Jay Park Tweets about 2PM Nichkhun’s Accident?

Jay Park, 2PM, Nichkhun, JYP Entertainment Jay Park Tweets about 2PM Nichkhun's Accident? Jay Park tweets a message to internet users who have been harassing Nichkhun's recent accident

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Jay Park Tweets about 2PM Nichkhun's Accident?  Jay Park Tweets about 2PM Nichkhun's Accident?

Jay Park tweets a message to internet users who have been harassing Nichkhun’s recent accident. 

On July 24, Jay Park posted on his twitter, “Smiling at other people’s misfortunes is a horrible trait #thatsveryugly #justsaying.” Internet users assumed that this message was towards 2PM Nichkhun’s recent drunk driving accident.

On July 24, Nichkhun was involved in a DUI accident, which caused him to lose his license privileges. His blood alcohol content was at about 0.056% and admitted that he had a few drinks after a rehearsal. His case was completed after Nichkhun and JYP Entertainment decided to have insurance cover this accident.

Since the accident, many internet users have been cricizing Nichkhun for his actions. Jay Park had been in a similar situation back in 2009 after he left JYP Entertainment.

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