Kim Jae Joong, Smiles While Hugging Flowers “Prettier Than Flowers”

Kim Jae Joong, Flowers, JYJ Jae Joong Group JYJ member and actor Kim Jae Joong was seen hugging a bouquet of flowers and showing off a beauty that is prettier than flowers

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Jae Joong

Group JYJ member and actor Kim Jae Joong was seen hugging a bouquet of flowers and showing off a beauty that is than flowers.

On July 22, Kim Jae Joong posted a photo on his Twitter.

In the that was revealed, he is seen closing his eyes and smiling while hugging a bouquet of red and white roses. He is also seen holding a mic and the white flowers that spell out his initials, JJ.

After seeing the picture, responded, “Kim Jae Joong before flowers!” “It’s good to see you happy,” and “You are prettier than the flowers.”

Photo Credit: Kim Jae Joong Twitter

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