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Drama BIG Episode 15 Screenshot Recap

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Drama BIG Episode 15 Screenshot Recap

Lee Min Jung as Kil Da Ran

Shin Won Ho as Kang Kyung Joon

Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young

Drama BIG Episode 15 Video Preview by sapphire148

Drama BIG Episode 15 Recap sapphire148

Yoon Jae was walking, and he see himself reading the story book written by his mom, and Kyung Joon are lying in his childhood bed. He said to the another him, "If I grab your hand, we will go back to where we belong, and I will forget everything..." he was about to grab his hand..when he heard Da Ran calling him, "Kyung're kyung Joon, right?"

He is awake now in hospital with Da Ran. He didn't respond to Da Ran, he just quickly run to Kyung Joon's room. Ma Ri is there, with Kyung Joon still unconsious in his bed. Ma Ri asked him, "there is nothing happening here. He is not awake. So are you Kyung Joon? or Are you Yoon Jae?"

It goes back to Yoon Jae's imagination again, when he was about to grab Yoon Jae's hand, he told Yoon Jae, "If we swap back now, a person will be unfortunate because of this situation, so please give me more time..." and real Yoon Jae just drop his hand, so they didn't grab each other hands!!!! He is still Kyung Joon!! After it is confirmed, Ma Ri and Da Ran tried to ask him about what happened. But he just said, "I didn;t remember anything. I'm Kyung Joon. But I didn't remember anything." HE IS JUST PRETENDING!!!! HE PROMISED TO DARAN THAT HE WANT TO FORGET!! ohhhhhh nooo

When his parents came to him, he just put himself as Yoon Jae, and Ma Ri and Da Ran think that he really doesn't remember a thing...

Da Ran and Ma Ri brought him home, and try to confirm things again, but he just keep saying that he doesn't remember anything. Ma Ri even make things worse. She said,"Da Ran is married to Seo Yoon Jae, not you. It's Yoon Jae's ring, not yours. Kyung Joon, you might not remember, but you were so in love with me, Ma Ri. We live together on the second floor." Yoon Jae said, "You can stop it." Ma Ri said, "so you lied?? why did you lie?? I nearly trusted you. Da Ran also trusts you." Yoon Jae said, "I promised her, that when I wake up, I will forget everything. I'm not lying."

Yoon Jae said to Da Ran that since he doesn't remember anything, it's good, because there shouldn't be anything happened. Da Ran said, "there were many things happened. You don't have to forget it."

The next morning, she offered him to go to hospital, but he refused. She confirmed again, "do you really forget everyhting? are you just trying to forget because you promised to me? You are just acting right?" Yoon Jae said, "what promise? I didn't remember at all." Da Ran said, "when we had bread and chicken, you made me a promise. What about 10.10? Do you remember?" Yoon Jae said, "10.10? it's not yet 10 o clock." He showed him the stuffs about their memory in the rubbish bag, and asked him once again. He said he didn't remember anything and he will throw it away. He was already in front of the house, and the garbage truck was about to take all the garbage. He was really hesitant, and looked once again what's inside. Da Ran came, and asked once again,"you are just pretending, right? If you really don't remember anything, throw the trash away." I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!! He really throw it away!! In the house, Da Ran said, "do you realize that you just throw away all of our memories??" Yoon Jae said, "I don't understand what you are talking about. Just forget everything." He left to his room, and outside, Da Ran said while she is crying," OK, if that's what you want, I'll forget you. But it's too many thing to forget, so please give me time. It will take a while. Both of them cried (so do I)....

Meanwhile, Ma Ri in the hospital make Kyung Joon wear this red couple t-shirt, and asked Chung Sik to take picture of both of them. She is imagining that Kyung Joon is a sleeping prince, while she is a snow white, and "forced" him to like her. hehehe cute...(but i still hate her role here)

Yoon Jae and Da Ran met Yoon Jae's mom. Yoon Jae said, "if Kyung Joon find out about the truth, he will be hurt more..."

Both of them are back in the house, and they are eating cup lamyun, not like family, but like 2 strangers facing each other. She told him, "When I look at you, I just knew it..."

In school, the principal called Da Ran in because she wanted to be transfered to a school in other area.

Yoon jae and Ma Ri is in the hospital. Yoon Jae told Ma Ri, "If kyung Joon is back to normal, don't let him meet Da Ran, no matter where he will be." Ma Ri, "OK, I understand, I won't let that happen."

Da Ran is now with his parents, and she told the parents that Yoon Jae will go to Germany while she will go to other area to teach there. The parents don't seem to understand what is going on between them, but she already made her decision.

She went back to Yoon Jae's house, and Yoon Jae said, "I heard from Ma Ri, that there was a special between you and me? Since I will be going faraway, I guess there is nothing to discuss more about that realationship, right?" Da Ran said, "It;s not even a relationship, it was a scandal. Do you know that Kyung Joon used to have a crush on me? He did everything for me, treated me well, sing for me. So if that's what you mean..."

Yoon Jae went to meet Kyung JOon's uncle and aunt to say,"when Kyung Joon wakes up, please treat him well..."

Da Ran's parent asked her to think about her decision again, but she insisted. Chung Sik was listening to that conversation, and he went to meet Yoon Jae. He asked Yoon Jae, "You know, my sister is going for an interview for a school in countryside. How can you do that to my sister. You are so cold-hearted." He went home and look at his empty house, and he start to think about everything, about how everything will end, and how will he not to see Da Ran anymore..." He seemed to make his mind, and he drived his car, go tooo...? the school where she has her interview. He found her standing at the garden, looking at a bunch of sunflowers. He remember that Da Ran loves sunflower a lot, and it flashed back to where he was about to give her the sunflower, and how he threw away all the sunflowers in the garbage truck. He sees her walking away.

She is waiting for the principal for the interview. The teacher who served her asked, "you are teaching in a very good school in Seoul, why do you move here? Do you move together with your hubby?" Da Ran said," oh no...we..actually seperated" That teacher went out and told the principal, that "the new teacher coming for interview, is divorced." Those teacher were gossiping each other about it wont be good for Da Ran to work in the countryside because of people perception. Yoon Jae overheard that conversation, and he dragged her away from the interview!!!

He told Da Ran, "why are you here? why are you trying to escape here? since I will leave and disappear, just forget everything and live and eat well."

Da Ran's mom asked Da Ran's dad to persuade her about her decison. They had a drink together, and she just cried. "She said, I want to escape, but no matter to where I escape, everything doesn't work."

Yoon Jae was alone at home, and he received a call and he just said "Yes" (it's from Da Ran's dad). He went to the street food vendor where Da Ran is drunk there. Da Ran realized that he came, and she tried to escape from him again. She said, "I know you never feel the way I do, but It's just hard for me to do that."

The next day, Yoon Jae's parents are talking. The mom said, "Da Ran's family and our family will meet tonight. I wonder what they will discuss. They haven't got their marriage registered. It's also weird that she doens't go together to Germany with Yoon jae..."

Yoon jae went to meet Ma Ri, and asked her to return his watch to him.

Da Ran was about to go to meet the parents, but Yoon Jae is waiting for her outside with his car. He said, "if yougo alone to meet the parents, they will just think you are crazy. Let's go together." She finally listened to him, and went together with his car. But he is heading outside Seoul. He said, "before you meet the parents, I want you to go with me somewhere." He took her to the lake where he was with her right before the accident. He admit to her that he lied. He still remembers everything. "Da Ran, you have to go back to where everything belongs." He took out his watch, set it to 10.10, and he said, "everything should turn back time when 10.10 passed" and he just threw his watch into the water....and he just left her there....

Da Ran was standing there alone, thinking about all the memories between them, their wedding photoshoot, their kisses, everything! And she just goes into the water, trying to find back his watch!!!

Both parents are in the meeting now. 4 of them are there, except Yoon Jae and Da Ran. They are all waiting for them, and Yoon Jae's parents said that Yoon Jae called and said that they will be there soon.

Da Ran was in the street, trying to hitchhike some random cars. She finally found the watch. Yoon jae arrived first to the meeting place, and he said, "KKJ doesn't exist." But Da Ran said, "No. He exists. KKJ made my life forever stay in 10.10. I will say something important now. So please listen carefully. I. LOVE. KKJ"

OHHHHHHH this is what I'm waiting for!!! The ending and the preview music background is Gong Yoo's voice!! pls bear with me while I upload the preview!!!

Foam coming out from my mouth because of happiness!!!!!

Drama BIG Episode 15 Screenshot

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IU is some distance from the primary to take care of impersonators on the web – remaining year, f(x)s Luna, Yoo Jae Suk, and Haha have all spoken out against the fad of pretend social media accounts. Lee Jong Suk even changed into a victim of identity robbery last year.