T-ara’s Hyomin responds to her fall on ‘Inkigayo’

T-ara’s Hyomin responds to her fall on ‘Inkigayo’

T-aras Hyomin responds to her fall on Inkigayo

As reported earlier, T-ara member Hyomin had a minor accident on the July 22nd broadcast of SBS‘s ’Inkigayo‘, when she fell down during their performance of Day by Day.

After the show, Hyomin responded to her slip via Twitter and wrote, Sigh. So many things happened today. I fell on the stage like an idiot. That was a very close call considering our concert starts the day after tomorrow. To the worried people who have been asking my if I am okay, my wrists, my ankles, and my knees are all fine. Please dont worry!.

Followers who saw Hyomins words responded, It must have hurt and been embarrassing, Just consider yourself lucky since you have a concert coming ahead!, and Its touching that she gave a response to her falling on stage.

Source: Hyomins Twitter