Coffee Break: Girls’ Generation (underrated version)

Coffee Break: Girls Generation (underrated version)

Dubbed as SoShi by their fans, Girls Generation debuted in 2007  with Into The New World under the biggest entertainment company in Korea, SM Entertainment. Consisting of nine young, innocent, and beautiful girls, Girls Generation is undoubtedly the next it girl group since S.E.S and Fin.K.L. From idols idol to fashion icons, these girls captured the publics hearts with refreshing sound and innocent lyrics of being united and constant promises of being together forever, becoming the new fairies of K-pop. And even in the year 2012, 5 years after their debut, Girls Generation continues to bring exciting performances and flawless beauty to the stage.

Girls Generation released their first single in 2007 consisting of 11 tracks titled, Girls Generation 1st Album, receiving various prestigious awards such as 22nd Golden Disk Rookie award. Out of those tracks, 7989 first introduced and highlighted Girls Generations leader and main vocalist, Taeyeon featuring Kangta, who held the main vocalist position of popular old school idol group H.O.T.  Although the duet paints an unfortunate love song between a man and a woman struggling to keep their relationship intact, the song also kept the same innocent and cute image of Girls Generation that is prevalent throughout the album. With Taeyeons mature and surprisingly developed vocals for a rookie, for me, 7989 proved that girl groups arent always about looks.

Baby Baby is also a song that caught my attention as it had the generic sounds of a girl group. The simple and catchy instrumentals became their forte as Girls Generation becomes the definition of pure innocence.

Girls Generation- Baby Baby by yuraalee

Although the girls had an outstanding debut and were rather comfortable , it wasnt until 2009 when they made their comeback with Gee that they gained an immense amount of popularity. No one dared to deny nine beautiful girls dancing in sync to the ridiculously addictive hook. And with that very single, the girls soared to the top of the food chain the industry. But because Gee was the song that was promoted the most, other tracks which are just as energetic and fun to listen to was unfortunately silenced.

For one, Way To Go has the full package of endorphin as Gee, but with even more adorable behind-the-scenes clips from Gee, playful choreography, and pop rock instrumentals. The song will brighten up your mood with upbeat pop-rock instrumentals along with video full of cute antics by nine undeniably refreshing girls.

In that same year, Girls Generation released their 2nd mini album, Genie, with a hit title track, Genie with tunes that even a Dutch singer envied. Genie kept the public busy with their easy-to-follow synchronized choreography that accentuated their sexy leg lines. While other members were busy waving around their legs for Genie, Jessica, the girl with one of the most distinct voice in Girls Generation, was highlighted with the song 1 Year Later featuring SHINees Onew. 1 Year Later can be described as the sequel to Taeyeons solo, literally one year later. With much more sophisticated lyrics and solemn piano instrumentals, the two charming vocalists Jessica and Onew created a beautiful harmony of two lovers yearning for one another.

Then came Caramel Coffee, from their 2nd album, Oh!, which highlighted the third charming voice of Girls Generation, Tiffany. What I like about this song is that the jazzy instrumentals to this song creates an automatic aura of a local coffee shop or bakery. And quite surprisingly, Jessica and Tiffany do a great job of keeping that aura alive. Their sweet and savory vocals were highlighted by the simple layers of the track.

In their 3rd album, Vitamin with instrumentals that are similar to carols, the girls shined once again doing what they do best, singing uplifting songs accentuating their adorable innocence. Without much to comment on the song, I think that this song defines Girls Generation the best as it even states in the title.

In the year 2012, Girls Generation is still on the top with their ever-so-powerful fanbase consisting of men and women of all ages. And with frequent appearances in dramas, variety shows, fashion events, and even dominating in the commercial, its hard to miss these doll-like girls. Once these bubbly girls get a hold of your heart, you wont be able to resist their charms.

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