57441so Hee Of The Wonder Girls Becomes An Innocent Femme Fatale

So Hee of the Wonder Girls becomes an innocent femme fatale

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So Hee of the Wonder Girls becomes an innocent femme fatale So Hee of the Wonder Girls was featured on the cover of the August issue of the British fashion magazine DazedConfused with the Hollywood actress Chloe Sevigny.

The August issue of DazedConfused was published in two versions with two different covers of Chloe Sevigny and So Hee. This project was done under the magazines global plan titled the Fashion Icons of New York and Seoul Selected by DazedConfused. So Hee was featured on the cover of the magazine as a fashion icon of Seoul, and its already receiving enthusiastic responses from many fashion manias.

So Hee, who enthusiastically gave ideas and suggested concepts for the cover photo from its planning stage, is showing off her innocent yet sexy look on the cover. The concept of the cover, Clean Femme Fatale, was also suggested by So Hee.

As an experienced model, So Hee surprised all the crew members by giving creative ideas for clothes, hair, and makeup. Despite the fact that the photo shoot was conducted for nine hours, So Hee enjoyed the shooting without getting tired. In the photo, she looks like an alluring woman with full of femininity, but in some ways, she also looks like an innocent child.

In an interview conducted with the photo shoot, So Hee frankly talked about the Wonder Girls, her favorite music, and things that she wants to do before she turns thirty.

Girls' Generation Yuri Shows Femme Fatale Transformation is Deadly Sexy

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Girls Generation, Yuri, Cosmopolitan

Girls' Generation Yuri Shows Femme Fatale Transformation is Deadly Sexy Girls' Generation Yuri’s Femme Fatale Transformation is Deadly Sexy Girls' Generation member Yuri has transformed into a sexy femme fatale woman.

On October 20th, Yuri uploaded two photos onto her Instagram with the caption, "November's Cosmopolitan."

In the photos, Yuri is preparing for her photo shoot, and is wearing heavy make-up. She looks as if she's satisfied with her appearance, and looks lax in the photo. She shows off her wavy hair, prominent nose, her V-line chin, and flawless white skin in this photo that highlights her mature beauty.

What's most noteworthy are her intense eye makeup and bright red lipstick, which focus on her sexy image, and is the finishing touch to her femme fatale transformation.

Upon seeing the mysterious and seductive photo of Yuri, internet users commented, "Yuri's femme fatale transformation matches her," "Her transformation looks so sexy," "Yuri's femme fatale look is eye-catching. It's very sexy," and the like.

Photo credit: Yuri's Instagram

Wonder Girls Sohee Appears in U.K Magazine, 'Clean Femme Fatale'

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Wonder Girls Sohee Appears in U.K Magazine, 'Clean Femme Fatale' Wonder Girls Sohee Appears in U.K Magazine, Clean Femme FataleWonder Girls Sohee appeared in a U.K magazine.

Wonder Girls Sohee shot a photo shoot for the U.K magazine "DazedConfused" for their August issue.

Sohee's concept was 'clean femme fatale' where she showed off her femininity.

She wore a backless black dress and see through tops, showing a different side to her usual innocent and cute image.

As an artist who has taken many photos, her hair, outfits and make up were all very creative and surprised many of the staff members. Through the 9 hour shoot, Sohee was seen very professional and not tired at all.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Sohee answers questions about her taste in music and what she wants to accomplish in her 20's.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee is a ‘clean femme fatale’ for ‘Dazed & Confused’

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The Wonder Girls Sohee is a netizen favorite for fashion pictorials, and shes back again as the cover star for the August edition of fashion magazine DazedConfused.

Two versions of the magazine was released this month, one with Sohee as the cover model, and the other graced by actress Chloe Sevigny. The models were selected by the DazedConfused staff as representative fashion icons of New York and Seoul. Although young, Sohees spunky fashion earned her a spot at the top as Seouls fashion icon.

Right from the get-go, Sohee was asked to give her input and ideas to come up with the concepts for the shoot. She ended up going with two contrasting images of innocent and sexy, naming the entire pictorial Clean Femme Fatale.

Like a veteran to the camera, she came up with not only the concept, but also her hair, make up, and clothing selections for the nine hour long shoot.

The accompanying interview goes in depth on her thoughts on the Wonder Girls, her current music tastes, and things she wants to do before her 20scomes to an end.

Wonder Girls Sohee is a clean femme fatale for DazedConfusedWonder Girls Sohee is a clean femme fatale for DazedConfusedWonder Girls Sohee is a clean femme fatale for DazedConfused Source + Photos: X Sports News via Nate

Brave Girls’ Ye Jin unveils her femme fatale charms

Brave Girls’ Ye Jin unveils her femme fatale charms

Brave Girls Ye Jin recently showed off her beautiful back and drew a lot of attention.

Leaked scenes from a music video for Brave Girls song These Days of You were released on the groups official blog. In the pictures, Ye Jin is wearing a tight white shirt and pants with her hair tied back.

In the second picture, Ye Jin took half of her white shirt and showed off her unconventional charms. Her chic facial expression complements her elegant outfit.

People responded: Ye Jin is a femme fatale. Even though she is dressed like a man, she is still a goddess. Her back is artistic. Ye Jins back catches the publics attention.

Goo Jae Yee Is A Femme Fatale In K Wave

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Goo Jae Yee Is A Femme Fatale In K Wave

Modern turned actress Goo Jae Yee is making quite a splash in the entertainment world. The beauty has been adding to her acting resume with recent appearances in dramas like the action-packed Lost and romantic comedy Oh My Ghost. She starred in "Goddess Force" for a November feature in K Wave to celebrate her growing exposure. The pictorial was meant to show Goo"s alluring femininity and gorgeous femme fatale image. The rising star even helped with her styling and chose ensembles that showed her "S line" body.

Goo"s wardrobe included a dark lace dress, bohemian gown and pumps, by brands like Vivienne Westwood. Meanwhile, her most memorable pair of shoes were the Giuseppe Zanotti "Black Emily" fur trim sandals. The shoes have crocodile-embossed leather straps, black suede heels and mink fur straps. The pair can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

While wearing these gorgeous combinations, Goo posed in a stable and even took several photographs with a prized horse. Her hair was loose and fell over her back, and her makeup was simple and natural.

In related fashion news, Woollim Entertainment rookie girl group Lovelyz also had a pictorial for the November issue of K Wave.

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SISTAR"s Hyorin is the ultimate femme fatale in black for "Cosmopolitan"

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SISTAR"s Hyorin looked fresh and feminine in "Singles", but for "Cosmopolitan" she took a completely different turn to become the ultimate femme fatale!

With her all-black outfit fit with knee high boots and long gloves, she looks more like a hot villain than an idol! It"s not an easy look to pull of, but Hyorin isn"t your average girl!

In her interview, she talked a bit about SISTAR"s upcoming summer song, "Shake It", as she said, "I hope people will enjoy our album throughout the entire summer. Like the name of our song, it"ll be a song that fits perfectly with when you want to dance, or go for a drive."

You can get more of Hyorin on "Cosmopolitan"s website or it"s July issue! How are you liking this new look on her?

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AOA’s Choa Transforms into a Femme Fatale for ‘Arena’

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AOA’s Choa Transforms into a Femme Fatale for ‘Arena’

--> Making you forget about her bright smile and cuteness, AOA’s Choa has transformed into a femme fatale out to seduce people.

Fashion magazine Arena Homme+ recently unveiled a few stills of Choa, wearing outfits that contours her curves. In each shot, Choa captivates viewers with her detailed poses and sharp glances.

During her interview with Arena Homme+, Choa shares about the various part-time jobs she did before her debut, as well as the lack of activities for AOA in its beginning stages.

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the June issue.

Photo Credit: Arena Homme+

Tiffany has stunned people with her amazing transformation into a Seductive Femme Fatale whne filming for the show called Allure

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Girls Generations Tiffany Transforms into Seductive Femme Fatale for Allure Girls Generation member Tiffany strikes some sultry poses for Junes issue of Allure!

Some of the photos in the shoot were taken with scantily-clad dancers from the Le Crazy Horse de Paris, a Parisian cabaret thats known for its erotic performances that feature nude dancers illuminated by light shows. A troop of the dancers are currently performing in Seoul, which is most likely where Tiffany met up with them for the shoot.

With her bright red lipstick, glamorous form-fitting outfits, and sexy heels, Tiffany totally looks the part of a seductive enchantress.

Tiffany posted another glimpse of the shoot on her Instagram, and tagged some of the staff who had helped out with the shoot.

You can check out the rest of the photos in Allures June edition.

Han Ye Seul Transforms into Deadly Femme Fatale for Singles

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Han Ye Seul Transforms into Deadly Femme Fatale for Singles

Actress Han Ye Seul has taken part in a stunning Parisian photo shoot for Singles magazine.

Looking the part of a deadly femme fatale in the shots, the actress models the newest Decke bags while wearing a variety of chic styles, including an eye-catching blue dress and a white two piece outfit.

The beautiful star shows off her inner fashionista in the photos, matching the “Midnight in Paris” theme of the shoot perfectly with her relaxed gaze. Her dark, bob hairstyle and slim figure also mesh naturally with the Parisian backdrop of the shoot.

Meanwhile, fans can catch the entire “Midnight in Paris” shoot in the May edition of Singles and on the magazine’s official website.

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