eun and Nine MusesEun-ji won medals, a short but gratifying moment of glory. And others, such as Sistars Bora and ZE:As Dongjun have found a niche as athletic idols. Even if you dont have a talent for sports either, you can still manage to garner some attention, maybe falling graciously or jumping in a special wayspecial is actually an euphemism, yes . It also works as a de-typecasting methodwho would expect Jo Kwon, known by his antics and girl groups dances, to be a pro speed racer?

4. That stupid but gratifying feeling when your bias is faster than others or clumsier. Some find it endearing when their favorite idols are good at sports. Im more from the group that likes their idols to be totally uncoordinated people, it makes me feel we may be meant to be after all.

5. You dont even need to wait for the subtitles. Getting the MCs jokes is nice, but if you dont feel like waiting for the fansubs you can just skip their parts and enjoy the show.

6. Idols falling sometimes is justfunny. If no one gets hurt, of course. Just healthy and second-hand embarrassingly fun. How do they actually manage to look so perfectly styled even while tripping, anyways?

7. It provides fans with stupid amounts of fanservice. What are the Idol Star Athletic Championship if not a huge ode to fanservice? Starting from the fancams taken back when the program was recorded, with loads of heart-throwing, gratuitous skinship, silly dances, aegyo, etc., etc. to the broadcast itself that, just like any sports championship, encourages competitivenessbut instead of cheering for your country, you cheer for your fandom. Not that it incites fanwars, but fans sometimes need to feel their favorite group is better than the others, even if its in sports.

8. Fandoms colliding. We all love some brotherly or sisterly love once in a while, and while there are plenty of occasions to watch band members interact (their own variety shows, to start with), there arent that many chances to actually see members from different groups be friendly on air.

9. Its sports, after all. Anybody who enjoys watching athletic championships would also enjoy the Idol Star Olympics. Idols are obviously slower and awkward, but they can also be extremely competitive. Creepingly competitive, sometimes.

10. Its just epicor thats what the editors manage to make it look like through the teasers. Who wouldnt want to watch it with this TV commercial? Just listen to those violins and chants, doesnt it look like its gonna be mind-blowing?

So which are your thoughts on the Idol Star Athletic Championship, Seoulmates? Would you be watching it too or would you rather pass? If so, which are your reasons? Leave your comments below!

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JTBC Confirms Finish Of “Sugar Man” And Stocks Plans For New Project

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JTBC Confirms Finish Of “Sugar Man” And Stocks Plans For New Project

JTBC Confirms Finish Of Sugar Guy And Stocks Plans For New Assignment an0ya Might 30, 2016 0 JTBCs making a songtypedisplay carbohydrate human volition end its run in July, and no longeremploying a definite plans for a 2nd season.

This was oncepublishedby potential of the displays CP Yoon Hyun Joon on May just 30. Sugar Man will air its ultimate episode in early July. The general shoot is set to take position on June 22.

From the beginning, we decided to divide the prove up into seasons. Our initial plan became to do 16 episodes, yet weve already surpassed 30 episodes. After discussing with the hosts and producers, we came to the realization that you'll need to end the show here, he explained and added how they are also starting to run out of applicants for weekly guests, or Sugar Men.

CLC Becomes Advocates For Supporting Kids With Diabetes

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CLC Becomes Advocates For Supporting Kids With Diabetes

CLC Becomes Advocates For Supporting Youngsters amongst Diabetesnotclaira Might 29, 2016 0 Dice Entertainment’s newestlady group, CLC, has develop into the ambassadors of the Korean Kid Diabetes Association.

Recently, the crowdgave the impression at an match celebrating the 7th annual Baby Diabetes Day, held at a uniquelevel in Lotte World. CLC said, “We would like to thank every person who supports children plagued by diabetes. We plan to do all we will to fortify them as well. We pray that they are going to be in a position to are living healthy lives like their fellow children.”

CLC made a comeback on May just 30 with their mini-album “NU.CLEAR. Here's their first time selling with seven individuals after Elkie and Eunbin were added to the workforceremaining year.

Kim Jisoo And Jennie Kim Reportedly Showed For New YG Lady Group

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Kim Jisoo And Jennie Kim Reportedly Showed For New YG Lady Group

Kim Jisoo And Jennie Kim Reportedly Showed For New YG LadyStaff hajima Might 29, 2016 0 Kim Jisoo (age: 21) and Jennie Kim (age: 20) have reportedly been confirmed as participants of YG Entertainments new girl group.

After saying that it'll debut, in July, its first girl group in seven years since 2NE1, YG has officially denied likely candidates Jang Hana and Moon Sua of SBSs K-Pop Celebrity 3 and Mnets Unpretty Rapstar 2 fame, respectively, as members of the group.

Kim Jisoo and Jennie Kim werediscussed equallyrobustapplicants for the crowd since 2012 but, with the extend in their debut, it turned into questionable whether even those two would sign up for the group.

Lim Kim Portions Techniques With Mystic Entertainment

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Lim Kim Portions  Techniques With Mystic Entertainment

Lim Kim PortionsTactics amongst Mystic Entertainmentnotclaira Would possibly 29, 2016 0 Singer Lim Kim (also referred to as Kim Yerim) has parted ways with her long-time agency, Mystic Entertainment.

On May just 30, the firm made an legitobservation saying, “Our contract with Kim Yerim has come to an end. We determined to amicably phase ways after many talks together.”

“We spent a long timein combination so it was oncenow nota very simpleresolution to make. We sincerely reinforce her long termoccupation every bit a singer.”

Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho’s Doable Drama Promoting Rights to China At Record-Breaking Price

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Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho’s Doable Drama Promoting Rights to China At Record-Breaking Price

Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho’s Doable Drama Promoting Rights to China At Record-Breaking Value notclaira Would possibly 29, 2016 0 It used to be reported previous this year that Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho were making an allowance for roles in Park Ji Eun’s new drama.

Park Ji Eun wrote the drama “My Love From The Star,” which stars Jun Ji Hyun and is highly popular in China. Her new task is tentatively titled “Legend of the Blue Sea” and reportedly stars Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho.

A representative of the production corporateacknowledged on Could 30, “After operating out some ultimate details, the legit announcement could besomeday this week.” The representative claimed that the 2 actors had met with Park Ji Eun and come to an agreement.

YG Entertainment releases main points referring to upcoming woman group

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YG Entertainment releases main points  referring to upcoming woman group

Yang Hyun Suk acknowledged theyve practiced for a long time, so their talents are guaranteed. I trained them like they were my elite troops. They wont truly feel like the second 2NE1 because they've a various aura. I'm a little anxious because theyre the first ladycommunity in 7 years, yet Im also confident.

“2 Days & 1 Night” Solid Shall we Not anything Prevent Them In Their Quest For Food

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“2 Days & 1 Night” Solid  Shall we  Not anything  Prevent Them In Their Quest For Food

“2 Days 1 Night” ForgedWe couldNot anythingPrevent Them In Their Quest For Foodnotclaira Might 29, 2016 0 The May additionally 29 episode of KBS2’s “2 Days 1 Night” featured the 2nd onea phase of the Mokpo Island cruise trip.

In the episode, the individuals enjoyed a destroy at some seawater pools, with some uncooked pineapples, coconuts, and bananas equippedby way of the production staff.

Jung Joon Young looked for a hammer to wreck open the coconuts, yet Kim Jong Min just threw them opposed to the ground. Seeing the coconut crack, the alternative members copied him.

Watch: Popular Kid Actor Unveiled On “King Of Mask Singer”

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Watch: Popular Kid Actor Unveiled On “King Of Mask Singer”

Watch: Popular Kid Actor Unveiled On “King Of Mask Singer”notclaira Would possibly 29, 2016 0 In the Could 29 episode of MBC’s “King of Mask Singer,” the “Masked Assassin” faced off opposed to the “King’s Man” in Circular 1.

SpoilersThe Masked Assassin’s voice shook a little all through her functionality and the panelists guessed that she used to beno longera qualified singer. Kim Gu Ra advised that the singer could be very young.

Seo Shin Ae is a 17-year-old actress who made her debut in 2004 and has seemed in productions corresponding to “Meet Mr. Daddy,” “Grudge: The Rebellion of Gumiho,” and “

Kang Ye-won, Kim Seong-oh and Kim Hyeon-sook's first "Baek-hee is Back" script reading

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"Baek-hee is Back" is a 4-episode drama about Yang Baek-hee, sometimes called Scarlet O'Hara from Seom Wol-do who comes back to her homeland for the primary time in 18 years after converting her identity. The script reading was oncestuffed with laughter thank you to the accents and hidden laughter points.

Kang Ye-won portrayed the easiest Yang Baek-hee with her elegance and air of secrecywhilst Ji Jin-hee in the role of Sin Ok-hee, Baek-hee's daughter, turned intoa degree more intense than her mother. Kim Seong-oh plays the hornyunmarriedguy in Seom Wol-do named Beom-ryeong.

Choi Dae-cheol, who is used to the sly act, did his phase in being Cha Jong-myeong, a infamouspersona in Seom Wol-do. Choi Philip who plays Baek-hee's husband Sin Ki-joon, stayed bright and smiley all the manner throughthe overall time regardless of his refined character.

Fans worried about Suzy’s fitness after contemporary footage of weight loss

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Fans worried about Suzy’s fitness after contemporary  footage of weight loss

And whilstlovers did revel in the miss A participantsfresh photo update, however, many netizens have expressed worry for her fitness after noticing her recent weight loss. As one of the head celebrities in Korea, and a drama recently filming, netizens are being worried that the JYP Entertainment singer is also pushing herself too much. Many netizens have left words of encouragement, wishing Suzy excellentsuccess on filming her drama.

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