ZE:A Kwang Hee to Cameo on Sitcom ‘Standby’

zea, kwang hee, siwan, standby, MBC ZE:A Kwang Hee to Cameo on Sitcom 'Standby' ZE:A member Kwang Hee will be making a cameo appearance as Ha Suk Jin's younger brother on the sitcom "Standby

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ZE:A Kwang Hee to Cameo on Sitcom 'Standby'  Kwang Hee to Cameo on Sitcom ‘Standby’

ZE:A member Kwang Hee will be making a cameo appearance as ’s younger brother on the sitcom “Standby.” 

On July 24, Kwang Hee’s cameo will air for the 76th episode of MBC’s sitcom, “Standby.

He will appear as the smart younger brother of Ha Suk Jin who attends a private high school in the U.S.

After hearing that Suk Jin’s enemy, is also his rival in a love triangle, Kwang Hee plans to take revenge on Lee Kiwoo. However, because of Kwang Hee’s old photo of them in the before they fixed their looks puts them in danger.

On the 77th episode airing on July 25, Kwang Hee falls in love with Somin right as he’s about to leave for the U.S. Siwan, who has a huge crush on Somin, confesses to Kwang Hee his feelings since he doesn’t want him to get in the way. Kwang Hee begins to consider Siwan his rival after seeing how good looking he is.

Siwan, during the press conference for the revealed that Kwang Hee gets jealous very easily. Coincidentally, Kwang Hee shows his jealousy for Siwan in the upcoming episode.

Kwang Hee showed loyalty to his fellow member and cast Siwan and gladly accepted the cameo offer. Representatives stated, ”He filmed happily throughout the entire shoot, just like his usual self.”

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