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Bridal Mask Episode 15 Recap + Screenshot by Softy

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Bridal Mask Episode 15 Recap + Screenshot by Softy

Starts from S leaving the precinct and riding off with the lackey and other officers

D gets up and walks towards the door but K comes in, grabs her hand, and drags her away so she says why are you doing this. what are you doing. let go. S arrives and aims his gun at K. S: so it was you. glad to see you gakistal. It’s you huh? You are gaksital. K says: S - stop and put the gun away. S: dont. K: I only came cuz I was worried about D. D pulls her hand away. S: lee kangto did? sato hiroshi worried about D? K: yes I thought you were going to catch her and kill her now so I couldnt endure it. I knew you set this up, but no matter what I had to do, I wanted to take her out of this. S: cuz you are gaksital. K: I mean it. I love this girl. D looks at K. S:what? what did you say?  S steps closer and aims his gun at K’s face. S: say it again. K: I – love this girl. S orders the lackey to handcuff K right now but K says I will walk on my own feet. but S calls out the lackey’s name again. so K addresses S more formally now by title and says:  It’s not against the law to love a girl. S:what? K: I will go on my own. K takes his hand away from the lackey and holds D’s hand again. He yells at the lackey to step aside so the lackey obeys. But S handcuffs K then D. S says drag them away. Officers take them out

They throw K into a room. lackey kicks him down so K yells are you crazy. Lackey beats and kicks K. Lackey: you think you are great all the way till the end.  S watches from another room.

H laughs and says to Jun:what? K did that? K got caught? when he said he was going to catch gaksital. why did K jump in? Jun says I dont know that far yet. H: it’s probably cuz of that girl. She remembers how K watched D lovingly through the cell bars. H: Cuz that girl might get hurt -to get that girl out. so that is why he jumped in without thinking. he is so stupid. dummy. idiot. She says in her head. that K went so high up to that position in a land where Koreans couldnt get that high up but he ruins all that by going there.  She says aloud. What’s so great about that girl. She turns and faces Jun. she leaves the room.

*Omg someone please give this guy a new hairstyle. I just want to take some scissors to it and cut off that girly side wave. plus the guy needs to learn to smile or emote.

H goes to the bathroom and looks at herself. UR- Why are you like this. how much you went through to get this high up. you should be able to kill someone like K.

D is put in a cell and remembers how K said he loves her and how it’s not against the law to love a girl. D says in her dead: that’s ridiculous. what did he say? that he loves me? Then she remembers S asksing K if he was gaksital. D: that makes no sense. how could K be gaksital. that traitor who catches our comrades. that guy? why did S say those things. S watches her from outside the cell

Lackey says to K-cuz the chief (taro) got kicked out did you think this was your world now. you crazy bast^%. he says how dare you like the girl S likes.  S comes in and sees how much K was beat up. S says to the lackey: what are you doing before we even question him. S makes them put K in a chair and makes the rest leave.

S sits across from K and gives him a handkerchief to wipe the blood. S: When did it start. You even shot D but a guy who would do that loves D? K: yes. I shot that girl in the chest. cuz I was crazed about catching gaksital. every time I thought I caught him, right in front of my eyes,  I thought I would go crazy losing him over and over again. So I caught a bee and waited. but I still didnt catch him. You know too-  how much I wanted to catch that guy. So yes I shot that girl in the chest. if she dies like this, how can I catch that guy. when carried that bleeding girl in my arms and ran to the hospital - I only thought of that – I have to  save this girl to catch that guy. that is all i thought of.  when that girl woke up, I was so happy. Even if she insults me calling me a traitor -for waking up – for surviving – I couldnt have been more grateful.  I know I shouldn’t do this. she is DS’s daughter and the girl my friend likes. I knew I shouldn’t but my heart wouldn’t do what I wanted S. I know you still love that girl and I know how much you want to catch gaksital. like I hurt her with the whip, I was afraid you would too so I couldn’t put up with it. I couldn’t help but go to that location.

K cried saying that so S looks away cuz he cried too. S leaves the room without a word.

S goes out to the hallway and tells himself: KS -are you crazy? How could you think K was gaksital. no matter how crazed you are cuz of gaksital. How could you?

DS’s comrades come into the motel dressed as some Chinese customers and take out the owner (just made him pass out). Then they take out the guards. They break their necks. They put them in a room just as leader Jo looks out. he doesn’t see anyone in the hall so he goes back in. the comrades come out dressed as officers and stand guard outside the door. The woman comes out and stands in front of Jo’s door. She knocks and goes in.  Jo says I waited for you. she says she came to deal with him. He says I knew you wouldn’t just leave and leave me be. She says what he did wrong. Betraying D who is like a daughter to him and revealing their identity so she is here to kill him as punishment. Jo says I have nothing to say to defend myself. He hands her some money in an envelope. he says this is the fund for you comrades to go back. This is the final thing I can do for your behalf. I am ready now ( to die). she asks what was the reason. he doesnt want to say anything to defend himself cuz he knows what he did was unforgiveable. She takes out her knife.

The circus man tries to go into Jo’s room to give him some food and eat with him. But they wont let him through

The woman is about to kill Jo but she stops. She cant do it. the circus man came in and saw that. he passes out. Jo runs after them and gives one of the guys the money to go back with. The guy keeps it in his pocket and leaves

S is pacing outside. He remembers how the governor’s aid says it was so strange so there was no way not to tell-  that on the morning of the event, how K asked urgently for the number to cho T (DS’s alias).

S goes in and asks why K asked for that. cuz as soon as DS was captured, the governor’s aide called and said that on the morning of the event, that K urgently called and asked for Cho T’s number. K says that name sounded suspicious so I only wanted to speak with him to confirm his identity that is all. S: suspcious name? ok then when he was right in front of your nose, you checked and confirmed DS’s ID and when I approached DS you reported nothing was out of ordinary. like you were backing him up. K: it must have looked that way cuz you suspected me. S: you said no matter how much of a disguise he wears that he couldnt trick your eyes. K: DS is a guy who lives without a name and goes by DS. could you even imagine that he would be close with Lee. S: ok let’s just say that we couldnt even dream that DS could disguise himself as cho T. but how do you know that name Boon? I asked how you knew that name Boon. K asks: how did you find out I know that name boon. Did you overhear me asking DS that he has to save Boon? K laughs. K: Is that why you thought I was gaksital? so that’s why you set me up and put on that show on purpose?  K calls out to the lackey and says take this handcuff off. do you not hear me? S says not to till you are out of suspicion. K: are you really going crazy? S: what? K: should I say it again with my own mouth. I am the one who caught DS. I looked into his whole background -family, friends, associates. You think I wouldnt know his only daughter’s name. fine. like you said, let’s just say I am working with DS. if I am working with him, would I have to beg him to tell me where Boon is cuz I need to save her? Should I give you clear proof. you remember the guys who tried to kill me at angel club right? there were 3 total. out of them, one died by your hands. There is two left and arent their faces  on those wanted posters as DS’s cohorts. KS -Come to your senses. DS tried to kill me. dont you know that?  S tells the lackey to go to angel club right now and bring the madam and her staff here. S and K stare down each other – for a really long time

Lackey goes to the angel club and asks where the madam is. He yells at park jr and lee kr saying dont you know the rule about no Koreans gathering. this isnt Korean land. Lee jr and Park jr don’t take the lackey seriously. lee jr says if angel club closes then we wont be able to breathe. Lackey insults Lee’s son. Lee jr says don’t you know who I am? Lackey tells him to shut up before you get dragged in. Park jr yells at lackey too. lackey tells him to be quiet and insults them for being koreans. Lackey orders the madam and waiter to be dragged away

The angel club members are there at the precinct and the madam says my staff did nothing wrong. I was the one who opened for business. S tells her to shut up. lackey shows them pics of DS’s comrades and asks if these 3 guys are the ones who tried to kill K. madam says it happened so quickly. did you see? The owner says the one who wore the waiter’s outfit was for sure but not sure about the other two. Another girl tells the waiter to talk but he pretends not to know. the girl says you said the ones who tried to kill K were rebels. waiter denies saying that. S reminds the madam that she is not allowed to have any dancing till the ban for Koreans gathering has lifted. she says of course I know. S lets the others go but keeps the waiter. waiter asks what did I do wrong for you to do this just to me. S says drag him over. waiter says I dont know anything

S takes the waiter down to where DS is. Lackey and S make the waiter look at DS. S tells him to look at DS. S: this guy was working with those guys who tried to kill K. has he come with them before? answer me. was this guy with those guys who were going to kill K. waiter says yes. It’s true he came with them. S: are you sure? Waiter says yes I am certain. even on the day they tried to kill K, he (DS) came with that woman on the posters to the club together. S asks how he knew these guys were rebels.  The waiter says I knew they were rebel comrades cuz they tried to kill K. they let the waiter go. S tells the lackey to let K go. And to bring D to his office.

Lackey lets K go. As K walks down he sees D being taken into S’s office.

D is brought to S. K watches them through the window but S closes the blind so K cant see.

S steps closer and tries to touch her face but she pulls away. He holds her shoulders. S: you are not hurt anywhere right? you didnt get hurt anywhere? She says let go and talk. He asks where the others are (the ones with DS). They were supposed to meet Jo. Don’t you want to save your dad? I really dont want to torture you. it’s the same for your dad too. if you keep this up-whether it’s gaksital or your dad, what if you had to choose one between them. what are you going to do? please – at least give up those cohorts. so that at least I can go after those other guys. If I don’t catch gaksital your dad dies. They might even kill you. couldn’t you please save me. I want to save you. she cries and he cries. She asks: let me  see my father first. S: ok I will let you stay with him. Think it over well tonight. He goes and opens the door for her. she goes out first and S follows.

K was waiting outside. S tells lackey to take D to the room where her dad is.

S tells K to step away from DS’s case from here on. S: You know the reason why without me having to explain right. K says just cuz I love the rebel’s daughter does that make me a rebel too? why do I have to step away from this case? S: can you continue without prejudice/bias? (as in without getting emotional and letting your feelings get in the way) K says that goes the same for either of them.  K: I clearly asked you - if you could protect that girl till the end. I put aside (my feelings for her)  when you said even if she killed your brother you wouldn’t give up on her but you couldnt protect that girl. You step back. from now on  I am going to protect her and I will be in charge of this case till the end.

Lackey brought D to her father and K tells the lackey to go out and not hang around. Abe asks what happened to K. K tells abe to step out too.

K goes over and releases DS’s restraints and puts him on the ground. D goes over and calls out father. DS opens his eyes. She cries and K cries watching her.

Lee is having dinner with his family. The son says an angel club waiter saw DS today and he didn’t look human. Lee laughs and his wife says to the son since we gathered after a long time to eat out so cant we talk about good things.  The son asks Lee -how the others are fighting so hard so do you not have any regrets father? Lee gives a lecture about how hard it was for him to make decisions – that his cried blood tears.  But the son says how others ridiculed him when he was studying so that makes Lee mad and says I should kill them.who did that? the mom says what the Japanese are doing – how powerful they are. the son says why does my mood feel so dirty today. wish gaksital would hit me  so lee gets mad and says why say that

S and K report to goji. goji asks how it’s going with finding DS’s cohorts. S says we caught DS’s daughter last night so give us a little more time and we will find out.  goji asks what were you doing all this time when you caught her last night.  goji asks K why his face looks like that. K says it’s nothing please don’t pay any attention. Goji says these days he doesnt like K. is this the time to be going around fighting. K: I am sorry. goji: so you caught the girl and what happened? S: I gave her some time to think it over. she will tell us where DS’s cohorts are soon. goji:what? you gave her time to think it over? you think that makes sense. the governor ordered DS’s cohorts caught and you didnt find out anything. are you just going to kill him (DS without any info)? goji stands and asks where are they now. I will go and interrogate them myself. Goji leaves the room and K and S follow him

D asks her dad if he remembers about the berries growing in their backyard. when they were red and ripe, she got on his shoulders and picked them. He says how he remembers how she wasn’t afraid and went up on his shoulders to climbed on top of the tree. she says every time she did that his face turned white. He says how he was worried he would get in trouble with her mom (if D got hurt) but she says you were shaking with worry that I would get hurt. They hold hands and he says I am sorry that I am your father. I’m really sorry. D: I like it so much that you are my father. i like it so much. The others come in so she sits up.

When goji and everyone comes down D stands. S and K put DS in a chair. Goji plays good cop and asks if DS and D had a good reconciliation together. he asks S and K: How could you turn a person into this. Goji says to DS:isnt it time to stop now. You have a pretty daughter like this. I promise. if you just tell me that one thing about who gaksital is, I will let you live for the rest of your life with your daughter. DS refuses to talk saying something like over his dead body. Goji threatens DS: look here- will you come to your senses only when your daughter dies? so K tells DS: look here – say everything you know. how did you meet gaksital. say everything you know.  S tells D: you said you would talk to your dad so hurry and speak.  But she says I never promised you that. S: so are you saying you wont say anything? Goji says since you aren’t cooperating. There is no other choice. You have to watch your daughter die in front of your eyes. Goji orders K and S to put D in the crate with the nails. K and S both react with desperate looks on their faces (cuz they dont want to do it). DS turns to D and calls out “Boon.”

K steps over and begs her to talk. Do you want to die? are you going to die like this? say everything you know. please. talk. DS starts to cry so D tells her dad not to cry. We promised all night not to cry father. She says to K’s face: father we promised not to be cowardly in front of our oppressors. Lee Kangto -let me ask for one request -Please cover my father’s eyes

Goji yells at K to hurry and put her in. DS cries more. D says to K: if you are human, please cover my father’s eyes. K just keeps looking at her. goji tries to drag her in but she yells at him: let me go. Goji is shocked to be spoken to like that. she says I will go in – I will walk in on my own two feet. She walks closer to the cage and her dad keeps yelling out her name. he falls to his knees crying. DS calls out Boon. K cries and S tries not to look. she opens the door to the crate.

She is about to go in but goji stops her and says don’t you have any fear. dont you know it’s a waste (to be so loyal to her group) if you just say one word I would have saved you. D says: to oppressors who would kill a child in front of her father, do I have to beg to save my life? I rather die – I wont kneel to my oppressors. Goji holds back his urge to strike her. he calls her a tough (to crack).  he gives K and S orders for D to be locked up and DS to be sent to another location (to be executed). He leaves. D goes over and hugs her dad. S sighs with relief and goes.

S goes to his office and K comes in and asks for the key to DS’s ankle shackles. S: why? K offers to go now and transfer DS to that location.  S:why are you rushing so much. you can do that tm morning. K: it was the chief’s order. didnt you hear him saying to do it now. but S says as soon as DS gets there he will be executed so do we have to lose this chance. K asks what he means. S tells him to wait. K asks for the key again. S yells at him to wait. but K says I am following chief Kono (Goji’s) orders. S leaves

K goes to goji’s office and hears goji yelling at S. goji asks since S is educated and used to be a teacher  - how S could think just like his dad. S thinks it’s better using DS to get gaksital and DS’s group to come and get him. goji: let them watch DS die in front of their eyes. or else what happened with the bombing could happen again. S asks then do you not want to use DS and just kill him. you saw-  we cant get any answers from those two cuz father and child are determined to die. you have to cancel your order. K overhears that and turns around and leaves

DS tells D that if anything happens to me- the only person here who can help you is lee kangto. D: you want me to get help from K?  DS talks about all the help he got escaping 7 times. even though K is playing the role of a Japanese, he is still Korean. D: you know very well what kind of guy K is. DS tells her: he said he wanted to save you. that he had to save you. he even cried in front of me. D: K did? she remembers how K said he loved her. K comes down with abe and tells abe to hurry. abe tells DS to get on his back. D and DS ask K- what are you doing now. D:where are you taking my father? K says DS will be moved to seodaemun. She asks what is going to happen after he is moved there. he isnt going to be executed right away cuz he was already sentenced to death right? what’s going to happen? K tells abe to hurry so abe carries DS on his back. D calls out father and tries to go after him but K stops her

K says listen carefully. Before we arrive there,  I will make sure your dad escapes

DS’s group watches as DS is being driven by in a truck full of officers. She tells them to chase that truck

S goes to his office and calls his dad. taro:what? just carry out DS’s sentencing to be executed? you should find out everything he knows before you kill him. why just kill him?  taro mutters how people who dont know to do their jobs well are in their positions. (he is taking a stab at goji). he tells S to wait and tells H what’s going on.   Taro tells H how goji is planning to carry out DS’s death execution sentence. H: without finding out anything? taro: yes. H says Goji was going to be removed anyway when the chairman (her father) comes, so tell him don’t waste time getting goji’s permission. so taro tells S: do as you want. S: ok

S goes out and tells the officers they have to catch DS’s car right now.  All the officers leave with S

The truck goes through the woods and K is sitting next to DS. K looks around at the other officers trying to come up with a plan. There is a car in the middle of the road. K tells the guys in front to go and find out what’s going on. they go out and get shot by DS’s men. shooting starts from both sides. K keeps DS covered. One of DS’s guy says K is sticking next to DS so the woman says don’t shoot willy nilly. DS pushes the other officers and gets off the truck. But K goes with him and keeps him safe behind a tree. DS tries to shake him off but K tells him to hold still.

DS watches as K shoots another officer before that officer could shoot the woman. All the officers are killed except for K cuz he is with DS.

S and the other officers are on their way. S tells the lackey to go faster

DS walks out with K. the woman says to K: let DS go to them so K lets him go. DS turns and looks at K. the other guy is about to shoot K but DS says you cant. Before that guy shoots K, S shoots the guy from the back.

K looks in shock at S and the other officers.

'Signal' Kim Hye Soo Of The Beyond in Love

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'Signal' Kim Hye Soo Of The Beyond in Love

In "Signal" Kim Hye Soo began to broaden her love for Jo Jin Woong.

On the 7th episode of tvN Friday/Saturday drama "Signal" (script Kim Eun Hee, director Kim Won Suk) broadcast on Feb. 6th, Cha Soo Hyun (played through Kim Hye Soo) was once still picked on by Lee Jae Han (played by Jo Jin Woong) yet still started to love him little by little.

In particular, she started to get can coffee to blow their own horns her love shyly to him. She wrote to him on a message, "Thank you for being my driver, senior" or even drew a center but howevercoloured it as an exclamation point.

'Signal' Son Hyun Joo Seems As Robust Politician

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'Signal' Son Hyun Joo Seems As Robust Politician

Nonetheless, the pieces that Han Se Kyu stole were a subject of issue. Whilst investigating the incident of the Hanyoung bridge, he learned that there has been a scandal with recognize to the advance of the JInyang town and the homes that Han Se Kyu stole presents were all associated withthose 3 places. A collection of themodels that were stolen, there became definitive evidence that maydisplay what the scandal was.

At this, Lee Jae Han determinedto determine what the scandal was and went to the home where Han Se Kyu stole items, the area of Congressman Jang Young Chul (played by Son Hyun Joo).

Meanwhile, "Signal" is set two detectives - one from the beyond and one from the existing who keep up a correspondencevia walkie talkies to get to the ground of long-time unresolved cases.

VIXX’s Hyuk gifts enthusiasts for Valentine’s Day with Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” cover

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VIXX’s Hyuk gifts enthusiasts for Valentine’s Day with Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” cover

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterVIXX member Hyuk is gifting fanatics with a terrific gift this Valentines Day as he releases a canopy of Love Yourself by way of Justin Bieber.

Released on February 14th, the monochrome-shot video follows Hyuk in the studio as he records his cover, glancing at the camera as he sings to ST★RLIGHTs.

Hwang Chi Yeol Talks About His Good fortune in China After BIGBANG Cover

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Hwang Chi Yeol Talks About His Good fortune in China After BIGBANG Cover

Hwang Chi Yeol Talks About His Luck in China After BIGBANG Quilt hellohalcyon February 13, 2016 0 Recently, singer Hwang Chi Yeol gave a stellar functionality of BIGBANGs Bang Bang Bang at the Chinese version of I'm a Singer. On February 13, Hwang Chi Yeol sat down for an interview with KBSs Entertainment Weekly to talk about his fresh breakout success.

Due to his exceptional performance, Hwang Chi Yeol is experiencing fantasticfame in China. Its still appealing to me when I see my callpop outbest on the are livingseek rankings, stated the singer. He then explained his reason why for opting for BIGBANGs song: I presumed about which song would easiest identify with either China and Korea. This is when I considered smasher Bang Bang. However, I also felt some force because BIGBANG is a highly regardedcrew in China.

Hwang Chi Yeols rendition of T.O.Ps rap in the song shocked everyone. Upon compliments on his skills, he humbly replied, Even though its a little larger now, its no longer at a degree where I willmake cash alongside it. He then expressed his pleasurein opposition to fans, saying, In this provide day and age when I pass to the airport, many lovers come out to fulfill me.

Jaejoong slays more than a few charts with 'No.X'

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Jaejoong slays more than a few charts with 'No.X'

The album is #1 on Hanteo's day-to-day sales chart for the 12th, winning over pageantakin to WINNER, Ryeowook, BTS, and UP10TION. He is also ranked at #1 out of K-pop albums in 18 other countries' charts on iTunes, adding Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. He ranked #1 overall in 8 countries - Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam

Signal, Episodes 3-6: Where Are We Going?

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Signal, Episodes 3-6: Where Are We Going?

Signal, Episodes 3-6: Where Are We Going?Written throughFirst light On February 13, 2016If the beyond six episodes of Signal have taught our characters anything, it will exist that regardless of what you do to modify the past, the consequenceis kind of never better. It is going to be different, oh yes, yet better? Possibly not.

Is it even conceivableto mend the long run by converting the past? That, for sure, has no longer been what the display has been announcing thus far, and here's one of my biggest gripes about Signal.

Oh yes, she did. Prior toI could beready to eveningstart to fathom how ridiculous it could be for the feminineresult in die six episodes into the series, though, I needless to say this is a prove somecommunique between the past and present. So obviously, our heroes are going to set it appropriate by replacing the past in order that Detective Cha should now not have died in the present. Right?

Daebak Continues to soften Noona Hearts on “The Go back of Superman”

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Daebak Continues to soften Noona Hearts on “The Go back of Superman”

Daebak Continues to soften Noona Hearts at theGo back of Supermanehk38 February 13, 2016 0 Football player Lee Dong Gooks son Daebak continues to melt noona hearts on KBS 2TV typedisplay The Return of Superman.

The prove has released behind-the-scenes stills of Daebaks adorable aegyo from the February 14 episode. It's milesnot possibleno longerto grin as Daebak breaks out into massive grins that finds all seven of his teeth.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Gooks wife Lee Soo Jin has been supplementing fanatics Daebak fix with adorable videos of her son at home, adding a video of Daebak playing his very first soccer lesson and gambling hide-and-seek.

OP-ED Is Mnet's 'Produce 101' actually fair? {Spoiler Alert}

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'Produce 101' is dependent heavily at the netizens' votes, which turns out hardly, infrequently fair. Probably the mosthottest girls on the prove is Somi, who was once a well-loved contestant that folk already saw on JYP Entertainment's show 'SIXTEEN'. She ends up very top on votes all the time, and has been a standard in Most sensible 11 because the evidence started. However, I will notin finding any fault with Somi. There are masses of other girls on the show who other folks are accustomed tovia other audition systemscomparable to 'Superstar K' or 'K-Pop Star'. Same is going for MBK's Dani, who mightin addition accept debuted (and for a quick moment, nearly did, with T-ara N4) but have notin truth done so. However, while I am neverthelessundecided how fair this game is, none of those girls (including Somi) have officially debuted, so I don't believe their participation is illegitimate.

However, girls I do bring into query are girls like Chanmi, Ki Heui Hyun, Jung Chae Yeon, or even girls like Yun Chae Kyoung and Cho Shi Yoon. All of these girls have debuted already (in the case of Chanmi, debuted twice). As one of the girls stated in the primary episode, is it truly fair to bring on girls who have already debuted before? These girls have already got a showed set of voters, some of that may never vote for any individual else, regardless of how much they mess up. 

Starship Entertainment's Yoo Yeun Jung's team's loss. I'm going to admit it up front - I'm Yoo Yeun Jung's fan. I began the show because I saw her sing, so I am going to be a little biased. But nobody dismiss argue that Yoo Yeun Jung's functionalitybecamehigher than Chanmi's performance - and in all probabilityany one else's performance on the competing team made of Chanmi, Ki Heui Hyun, Jung Chae Yeon, Somi, and Jung Eun Woo. The team was nicknamed the 'Avengers' team, as it consisted most commonlyof women who were incredibly popular initially and had experience. However, going up opposed toevery other, Yoo Yeun Jung conducted thus well with vocals that she was the maximum up to datefactor of episode 3. Her articles and video on Naver and Youtube were the most up to date things looked at for the episode - such a lot that Yoo Yeun Jung, who had never had the highlight in episodes 1 or 2, were givennumerous IT in 3 and 4.

'Signal' Jo Jin Woong Says that He And Kim Hye Soo Will Interact In Secret Investigation

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'Signal' Jo Jin Woong Says that He And Kim Hye Soo Will Interact In Secret Investigation

In "Signal" Kim Hye Soo died.

On the 7th episode of tvN Friday/Saturday drama "Signal" (script Kim Eun Hee, director Kim Won Suk) broadcast on Feb. 6th, Lee Jae Han (played by capacity of Jo Jin Woong) of the beyond quietly called out Cha Soo Hyun (played by Kim Hye Soo).

Afterwards, he used to be called in to be tasked on an overlyvery important call. He sought afterto discover a blue necklace that becomerelated with the huge scale grand larceny case.

'Remember: War of the Son" Park Sung Woong Arrested Wrongly

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'Remember: War of the Son

In "Remember - War of the Son" Park Dong Ho (played through Park Sung Woong) was once arrested for the attempted homicide of Suk Joo Il (played by Lee Wong Joong).

On the 17th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Remember - War of the Son" (script Yoon Hyun Ho, director Lee Chang Min, production Trademarks Film) of Feb 10th, without equal bear witnessto place away Nam Kyu Guy (played by Nam Goong Min) a wine opener became put into the hands of Suh Jin Woo (played by Yoo Seung Ho) and Lee In Ah (played by Park Min Young).

Before this, Park Dong Ho said, "Now I have to look blood. I will not back out now" vowed revenge. Park Dong Ho was stuck for attempted murder. In the room was a work of evidence locating a knife as well.