"Infinite Challenge" Makes A Comeback "It Finally Feels Like A Saturday!"

infinite challenge

infiniteThe MBC entertainment has brought back the program "Infinite Challenge," after 174 days of break.

On July 21, "Infinite Challenge" was finallly aired again after 24 weeks of break due to the MBC strike. On this day, the members of "Infinite Challenge" opened up the show with "Infinite News" to update the viewers on their lives.

The members, standing in front of "Infinite Challenge" cameras after 174 long days, did not know how to hold in their happiness. Park Myeong Soo said, "174 days felt like 170 years."

Jung Joon Ha, who got married beginning of this year, revealed that he had been working alone because his manager quit all of a sudden and Noh Hong Chul said that he changed his 'Hong Car'. Jung Hyung Don, who made a big hit with the group "Hyung Don and Dae Joon," revealed that he became a father of twins.

HaHa, jealous that Yoo Jae Suk has featured in songs of other artist, commented "How come you help everyone but me? I've been loyal to you for so many years." To this, Yoo Jae Suk replied, "What kind of relationship do we have that you use the word 'loyal'?", trying to make him feel better.

Besides "Infinite News", the highlights of 'Haha vs. Hong Chul' were also shown.

Photo Credit: MBC