56666bridal Mask Episode 15 Recap Screenshot By Softy

Bridal Mask Episode 15 Recap + Screenshot by Softy

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Bridal Mask Episode 15 Recap + Screenshot by Softy

Starts from S leaving the precinct and riding off with the lackey and other officers

D gets up and walks towards the door but K comes in, grabs her hand, and drags her away so she says why are you doing this. what are you doing. let go. S arrives and aims his gun at K. S: so it was you. glad to see you gakistal. It’s you huh? You are gaksital. K says: S - stop and put the gun away. S: dont. K: I only came cuz I was worried about D. D pulls her hand away. S: lee kangto did? sato hiroshi worried about D? K: yes I thought you were going to catch her and kill her now so I couldnt endure it. I knew you set this up, but no matter what I had to do, I wanted to take her out of this. S: cuz you are gaksital. K: I mean it. I love this girl. D looks at K. S:what? what did you say?  S steps closer and aims his gun at K’s face. S: say it again. K: I – love this girl. S orders the lackey to handcuff K right now but K says I will walk on my own feet. but S calls out the lackey’s name again. so K addresses S more formally now by title and says:  It’s not against the law to love a girl. S:what? K: I will go on my own. K takes his hand away from the lackey and holds D’s hand again. He yells at the lackey to step aside so the lackey obeys. But S handcuffs K then D. S says drag them away. Officers take them out

They throw K into a room. lackey kicks him down so K yells are you crazy. Lackey beats and kicks K. Lackey: you think you are great all the way till the end.  S watches from another room.

H laughs and says to Jun:what? K did that? K got caught? when he said he was going to catch gaksital. why did K jump in? Jun says I dont know that far yet. H: it’s probably cuz of that girl. She remembers how K watched D lovingly through the cell bars. H: Cuz that girl might get hurt -to get that girl out. so that is why he jumped in without thinking. he is so stupid. dummy. idiot. She says in her head. that K went so high up to that position in a land where Koreans couldnt get that high up but he ruins all that by going there.  She says aloud. What’s so great about that girl. She turns and faces Jun. she leaves the room.

*Omg someone please give this guy a new hairstyle. I just want to take some scissors to it and cut off that girly side wave. plus the guy needs to learn to smile or emote.

H goes to the bathroom and looks at herself. UR- Why are you like this. how much you went through to get this high up. you should be able to kill someone like K.

D is put in a cell and remembers how K said he loves her and how it’s not against the law to love a girl. D says in her dead: that’s ridiculous. what did he say? that he loves me? Then she remembers S asksing K if he was gaksital. D: that makes no sense. how could K be gaksital. that traitor who catches our comrades. that guy? why did S say those things. S watches her from outside the cell

Lackey says to K-cuz the chief (taro) got kicked out did you think this was your world now. you crazy bast^%. he says how dare you like the girl S likes.  S comes in and sees how much K was beat up. S says to the lackey: what are you doing before we even question him. S makes them put K in a chair and makes the rest leave.

S sits across from K and gives him a handkerchief to wipe the blood. S: When did it start. You even shot D but a guy who would do that loves D? K: yes. I shot that girl in the chest. cuz I was crazed about catching gaksital. every time I thought I caught him, right in front of my eyes,  I thought I would go crazy losing him over and over again. So I caught a bee and waited. but I still didnt catch him. You know too-  how much I wanted to catch that guy. So yes I shot that girl in the chest. if she dies like this, how can I catch that guy. when carried that bleeding girl in my arms and ran to the hospital - I only thought of that – I have to  save this girl to catch that guy. that is all i thought of.  when that girl woke up, I was so happy. Even if she insults me calling me a traitor -for waking up – for surviving – I couldnt have been more grateful.  I know I shouldn’t do this. she is DS’s daughter and the girl my friend likes. I knew I shouldn’t but my heart wouldn’t do what I wanted S. I know you still love that girl and I know how much you want to catch gaksital. like I hurt her with the whip, I was afraid you would too so I couldn’t put up with it. I couldn’t help but go to that location.

K cried saying that so S looks away cuz he cried too. S leaves the room without a word.

S goes out to the hallway and tells himself: KS -are you crazy? How could you think K was gaksital. no matter how crazed you are cuz of gaksital. How could you?

DS’s comrades come into the motel dressed as some Chinese customers and take out the owner (just made him pass out). Then they take out the guards. They break their necks. They put them in a room just as leader Jo looks out. he doesn’t see anyone in the hall so he goes back in. the comrades come out dressed as officers and stand guard outside the door. The woman comes out and stands in front of Jo’s door. She knocks and goes in.  Jo says I waited for you. she says she came to deal with him. He says I knew you wouldn’t just leave and leave me be. She says what he did wrong. Betraying D who is like a daughter to him and revealing their identity so she is here to kill him as punishment. Jo says I have nothing to say to defend myself. He hands her some money in an envelope. he says this is the fund for you comrades to go back. This is the final thing I can do for your behalf. I am ready now ( to die). she asks what was the reason. he doesnt want to say anything to defend himself cuz he knows what he did was unforgiveable. She takes out her knife.

The circus man tries to go into Jo’s room to give him some food and eat with him. But they wont let him through

The woman is about to kill Jo but she stops. She cant do it. the circus man came in and saw that. he passes out. Jo runs after them and gives one of the guys the money to go back with. The guy keeps it in his pocket and leaves

S is pacing outside. He remembers how the governor’s aid says it was so strange so there was no way not to tell-  that on the morning of the event, how K asked urgently for the number to cho T (DS’s alias).

S goes in and asks why K asked for that. cuz as soon as DS was captured, the governor’s aide called and said that on the morning of the event, that K urgently called and asked for Cho T’s number. K says that name sounded suspicious so I only wanted to speak with him to confirm his identity that is all. S: suspcious name? ok then when he was right in front of your nose, you checked and confirmed DS’s ID and when I approached DS you reported nothing was out of ordinary. like you were backing him up. K: it must have looked that way cuz you suspected me. S: you said no matter how much of a disguise he wears that he couldnt trick your eyes. K: DS is a guy who lives without a name and goes by DS. could you even imagine that he would be close with Lee. S: ok let’s just say that we couldnt even dream that DS could disguise himself as cho T. but how do you know that name Boon? I asked how you knew that name Boon. K asks: how did you find out I know that name boon. Did you overhear me asking DS that he has to save Boon? K laughs. K: Is that why you thought I was gaksital? so that’s why you set me up and put on that show on purpose?  K calls out to the lackey and says take this handcuff off. do you not hear me? S says not to till you are out of suspicion. K: are you really going crazy? S: what? K: should I say it again with my own mouth. I am the one who caught DS. I looked into his whole background -family, friends, associates. You think I wouldnt know his only daughter’s name. fine. like you said, let’s just say I am working with DS. if I am working with him, would I have to beg him to tell me where Boon is cuz I need to save her? Should I give you clear proof. you remember the guys who tried to kill me at angel club right? there were 3 total. out of them, one died by your hands. There is two left and arent their faces  on those wanted posters as DS’s cohorts. KS -Come to your senses. DS tried to kill me. dont you know that?  S tells the lackey to go to angel club right now and bring the madam and her staff here. S and K stare down each other – for a really long time

Lackey goes to the angel club and asks where the madam is. He yells at park jr and lee kr saying dont you know the rule about no Koreans gathering. this isnt Korean land. Lee jr and Park jr don’t take the lackey seriously. lee jr says if angel club closes then we wont be able to breathe. Lackey insults Lee’s son. Lee jr says don’t you know who I am? Lackey tells him to shut up before you get dragged in. Park jr yells at lackey too. lackey tells him to be quiet and insults them for being koreans. Lackey orders the madam and waiter to be dragged away

The angel club members are there at the precinct and the madam says my staff did nothing wrong. I was the one who opened for business. S tells her to shut up. lackey shows them pics of DS’s comrades and asks if these 3 guys are the ones who tried to kill K. madam says it happened so quickly. did you see? The owner says the one who wore the waiter’s outfit was for sure but not sure about the other two. Another girl tells the waiter to talk but he pretends not to know. the girl says you said the ones who tried to kill K were rebels. waiter denies saying that. S reminds the madam that she is not allowed to have any dancing till the ban for Koreans gathering has lifted. she says of course I know. S lets the others go but keeps the waiter. waiter asks what did I do wrong for you to do this just to me. S says drag him over. waiter says I dont know anything

S takes the waiter down to where DS is. Lackey and S make the waiter look at DS. S tells him to look at DS. S: this guy was working with those guys who tried to kill K. has he come with them before? answer me. was this guy with those guys who were going to kill K. waiter says yes. It’s true he came with them. S: are you sure? Waiter says yes I am certain. even on the day they tried to kill K, he (DS) came with that woman on the posters to the club together. S asks how he knew these guys were rebels.  The waiter says I knew they were rebel comrades cuz they tried to kill K. they let the waiter go. S tells the lackey to let K go. And to bring D to his office.

Lackey lets K go. As K walks down he sees D being taken into S’s office.

D is brought to S. K watches them through the window but S closes the blind so K cant see.

S steps closer and tries to touch her face but she pulls away. He holds her shoulders. S: you are not hurt anywhere right? you didnt get hurt anywhere? She says let go and talk. He asks where the others are (the ones with DS). They were supposed to meet Jo. Don’t you want to save your dad? I really dont want to torture you. it’s the same for your dad too. if you keep this up-whether it’s gaksital or your dad, what if you had to choose one between them. what are you going to do? please – at least give up those cohorts. so that at least I can go after those other guys. If I don’t catch gaksital your dad dies. They might even kill you. couldn’t you please save me. I want to save you. she cries and he cries. She asks: let me  see my father first. S: ok I will let you stay with him. Think it over well tonight. He goes and opens the door for her. she goes out first and S follows.

K was waiting outside. S tells lackey to take D to the room where her dad is.

S tells K to step away from DS’s case from here on. S: You know the reason why without me having to explain right. K says just cuz I love the rebel’s daughter does that make me a rebel too? why do I have to step away from this case? S: can you continue without prejudice/bias? (as in without getting emotional and letting your feelings get in the way) K says that goes the same for either of them.  K: I clearly asked you - if you could protect that girl till the end. I put aside (my feelings for her)  when you said even if she killed your brother you wouldn’t give up on her but you couldnt protect that girl. You step back. from now on  I am going to protect her and I will be in charge of this case till the end.

Lackey brought D to her father and K tells the lackey to go out and not hang around. Abe asks what happened to K. K tells abe to step out too.

K goes over and releases DS’s restraints and puts him on the ground. D goes over and calls out father. DS opens his eyes. She cries and K cries watching her.

Lee is having dinner with his family. The son says an angel club waiter saw DS today and he didn’t look human. Lee laughs and his wife says to the son since we gathered after a long time to eat out so cant we talk about good things.  The son asks Lee -how the others are fighting so hard so do you not have any regrets father? Lee gives a lecture about how hard it was for him to make decisions – that his cried blood tears.  But the son says how others ridiculed him when he was studying so that makes Lee mad and says I should kill them.who did that? the mom says what the Japanese are doing – how powerful they are. the son says why does my mood feel so dirty today. wish gaksital would hit me  so lee gets mad and says why say that

S and K report to goji. goji asks how it’s going with finding DS’s cohorts. S says we caught DS’s daughter last night so give us a little more time and we will find out.  goji asks what were you doing all this time when you caught her last night.  goji asks K why his face looks like that. K says it’s nothing please don’t pay any attention. Goji says these days he doesnt like K. is this the time to be going around fighting. K: I am sorry. goji: so you caught the girl and what happened? S: I gave her some time to think it over. she will tell us where DS’s cohorts are soon. goji:what? you gave her time to think it over? you think that makes sense. the governor ordered DS’s cohorts caught and you didnt find out anything. are you just going to kill him (DS without any info)? goji stands and asks where are they now. I will go and interrogate them myself. Goji leaves the room and K and S follow him

D asks her dad if he remembers about the berries growing in their backyard. when they were red and ripe, she got on his shoulders and picked them. He says how he remembers how she wasn’t afraid and went up on his shoulders to climbed on top of the tree. she says every time she did that his face turned white. He says how he was worried he would get in trouble with her mom (if D got hurt) but she says you were shaking with worry that I would get hurt. They hold hands and he says I am sorry that I am your father. I’m really sorry. D: I like it so much that you are my father. i like it so much. The others come in so she sits up.

When goji and everyone comes down D stands. S and K put DS in a chair. Goji plays good cop and asks if DS and D had a good reconciliation together. he asks S and K: How could you turn a person into this. Goji says to DS:isnt it time to stop now. You have a pretty daughter like this. I promise. if you just tell me that one thing about who gaksital is, I will let you live for the rest of your life with your daughter. DS refuses to talk saying something like over his dead body. Goji threatens DS: look here- will you come to your senses only when your daughter dies? so K tells DS: look here – say everything you know. how did you meet gaksital. say everything you know.  S tells D: you said you would talk to your dad so hurry and speak.  But she says I never promised you that. S: so are you saying you wont say anything? Goji says since you aren’t cooperating. There is no other choice. You have to watch your daughter die in front of your eyes. Goji orders K and S to put D in the crate with the nails. K and S both react with desperate looks on their faces (cuz they dont want to do it). DS turns to D and calls out “Boon.”

K steps over and begs her to talk. Do you want to die? are you going to die like this? say everything you know. please. talk. DS starts to cry so D tells her dad not to cry. We promised all night not to cry father. She says to K’s face: father we promised not to be cowardly in front of our oppressors. Lee Kangto -let me ask for one request -Please cover my father’s eyes

Goji yells at K to hurry and put her in. DS cries more. D says to K: if you are human, please cover my father’s eyes. K just keeps looking at her. goji tries to drag her in but she yells at him: let me go. Goji is shocked to be spoken to like that. she says I will go in – I will walk in on my own two feet. She walks closer to the cage and her dad keeps yelling out her name. he falls to his knees crying. DS calls out Boon. K cries and S tries not to look. she opens the door to the crate.

She is about to go in but goji stops her and says don’t you have any fear. dont you know it’s a waste (to be so loyal to her group) if you just say one word I would have saved you. D says: to oppressors who would kill a child in front of her father, do I have to beg to save my life? I rather die – I wont kneel to my oppressors. Goji holds back his urge to strike her. he calls her a tough (to crack).  he gives K and S orders for D to be locked up and DS to be sent to another location (to be executed). He leaves. D goes over and hugs her dad. S sighs with relief and goes.

S goes to his office and K comes in and asks for the key to DS’s ankle shackles. S: why? K offers to go now and transfer DS to that location.  S:why are you rushing so much. you can do that tm morning. K: it was the chief’s order. didnt you hear him saying to do it now. but S says as soon as DS gets there he will be executed so do we have to lose this chance. K asks what he means. S tells him to wait. K asks for the key again. S yells at him to wait. but K says I am following chief Kono (Goji’s) orders. S leaves

K goes to goji’s office and hears goji yelling at S. goji asks since S is educated and used to be a teacher  - how S could think just like his dad. S thinks it’s better using DS to get gaksital and DS’s group to come and get him. goji: let them watch DS die in front of their eyes. or else what happened with the bombing could happen again. S asks then do you not want to use DS and just kill him. you saw-  we cant get any answers from those two cuz father and child are determined to die. you have to cancel your order. K overhears that and turns around and leaves

DS tells D that if anything happens to me- the only person here who can help you is lee kangto. D: you want me to get help from K?  DS talks about all the help he got escaping 7 times. even though K is playing the role of a Japanese, he is still Korean. D: you know very well what kind of guy K is. DS tells her: he said he wanted to save you. that he had to save you. he even cried in front of me. D: K did? she remembers how K said he loved her. K comes down with abe and tells abe to hurry. abe tells DS to get on his back. D and DS ask K- what are you doing now. D:where are you taking my father? K says DS will be moved to seodaemun. She asks what is going to happen after he is moved there. he isnt going to be executed right away cuz he was already sentenced to death right? what’s going to happen? K tells abe to hurry so abe carries DS on his back. D calls out father and tries to go after him but K stops her

K says listen carefully. Before we arrive there,  I will make sure your dad escapes

DS’s group watches as DS is being driven by in a truck full of officers. She tells them to chase that truck

S goes to his office and calls his dad. taro:what? just carry out DS’s sentencing to be executed? you should find out everything he knows before you kill him. why just kill him?  taro mutters how people who dont know to do their jobs well are in their positions. (he is taking a stab at goji). he tells S to wait and tells H what’s going on.   Taro tells H how goji is planning to carry out DS’s death execution sentence. H: without finding out anything? taro: yes. H says Goji was going to be removed anyway when the chairman (her father) comes, so tell him don’t waste time getting goji’s permission. so taro tells S: do as you want. S: ok

S goes out and tells the officers they have to catch DS’s car right now.  All the officers leave with S

The truck goes through the woods and K is sitting next to DS. K looks around at the other officers trying to come up with a plan. There is a car in the middle of the road. K tells the guys in front to go and find out what’s going on. they go out and get shot by DS’s men. shooting starts from both sides. K keeps DS covered. One of DS’s guy says K is sticking next to DS so the woman says don’t shoot willy nilly. DS pushes the other officers and gets off the truck. But K goes with him and keeps him safe behind a tree. DS tries to shake him off but K tells him to hold still.

DS watches as K shoots another officer before that officer could shoot the woman. All the officers are killed except for K cuz he is with DS.

S and the other officers are on their way. S tells the lackey to go faster

DS walks out with K. the woman says to K: let DS go to them so K lets him go. DS turns and looks at K. the other guy is about to shoot K but DS says you cant. Before that guy shoots K, S shoots the guy from the back.

K looks in shock at S and the other officers.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Video Preview


Gaksital Bridal Mask Final Episode by Softy :

There is a message posted on the screen-they give you like two seconds to read it

Starts from the wedding when D walks down the aisle and K smiles at her. they bow to yang as the army and officers run over there. yang says seeing young people who are this loving and beautiful my heart is happy. from here on while living no matter what terrible things happen -with the strength of your burning love -i hope you overcome it. also with the strength of that love, have about ten sons and daughters one right after another.  it makes everyone giggle

S arrives and that mole comes over. S asks where is K. the mole says K and D are getting married now. S: what? where? The mole points to the direction saying go up that way and you can see them. S tells the guy in charge of the army – I will take a few of my men and go that way so you take charge of the attack on the camp. S tells the mole to tell the army guy the way. The mole takes the army with him

S tells his men to follow

Yang tells K and D to bow to family and friends so they do. The wedding is over. Sunwha says congratulations and D gives her bouquet to sunwha. Kim is happy.

S runs over and sees K and D happy. S points his gun and aims at K. D sees him and hugs K just as S shoots. K thought she was hugging him but he realizes what’s happened. D falls to the ground. S is in shock and lowers his gun. K carries her away. S gives chase. Ahn takes yang away. Jo stops S and S says let go. S shoots Jo but Jo still wont let go. He shoots again and Jo dies. Kim takes sunhwa away. Jin gets shot and dies. DJ tries to take yang away

S runs through the woods and sees the trail of blood. He follows it. K is still running and carrying D. she says put me down. He says to endure a little longer. She begs him to put her down -it’s too hard on me. They look at each other. D: don’t cry. Today is our wedding day. He keeps crying. S follows the trail. D says what to do cuz this happened to me. I wanted to cook a warm meal for you every day. I wanted to put the flower rings on every day. Have strength even though I’m not here. promise me you will have strength. He cries and nods. S looks for the blood trail. He looks around frustrated. He must have lost the trail.

D cries and touches K’s face. She closes her eyes and dies. K yells and hugs her tighter. S hears him and makes his way towards K. K is there over her body crying. S arrives and sees that. he yells out K’s name. S: it’s cuz of you. baek knocks S out before he shoots K. baek goes over and tells K to run away. K carries her and goes with baek

Back at camp DJ’s group and the army are fighting and shooting. The army and officers won. They walk through the camp and abe looks at the dead bodies of students. Spy girl’s brother wakes up so one of DJ’s men covers him with his body and gets shot instead of the boy. The boy cries

S wakes up and looks at the bloody ground. He kneels and touches the blood. He is crying. he remembers how happy she was after her wedding. He just kneels and cries in the wood

Yang and DJ are at his cliff hideout. Yang asks ahn about who died. Ahn says I will bury Jin when it gets dark. Yang asks him to take care of jo too. And also Kangto. Ahn says I will look for him.

S goes to see the governor. S says how many were killed. Yoshi corrects him and says it was 300. Governor compliments S. he asks did you find the armory. S says we are going through their camp so we will find it soon. Governor asks why they didn’t catch yang, dj, and gaksital. Yoshi says don’t worry cuz S will do it cuz he is after his father’s killer

S goes to his office and sits in the dark. His phone rings and he ignores it.

Jun and H go there to see S. she tells Jun to wait outside.

H goes in and sits across from S. H: do you know how much I looked for you. why didn’t you pick up if you were in your office. She says I heard DJ’s lair was attacked. What happened to K and mokdan. you don’t have to reply – it’s better if I don’t know. S: mokdan died. I killed her. I was going to shoot the guy that killed my father but mokdan shielded him and died in his place. Right after she married K. It was the first time I saw her so happy. the one who killed mokdan was K -not me. I was going to kill K. just wait and see I will chase him till the end and kill him.

K leans against D’s grave.  It’s like life has gone out of him. He remembers how she said I wont ever let you go alone – I will follow you till the end and cheer you on. whether it’s to a thousand fathoms deep ocean or a fiery pit, I will always go with you.  then how she said gaksital has to stay alive for the korean people. K says to himself – have some strength. You promised you would have strength. Baek goes over to him. K is still crying silently. Baek says Think of Boon and please get up. They killed everyone who was going to participate in the revolt. K asks what did you say ajussi? Baek: they all died. K: what do you mean all of them. those I promised to save-you are saying they are all dead? Baek says the river is full of all those young people’s blood. K asks about yang. Baek says yang escaped with DJ to his hideout. K says to Boon – I will get up. I will have strength. He stands up.

K goes to see DJ and yang. He bows to them. He goes over but they stand. K: I came. Yang welcomes him and DH says it’s good you came. K says thank goodness you two are safe. Yang thanks him for living. Yang asks about D and K tells her where he buried her. yang says what a waste of lives today. Let’s stop being sad. DJ says we have to get our country back for our fallen comrades

S and yoshi are getting lectured by UH for not catching the leaders. S says we killed their men so they cant have that rebellion. I spread a trap in the papers that DJ is dead so he will show up to prove it’s not true. H listens to all that

DJ and song are dressed as a priest. Yang as a monk. K wants to take yang but yang says they know your face. K tells him to go carefully. Yang says we will meet again for sure. K: I will wait teacher. they hug. Ahn says let’s go.

Spy girl’s brother  is bleeding and runs into DJ. DJ hugs hum and thanks him for staying alive.

S is driving and remembers how happy D was right when he shot her. he pulls over.

S misses seeing ahn run past pulling a carriage with yang inside

Spy girl is crying and hears her brother’s voice. Her brother brought DJ hear saying the food is here. she says my dongsang is alive. They hug and he says I told you I would come back alive. He introduces DJ and she says so you are alive. DJ and song asks her to spread the word he is alive so she promises to do that.

S goes back to the office. The guy says I found the picture. S says you did well.

S goes to his office. He looks through K and D’s wedding pictures and his eyes fill with ears. He stops at a photo of D. tears stream down his face. he is overcome with emotion and cant stop crying

Baek asks how much longer K is going to just stand by and watch S – meaning he should kill S. but K says before then I have to go to UH and take care of him

UH asks why did you come back cuz you could have run off when S didn’t kill you. she says how could I leave your side father. UH says you loved gaksital, didn’t kill him, and dare to call me father. H says K saved me when I was a young gisaeng. I didn’t know he was gaksital. UH says in his head: you are trying to trick me till the end. I think this is the end for us. he orders his samurai to draw his sword. He goes over to kill H. Jun stands there and then fights him. UH orders Jun to stand down but Jun doesn’t listen.

Gaksital shows up. samurai gets killed when gaksital throws his knife at him and then when Jun slashes him from the back to finish him off.  UH yells out to H to help, but gaksital goes up to UH and accuses him of what he has done. you took away my family and S’s. UH says what needs to be done in a war and for the country. K says you guys are criminals. I came so that you can pay for your crimes. He hits UH and kills him.  K looks over at H and walks out.

Before he leaves she chases after him and says wait a minute. I heard the news about D. I was always concerened about how much your heart would be hurting, but there was nothing i could do. to tell you the truth S is in pain too. like I saved you couldn’t you forgive S just once. even if you kill him your anguish wont disappear. I don’t want you to have anguish anymore. He walks away without a word

S is in front of his father’s picture. He remembers DS saying there wont be an end no matter how much you try – why do you live your life wasting your effort. There is a call. H called him and said gaksital killed the chairman. S: he did. then he will come for me soon. She asks couldn’t you avoid K even just for tonight. He says avoid him? when I can finally capture K.  H: you aren’t thinking of doing anything foolish right. S: you really dont know me. are you going to leave now? H: yes. S: alone? H: if I am alone will you hold onto me saying dont leave? S: go well and live well. H: you too. She hangs up

S takes out a gun from a drawer and gets it ready to shoot and closes the drawer again

Jun drove H to a street. He asks where are you leaving. I will take you to where you are going. She says it would be better to part here. Jun: I will ask one more time. couldn’t I stay next to your side as a shadow-couldn’t I do that. she says living your whole life looking at someone who doesn’t love you isnt good. Thank you for everything you did all this time. she walks away and turns and says my name is choi H.J. Jun: I will remember your name for the rest of my life. she walks away

K goes and looks at taro’s memorial. He takes off his mask. He walks to S’s room. S is sitting and waiting just like his dad did. K opens the door and comes in. S  pours two drinks. K closes the door. S: did you come. Sit. K goes over and sits across from him. S gives him a drink. S: kangto cant we at least have one glass of alcohol? Since it will be the last anyway. K drinks and then S drinks. S: did you send mokdan off well? K: did I send her off well? S takes out the wedding pic and shows it to K. K looks at it and closes his eyes to hold back his tears. K looks at S staring at the photo. S: this is the first time I saw her smile like this. even though she was smiling cuz of you. if only she was alive. K: you must be tormented too cuz you didn’t mean to kill mokdan. cuz at least you would never have thought to kill mokdan. S: I kept this to give you when you came. cuz it’s yours. K takes the picture and puts it away. K: now after you killed mokdan with your own hands? S: don’t do that too much – I sent her off without seeing her face closely even once. K: do you think I came cuz of one person Mokdan? did only Mokdan die by your hands? He lists all the comrades S killed. staring with comrade park, the comrade who bit down on her own tongue and died in front of you, comrade who held the dynamite to him and blew up, comrade yoon who died by your gun, tailor park, leader jo, and also leader DS too. are those all? S looks down in guilt or shame with tears in his eyes as he realizes just how many people died cuz of him.  K: All those young kids of DJ’s,  someone’s sons, husbands, younger siblings, fighters who gathered to get their country back, they all died by your hands (S and his army). not killing you back then – I had no idea I would regret it this much. S: I know how that feels too. when you killed my father, I didnt kill you – I regret that.

K: shouldn’t we see the end now?  between you and me– one of us has to die for this to end doesnt it? Are you ready? S smiles and says yes. I’m ready. See you out in the yard. I will go quickly. K walks out.

S told him to meet out in the yard so K would think they will fight till one of them dies. But this is how S planned to end things. He had no intention of fighting K. S takes his gun out and holds it to his head and smiles one last time.

K walks away and hears the gunshot. he stops and tears drop so he closes his eyes.  The nanny runs in and cries over S’s body. K opens his eyes and keeps walking.

She is cradling S’s head on her lap and crying over him. He looks at peace

Back at camp. Everyone is making gaksital masks and Korean flags. They pass it out and spy girl gyesoon tells people DJ is alive

K and DJ and the rest finalize their plans for the revolt

There is a banquet with the governor. He makes some speech about the war. Yoshi gets up and makes a speech japan will be the best. They all stand and say banzai.

DJ’s men are marching down the street armed. Officers come out. Lackey says what are they. Koreans show up with bridal masks on and holding flags following behind DJ’s men. They cheer for korea. Officers aim their guns at the crowd. DJ’s men attack. Bombs go off at the precinct. Gaksital walks among the crowd. He stops in front of the camera.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Recap by minyk2002

In the process of marriage , Shunji and people who take his side run into that place. Gangto and Mokdan's wedding :)

Yangbak officiates their wedding he says that you have many babies

The man says to Shunji, Mokan and Gangto are marrying.

The policemen prepare to attack the Dongjin's hideout.

Shunji saw that Gangto and Mokdan smile seeing each other.

Shunji shoots the gun ㅜnㅜ Mokdan gets hurt instead of Gangto. ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ.

Many supporters killed ........because of their attack....

Shunji follows Gangto continueously.

Gangto carrying with Mokdan. She says please leave me..

and don't cry because today is our wedding . Both of them cried..(also me).. She says about her wishes and way to go Gangto for our independance.

Shunji finds blood that wears on the plants. Mokdan...died..

After hearing this sound, Shunji also comes here..

He realized that he kills Mokdan who he loves.

He also says it is because of you !!!!!!!!!!!!

The man who wears hat helps Gangto. Dongjin associations

counterattack the japanese policemen and soldiers..but..there are so many casualties.

Shunji wakes up..and sees the trace that actually it is Mokdan's blood.Shunji cries..and memorizes her smile.

Yangback asks about casualties such as Mokdan and Jodanjang....he doesn't know where gangto is..

Shunji reports that we kill all the memeber of Dongjin association...except a few.

Shunji is little thrown into confusion because of the Mokdan's death. The phone is ringing...

Hongju meets Shunji.. she says Why didn't you get a call from me? and asks about Gangto and Mokdan..

Shunji tells that I kill ...Mokdan... I was supposed to shoot Gangto... and saw her smile ..like that happily...

Actually I will kill Gangto surely.!!!! Mokdan was not killed by me,,,it's because of Gangto.

Gangto casts back the memory of Mokdan and decides to cheer up myself. The man who wear the hat says our soldiers and student soldiers were killed all..over 300..

Gangto brings one to himself and comes back to Yangbak.

Yangback makes sure of our independance.This is no time for sorrow.

Wooyaeno worried about Dongjin because Shunji missed him. Shunji sets him at ease.

Yangback left to find a solution for independance.

But Gangto is left in the hideout because he is more danger if someone sees him. All the media brocast that Gaksital and Dongjin were dead.

Oh sister ! Sister thought his brother was dead. he comes to with Dongjin. The media is all fault.

The japanese policemen that shunji has some problems..

Shunji sees the wedding pictures that they seems really happy. He cries because of his guilty that he kills Mokdan...

The man with Gangto says it is time to decide about Dongjin.

Gangto.. before him, we have to kill someone who is the center of the japan.

Wooyaeno angries about his daughter's acting.

He orders his guard to kill her. That moment her guard defendes her from a sword.

Suddenly Gaksital appears ! He is ready to kill Wooyaeno.

He says that because of your ambition, I and Shunji lost our family ! I come here to defeat you.

Wait a second Hongju says..

I can't do nothing because of your sorrow about Mokdan.

Shunji also is desperated .. please forgive him ..one more time..as I saved you. I hope you don't get hurt from this situation.

Wooaeno was killed by Gangto. please evade this time.

Shunji says It is the only chance to capture Gangto.

Hongju tells that I will go off... please stay healthy.

Hongju and her guard prepare to farewall.

Her guard says Do you leave really? Even thought I just stay with you as a Guard not a man..., is it impossible to go together ?

Hongju says no..it is so cruel .. I will go alone..

and she tells her real name Hongju to him.

He says I remeber it forever.

Gangto and Shunji see each other.

he also says thatIt will be last that we drink together..and what about Mokdan?

Two men ...says about Mokdan.

Shunji says it is the most beautiful smile I've never seen...

This picture is yours so I wait you until now.

Gangto angries about Shunji's acting and tells about all the members of his sides who killed by Shunji

I regret that I didn't kill you before..

Shunji also says I understand your mind as my father's case.

Gangto says it will be finished only one of ous die.

Shunji Okay see you at front yard

Shunji kills by himself..

Many people try to achieve independance.

"Dongjin is alive now if you want to fight, get together..."

Many japanese congratulate about thier victory of the war.

(maybe i think it is the second world war)

Dongjin association and many nations come out of the street to achieve independace from Japan.

Cry Hurrah for independance !

ㅜnㅜ this is final episode of Gaksital ...

Really disappointed about Mokdan's death...

But this is an really impressive drama for me !!!!

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 28 Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 28 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 28 Recap TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Video Preview


Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Recap by minyk2002

CHARATER: Gangto/ Shunji/Mokdan/ Gimurataro(Taro)/Yangbak../Dongjin?

Gangto enter someone's home very carefully.

oh it is in Taro's home. They meet each other.

some assasins try to kill kangto.

I come here to kill you because you killed my parents.

Gangto says. and he kills Taro.

Taro says Japan will forever even if I dead right now.

And soon Shumji come to the house and Gangto goes away.

Two men fight each other very fiercely.ㅜnㅜ

There is a chance to kill Shunji for Gangto.. but he can't because they were really close friend long time ago....

One grandmother comforts Shunji.

Shunji sees Taro..He cried so much because of his father's death.. "Father I'm sorry....ㅜㅜ"

Mokdan waits Gangto..She really worries about him.

She prepares the lunch for Gangto.

and she asked what happened to you.

Gangto telles the truth that I killed Taro who shunji's father.

He thinks I will see shunji again sometime...because Shunji never gives up to find me..

Shunji decides to kill Gangto surely in front of his father's picture. One grandfather calls to Shunji and that orders that you can kill Mokdan and control your anger.

The grandfather command something to his daughter.

(something maybe go to the Shunji?)

It is mistake the grandfather says to Shunji you can kill his daughter !!!! not Mokdan... sorry everyone ㅜnㅠ my mistake

But he doesn't kill the woman he says I can control my anger unless I kill you.

The grandfather wants to punish her daughter because she conceal Gangto.

The grandfather and his coworkers discuss about the draft

for koreans. Studetns soldiers who were drafted into army forcely from Japan.

Gangto and his coworkers discuss how we rescue the student soldiers. They plan to cause a Dongjin rebellion.

Taro has hot eyed to find hindout of Gangto Dongjin..Yangbak. He says I must find the hindout.

Taro sees someone by chance. And he learns intuitively it is related to the woman who wears a green dress.

They dragged the woman and the guy into torture chamber.

Shunji asked why he who is seen in the street comes to your shop? The guy who wears purple vest.... is tortured...ㅜnㅜ

And the guy tells the key information that Gangto and his coworkers will attack the farewell of soldiers.

The guy sorries to her because he told the truth.. He says I was reall afraid....

The woman decided to close their shop..because of her weakness.

Shunji tells the key info to the his boss and he hatches a plot to catch Gangto.

Tomorrow is the day of the farewell of soldiers and Gangto asked the 10 armies to go with. but..they don't know that their enemies know their plan.

Mokdan and Gangto smiles looking each other.

Gangto says close your eyes and gives a flower ring.

and says..."Would you merry me ? ...>d

Yangbak will officiate our wedding."

Mokdan says Okay I'm satisfied wherever I were you.

The grandfather will punish her daughter...soon..

His daughter doesn't bung off because here is the kingdom of the power..she likes authority..and power...

Her worrier tells his mind to her. but she tells that I like the man who has power.. authority.

In the day, farewell of soldiers.

Bridal-mask appears to rescue the student soldiers and fight with them.

Shunji sees it behind the wall.

The guy who wears black clothes says,

If you guys want to fight for our independance, follow us !!!!

Some member of the soldiers actually Shunji's side.

They camouflage to know the hideout of Gangto and his coworkers.

Yangbak support the guys in front of them to achieve independance. All members of Dongjin association way to go!

Mokdan and some womans say about Mokdan's wedding.

Two suspicious man report all the things to Shunji.

And they plan to attack the hideout tomorrow!

ㅜnㅜ (tomorrow is gangto and mokdan's wedding)

Shunji report to the boss about hideout and their plan

The boss wonders why didn't you kill my daughter?

Shunji says I don't care about her but I have something to tell you. Her life depands on me, So even if you are.. you can't kill your daughter.

Shunji talks with his daughter he says about tomorrow's plan and he will kill Gangto. His daughter says if you kill Gangto, Mokdan will be really desperated..

But Shunji strongly denys because i will be with her !!!!!!!

Yangbak gives formal dresses to Gangto and Mokdan.

Shunji prepares to attack Gangto and his coworkers

and he requests that you guys have to catch alive Mokdan and Gangto and Yangback. He says Gangto will be killed only by me!!!!!

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Video Preview


Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Recap by Softy

Starts from DJ’s men, Ahn, and Jin breaking into the police station. Ahn throws smoke bombs below and officers duck for cover.

In the interrogation room, lackey and S put K inside that box in the wall. Jin throws down a smoke bomb and they go in and attack the officers. Jin gets the keys and unlocks K and gets him out. she grabs the mask on their way out. S gets kicked in the head and knocked out

When they get out K tells them how tailor park was taken but ahn says it’s too late we have to get out of here in a hurry.

Lackey comes to and wakes S up. they go outside and shoot at the truck with K and them. S keeps shooting as the truck drives off. S screams out K’s name.

Song tells DJ not to worry about K too much. DJ says gakistal has been broken out. he worries about yang being safe.

S beats Park and says how K was in the shop for over an hour. He asks if park’s shop is where the rebels are. He kept beating him all this time and park doesn’t move. Lackey checks too and park is already dead. Lackey says what to do cuz we didn’t find out anything. S says I am going to his shop so come with me

At the tailor shop they are all packed and ahn goes down. Jo asks what it’s like outside. Ahn says how there are officers outside. DS says we need a distraction for yang to escape and offers himself. Ahn says I will go with you, but DS says you take the teacher. Leader Jo offers to help DS. Yang doesn’t want to use DS to escape but DS reminds him how he almost died if it wasn’t for Yang. Thanks to you I lived and was able to have a pretty daughter. D worries about her father but he says you know I escaped from them 8 times. Ahn says they know my face so I will go with you. DS stands and makes his farewell greeting and tells yang you go first and I will follow.

DS dresses like yang and asks if Ahn is ready. DS asks are you ready. They are about to leave but D shows up and says father. He says don’t worry about me and go cuz there is someone waiting for you (K). she says you are going to come back right. You are going to keep your promise right. He says I am fighting like this for you to live happily right? They hug and cry. He says to ahn let’s go. They leave

S pulls up in the car and someone yells it’s yang baek. So S says chase them.

D and Jin are dressed like wealthy women and come out with DS and yang dressed as servants carrying their bags.

S shoots the car and DS and Ahn have to pull over in the tunnel. DS gets shot in the leg and tells ahn to leave cuz Ahn has to take care of yang. Ahn doesn’t want to go without DS but DS makes him so ahn runs off. S and them go over to DS who is slumped over in front of the car. S takes the hat off and sees DS laughing. S calls him a bast&^%. DS says cuz of you I lied to Boon. I told her I escaped 8 times and I bragged I would escape 10 times. S says drag him over but DS says you think you can catch yang, DJ, and gaksital. he says how among all the Koreans there are yangs, Djs, and gaksitals. There wont be an end. Why are you living like that. S says you guys are living in a country that’s dying. DS says be well poor friend. He shoots himself in the head and dies.

leader Jo is taking the group through the fields and D looks back. They go to DJ’s camp. Yang introduces D as DS’s daughter.

K is sitting inside when kim brings D over to him. K smiles at her and tries to get up but he cant. D runs over to him. She asks are you ok. He says I am ok. Kim says he isnt ok – he almost died. K tells him to stop kidding. K asked him a favor to get medicine from baek. D tells him not to act like he doesn’t hurt on purpose cuz of her. he says I am ok my body is having a hard time but I feel better in my heart cuz now I don’t have to worry about getting caught. He asks if yang is ok. She says he arrived well. He asks about her father and she says my father will arrive well. He hugs her and says how worried he was that he would be caught by S.

S goes into the tailor shop and wants the men to go through everything. They start looking for a hidden room and stuff. One finds a door open and calls S over

S goes downstairs and sees the Korean flags everywhere in the room yang had all those meetings. S remembers what DS said –that it wont end with killing yang, DJ, and gaksital cuz there are more among the Koreans. So S says no if I just kill the 3 of them – gaksital yang and DJ it will end. He starts trashing the place so others join him

Yang and them talk about DS and jo says how DS will make it out of there. ahn arrives and says how DS was shot in the leg and made me run away. He was caught by them so he shot himself. Yang is in shock and jo asks how do we tell D this truth? Yang asks where is D now. She shows up with K. they all look at her and look away. Jo cries and avoids her eyes. She understands what happened and cries. K hugs her.

UH is upset and says you still have something to say. S says I am doing my best. UH orders samurai to kill S so taro tells S to beg UH but S says father I did my best. Just wait a short while longer. UH takes back his order and says I will spare your life so be sure to pay me back. S: ok

S is in the room and H goes in to see him. She asks how he can be so brave. It would be good for you and me to give up.D came and saw me that you found out K’s identity and she kneeled in front of me. I told her to run away with K. I couldn’t understand why she turned me down but when I saw her kneel I knew. She doesn’t love just K but gaksital as well. She loves everything he is doing. I just like K – the Japanese officer. S says what if I cant catch the two of them and yang and DJ. S cries and looks at her. he is bitter about putting on the uniform to catch them and not being able to finish so he says to her just wait and see I will get it done. He leaves the room and she stands there crying

S meets with taro and yoshi. Taro thinks yang went to DJ’s lair. Yoshi thinks setting fire to the courthouses was for more than the registry. Taro and them think it’s for “mujang” terror.Taro says we just have to pull out yang and DJ. He comes up with an idea about threatening to kill the Koreans to make yang and DJ surface cuz they wont be able to stand by and just watch

The elderly couple are told that the count and countess were killed by the rebels. Taro tells them not to worry. She asks why did you call us. he talks about their students. How could the make students just study when their fathers are fighting. They come up with a plan to make students join by force

Spy girl gyesoon meets her brother. He says how he has to go to the army. She asks how can a student go but he says all the officers are already checking to make sure we don’t run away cuz now we all have to go to the army. Instead of running away I will just join. She asks when he is leaving and he says soon. She worries cuz he is their hope (cuz he is their only son). She worries about their parents. He promises to come back alive and take care of her. he orders a bowl of soup for her. she says I am not hungry. He pleads with her to eat cuz she suffered in his place and he wants to buy her a bowl.

Koreans are at the market looking at posters of K and them. Kim sticks up for K saying he isnt a bad person. He tears up the posters. He sees sunwha and goes after her. her brother was beat up. he yells who is your teacher. She tells kim to be quiet. He asks what the kid is learning. He says learning from Japanese will only turn him into a Japanese. You don’t have to go to that school. The kid likes Kim and asks for his name. he says how D wants to meet her so follow me. He takes the kid’s hand and runs off so she calls out go together

D is passing out food to the men in camp. Sunwha comes over with kim and her brother. They hug. Yang watches D with K. K says I don’t know how to comfort her. she lost her mom at the age of ten and now she lost her father. If something happens to me what will she do. I should have left with her. yang asks what do you think is precious enough to lose your life. I think it’s love. I love my country my wife my son and my mother. If you really love D, you have to stay by her side and fight the people who torment her. I had people I love in the hospital dying but I couldn’t go to see them. I am fighting so others wont have to go through that anguish and pain. K says I am sorry. Yang pats his shoulders. K watches D

Sunwha is feeding her brother. D is crying as she eats. Sunwha asks what’s wrong. Did anything happen. D says nothing at all and leaves the table. K watches her walk by

He goes and sees her crying alone. He sits next to her and takes her hand.In front of me don’t act like you aren’t hurting or not having a hard time. she says even though I am trying to hold it in but I cant. I know I shouldn’t do this.can we really win?can we really push those out? he says your father said an egg could break a rock. Even if an egg is weak. After time the rock will be crushed. Have strength. You know that’s why I am fighting the enemy right? He hugs her

Abe is crying and saying I really didn’t know K was gaksital. lackey asks you are on the same side as K right. Abe say no and gets up and does the mansai cheer. Lackey asks where does K sleep. You know right. Abe says he often sleeps in his mountain home. Officer says someone saw K. lackey asks if S is in. he says yes. They leave abe alone in the room and he starts to cry

Baek is packing up some medicine and stuff for K and says to Kim – let’s go. Baek hears some steps and makes kim leave through the window. S and the officers come in and S orders them to chase after baek and kim. S looks around the room. He sees the newspaper clippings of all the deaths – park, the banker, etc.

S says we lost them. Taro says gaksital was lee sun’s son. He prepared his father’s reveng. He will come after me now. S asks why is gaksital after you. taro says gaksital knows whatI did. S says don’t worry I have your back.

DJ, yang, K, and song meet. DJ reports how many Koreans are being taken away to the army. They divide up where they will go. K says just listening to the two of you talk makes my heart race. DJ asks if song has some trouble. Song asks to speak to K so yang says I have something to say to DJ

Song tells K how he heard about what taro is planning. If yang and DJ found out they wont stay still. K says I have to go after taro now. Kim shows up with kim. Baek asks if K is ok. K says you worried a lot didn’t you. baek says S found our place. We ran away from him. K says now S knows the truth that K is lee sun’s son too. Baek swears to follow K like a shadow. Song wants to help too but K says leave it up to me. I will go alone

D meets with leader Jo. She says I am ok. He says of course cuz whose daughter are you. she says father told me to be comfortable. They talk about how circus people left for safelty so jo says just let me know when you want to leave. She says some woman gave me tickets and money to run away with K but I turned her down. After father died I regretted thinking what if we all die. maybe we should leave. But father knew he could die and went. Until the day I die. I will stay here and do my best. He says yes you should do that.

D and sunwha are doing dishes. Kim’s mom says sunwha ispretty. What is your name. Kim comes over and says what sunwhas name is. He says to D – K is going to leave so stop him cuz if he goes now it’s the end of him

She goes over to see him. She says he looks like young master now. He says I will go to the capitol. She asks why. He says I have something to do. She says go and I will wait. He promises to come back. She promises to make his favorite dish for dinner so he says I will be back before dinner. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves

Yoshi says to taro – your connection with K goes back that far. S says don’t worry that he has guards set up so taro just has to act normal. Governor comes in and asks if it’s true about yang and DJ holding up at the tailor shop. Taro says it’s true that yang and DJ were in the tailor shop. He implies how the governor always dropped by there. he says there were no Japanese staff so don’t worry. We will leave now and they leave the governor fuming alone

Taro goes home and is greeted by the nanny grandmother. He sits in a room and she brings him tea. He pours and waits. Gaksital goes over the wall at taro’s home. He looks around and sneaks over to the door. He opens and goes in. taro closes his eyes and hears the nanny being startled. Taro gets his sword ready. Gaksital comes through the door. Suddenly two more guys in black show up with swords ready. Gaksital fights the two men and knocks them out.

Taro faces gaksital with his sword drawn

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Recap bysunshine4ever Updating....

Recaps of scene with FF fighters and DJ gang came to police station (like how episode25 ended) and took KT away from police station.

The FF people and DJ people took KT out, but on the way out KT was saying something to them. I'm not sure what KT said, but FF people convinced him that they must go? So they proceeded to leave. Maybe KT was worrying about the guy that was in the Tailor Shop that got caught?

Koiso woke up and SJ also woke up. SJ came out and fired some shots at the truck as the truck drove off. SJ screamed Kangto's name "Lee Kang To" after the truck drove off.

DJ people were taking care of KT. KT was lying on bed with a blanket while two DJ people were talking to each other which they mentioned BM.

Back to police station, Koiso was whipping the Tailor Shop guy? SJ came in and said something about KT. (KT was so sweet to think of this tailor shop guy even as they were leaving the police station).

Koiso touched the guy they captured at the tailor shop guy that they just whipped and said something to SJ. Maybe they will be heading to the tailor shop place soon as they knew it might be a place for FF?

Tailor shop secret room - Comrade Ahn came to tell everyone about what was going on. DSR was responding and talking to Ahn.

I don't know what they were saying, but DSR looked very happy about what he was saying. Maybe he was planning to do something to help the team out?

I'm thinking Ahn probably came in to tell them to leave the shop.

Scene with Takaga, Takeda, Koiso, and SJ driving in the car together. Maybe heading to tailor shop.

DSR in his honbok talking to comrade Ahn. Mok Dan came into hug her daddy. Mok Dan and Dad had some conversation. Maybe he taught her something about being courageous throughotu this time? She was crying and they had a big hug.

Scene with SJ and gang arriving at tailor shop or something, but there was something going on.

Leader Jo, FF lady, MD, and YB all wore different clothes and left Tailor Shop. Thank goodness they left otherwise they're doomed because SJ was on his way there!

SJ was driving towards another car. Oh my gosh, so it turned out DSR and comrade Ahn were trying to distract them.

Oh, no, MD's dad got shot? Md's dad to Ahn to run off. *tears* Oh, no please don't let him die.

MD dad told Anh to leave and he left, but MD's dad got a shot on his foot. *tears*

SJ came closer with the police and DSR was sitting in front of the car. So DSR was trying to pretend to be Yang Baek.

I don't know what DSR was saying to SJ, but it had Yang Baek in it. Sorry for my poverty for not understanding the language.

Oh, my God, did SJ just kill DSR? He got shot and died. RIP Dam Sa Ri.

Showing a scene of Mok Dan turning back and looking. Oh man this hurts so much. I can't imagine what Mok Dan will be feeling when she found out about this later

Mok Dan and the other people arrived at DJ station camp.

Mok Dan came into a room and KT was sitting on the floor. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

Village hot guy was making fun of them? lol. KT was saying something back to village guy and he went off. Looks like they're in good terms.

Mok Dan probably told him about her dad leaving and his plan? They had some talk and embraced each other smiling.

SJ came to the tailor shop but it's all emptied.

SJ and police staion went in to search for what's going on there. Koiso mentioned about the back door. They came inside and found the secret room with the Korean flags and the unification logos?

SJ saw a flashback of DSR saying something about YB. I think DSR was saying that YB & BM will unite along with DJ to fight against the Japanese government or corrupt the government and he was gladly to die for them? SJ saw a flashback of that and went screaming and kicking. Crazy dude.

Koiso destroyed the logo for unification.

Back at DJ camp everyone was sitting out door and talking including DJ and YB. MD & KT were not there. Ahn came in and YB was asking about DSR and Ahn told them he left? I think everyone will take that as bad news.

YB and Leader Jo were shocked to hear the news including everyone who were sitting there. *sobs*

Then Mok Dan was helping KT to come out and everyone's looks just showed bad news. MD was turning around and hugging KT and cried. Oh man, yesterday I was crying for KT and now for MD today.

Ueno wanted to kill SJ or something in the scene because he was yelling at SJ for letting BM leave? Sj came up with some other reasons about why his mission fell? KP was holding sword, but took back his sword after SJ gave his explanation. ueno gave Sj another chance. Rie was looking onward to SJ.

Rie came into a room that SJ was standing in. This is Ueno's place so Rie was wearing Kimono here. She said something here to him that involved MD in it. Maybe she told SJ that MD came into her place to beg for help for KT. Maybe it touched her? Like the way MD could kneel down and beg for KT?

Show a scene of posters and people were looking at them. Hot headed guy from village ripped off posters.

He saw Seowah coming and he called her name. Seowah's brother was talking to hot-headed guy. He had a long conversation here. Oh, so cute. I hope he can take care of her. Don't you guys think they're cute together?

Hot headed guy and SW's brother were saying something together. It seems like hot-headed guy from village is taking her in or something. Awww....hehehe...cute. SW's brother and hot-headed guy took off together.

DJ camp and MD was serving food to people. SW and bro came and met up with MD. They were hugging each other. Then YB and KT were seeing them behind and they were talking together about MD.

YB was saying something to KT it made KT looks so emotional. And it showed him looking at MD crying. Maybe YB was giving him tips about how to deal with this kind of problem?

MD was eatinga nd she seemed to be breaking down. MD left and sat and cried. KT followed her. He came and sat next to her. Maybe he's counseling her? Comfortingn her? He held her hand and hugged her in the scene.

Oh my gosh, scene with Koiso taking in Abe and asking Abe about KT or something?

Takeda came into report something to Koiso and Koiso immediately left.

Abe --- poor thing. Now found out that BM is KT?

Hot-headed village guy and Baek Gun were packing up to leave or something at KT's secret hide out.

Oh no, they heard noise and left using the window instead. Sj and his gang came and they ran after the other two. SJ was behind and see the pictures.

It showed some pictures of the people who got killed by BM. I think maybe SJ will get this that KT will eventually kill his dad because his dad's picture is in there? It showed a picture of the Count too?

Not sure but he took pics to Taro. Taro and his dad had some talk.

DJ station and people were talking together which included DJ, YB, KT, and Reporter Song and they were all smiling. Maybe something positive came up?

YB looks like he's a daddy figure for KT here sitting next to him.

Song reporter took KT into a room and they had some conversation. Maybe he mentioned about killing of Kumura Taro? Just then hot-headed village guy and Baek Gun came into the scene and KT talked to BG.

BG probably told KT that SJ came into their location here. They had some long conversation which I have no idea what they were saying.

Scene with Leader Jo and MD sitting together. Leader Jo was drinking some tea? MD looked happily and talked to Leader Jo about her dad.

Leader Jo said something about MD & KT. MD talked for a while about her dad. Poor MD.

MD seemed positive here and MD & Leader Jo smiled together.

MD and SW were picking out vegetables at the camp and some lady came to talk to them.

MD & KT talked to each other about something. And then he kissed her forehead. Gosh. censorship here? lol. Why are they so conservative?

Scene with Taro, SJ, Mayrama guy sitting in uniform and talked. Kaka came into the room and said some stuffs to them looking very worried. Taro said some stuffs and left Kaka sitting by himself.

Taro came back to his house and the nanny was saying hi to Taro.

Scene with SJ driving in his black car.

Taro wearing black kimono sitting with sword on his table. Nanny came in and gave him tea.

He looked like he was thinking about something and poured out tea.

BM coming into the house? He jumped over the wall and came in. Oh no so I guess KT was telling MD he is going to go and kill SJ's dad?

SJ's dad was sitting with sword waiting? OMG.

Nanny was yelling. SJ's dad looked like he's ready. OMG.

Bm opened the door and came in. SJ's dad was ready.

Then some other people also came out along with KT which were all in Taro's side.

KT used a knife to cut them all off. Oh no, this cannot be avoided. Poor Sunshine. Stop looking for salvation here.

Oh, my gosh, please don't show me that SJ seeing his dad being killed?

It ended with SJ's dad with sword ready, SJ coming towards dad, and KT about to kill SJ's dad.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Video Preview


Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Recap by Softy Updating....

Starts from Ahn and that woman stealing the briefcase full of money and Jun and H fighting them.

Then Gaksital and the samurai get ready to battle it out. H gets beat pretty bad but the comrade. Ahn beats Jun too and knocks him out. ahn and the woman take the money and run

Gaksital starts fighting the samurai. Gaksital manages to him in the neck and stops a punch with his forehead. Gaksital is fighting better today and kicks him down a few times. He uses his legs to kick him a few times and then he runs and jumps and kicks and this time the samurai stays dwon. Ahn and the comrade come out and they all make it over the wall and leave

Lee goes into the room and calls out his son’s name. he finds him on the floor with blood on his head. He cradles his son in his arms and cries. The wife comes in and screams. She leaves the room as he calls out my baby. S comes over and looks in the room. he remembers how he yelled at lee jr saying what – a friend you think I am a korean. he walks down the hall.

Jung, H, taro, and yoshi are all kneeling in front of UH. He is yelling at S and everyone about what happened. He says how can they take care of the future. How could you disappoint me. How can you catch yang and JB. S asks for another chance to kill yang and JB but UH doesn’t have faith in him. Taro asks for another chance too. So UH gives one more chance. S thanks him and says I will keep my promise to you

K goes down and sees DJ and song and brings the money. they shake hands and they say K worked hard. Song says after we get the bombs preparations are doen. K says I will get the bombs. DJ says his men will help

The comrade is helping D pack cuz if S knows he was deceived then D will be in danger. D says Jo has to go too so ahn says hurry

S arrives with officers at the motel so D shows them into a room so they can hide. S goes to each room and looks for her. he hears a sound and sees Ahn jump down. S jumps after him and shoots the car as they drive off.

K is pacing at baek’s home until ahn shows up with D. she calls out young master. K thanks ahn. Ahn says your welcome and says I will go to teacher (yang). Baek stands there. D asks if K is going to work cuz S knows your identity. Baek asks what that means. She says how the spy girl said S said he was tricked by two people so who else could it be. K thinks he was found out by S at that time but didn’t kill me. Baek and D ask if that means S knew who K was and didn’t kill K. K says it was to catch yang and DJ so until S gets them S wont kill me. K says we just need bombs. After that I will quit. She tells him to be careful. He smiles at her

K goes into work over the wall. He sees guards posted everywhere. K goes in anyway

S says D has disappeared and leader Jo is gone too. He wonders if K is not going to show up. he worries what if he doesn’t show up. he checks and sees that K came in. he goes out and punches K. he asks what did you do last night. K says do I have to report what I did after work. S kicks him and says what. K takes the kicks and hits back. He asks why are you doing this –what did I do wrong. S keeps kicking saying what did you say. Abe and the rest come in. S says if you answer like that again you will die by my hands. He calls a meeting in 5 mins to the rest. Abe goes over and helps K up. he asks are you ok. Lackey grins and walks off. Abe wonders why everyone is like this.

S watches K preparing for the meeting. S thinks you should know the truth that I know you are gaksital but you showed up. what are you planning. K thinks in his head I have to rob the armory so it would be nice if you were tricked one more time

S starts the meeting and says how gaksital stole money for the army to use for terrorists. He asks K what do you think yang and DJ joined forces to do. K asks do you mean the governor’s HQ wasn’t bombed. What if it gets bombed later. We should be careful. S says no matter what we have to find yang and DJ. He calls an end to the meeting. S says K knew everything and came in to tell lies. You think I will be duped by you again

Suddenly DJ’s men wearing handkerchiefs start bombing a building.

Taro has a meeting with other heads and says how DJ did that. yoshi says DJ is acting up just as yang came so doesn’t that mean they are working together. S thinks the bombing is cuz of the registers. Spoints out how DJ was responsible for the flag incident. Taro wonders why they haven’t even seen a shadow of yang or DJ but S says don’t worry I have a way to get them (meaning K)

K goes to meet yang. K asks about the bombing and yang says how they are going over their plans. DS says how it will be dangerous for K so K says don’t worry cuz S knows my identity so there is not much time. yang says how K is going to throw away the name sato hiroshi and you have somewhere you need to come with me. K gives them info about the armory and where to meet when he calls

When K leaves the tailor shop lackey saw him and drove after him.

Lackey goes back and reports to S that K left the tailor shop

So S goes to the tailor shop. S asks if K drops by here often. S thinks K cant afford clothes here on his salary. Tailor makes up a lie. Ahn is about to leave and sees S there. S asks which suit K chose and tailor says he is picky so he just looks. S says I was going to get the same suit as him. Tailor says I will let you know when he makes one. S leaves

Lee and his wife are taken to see UH. Jun just shoves her after she says do you know who I am. She complains to UH saying did you drag me here. I collected the money but it’s not my fault it was stolen. H tells her to shut up. H shows them the letter Lee’s son wrote. He wrote that the money would be going to the rebels. She yells at her husband asking did you know. Lee cries and talks about kishokai. The wife says the son is bringing misery on me even in death. He is not my real son. UH tells them to leave kishokai so lee says how he never sided with the rebels and his wife asks for forgiveness just once. H says how much money was stolen and wants Lee to sign over his property so he agrees. UH nods and Jun and samurai both kill Lee and his wife. UH tells H about trust

S sits in his car and thinks they need bombs to bomb the governor’s HQ.

S goes into work.S says how we were duped by a Korean about the bombing. He says sorry to K. I should have kept the guy in custody but let him go and you didn’t get to avenge your mother and hyung. S offers to buy drinks at angel club

The officers are drinking and dancing but K and S drink with the madam in the room. Waiter says please make our madam stop drinking. S asks if her heart is hurting cuz of lee jr. K asks did something happen to him. Waiter says how Lee jr shot himself. K is shocked and asks why did he die. S says didn’t you know. he gave over the money to gaksital and died. If I knew this would happen I wouldn’t have been mean to him. I knew how weak hearted he was.Kangto I killed him too. S says I don’t like myself. I don’t want to live. He passes out (or pretends to). K stands and leaves. S opens his eyes

K goes out and looks at all the officers getting drunk. He makes a call to the comrade. She says we will leave right now. K leaves. S comes out and all the officers are not drunk at all and follow S out. except for Abe. He is passed out and says don’t touch me.

Gaksital takes out the guards posted outside. Ahn takes out another one. They all rush into the police station and take down guards. They get the keys and break into the armory

S arrives with the officers and see the guards knocked out. they pull out weapons and go in

Gaksital and ahn are moving the boxes. There are men outside in trucks loading them and Kim is one of them. S walks down the hall and sees all the guards knocked out. he says it was the armory and rushes over. She warns they are coming but K says hurry and leave. She says you have to go with us but he says move the bombs first. They leave and gaksital fights off guards. S holds his gun to K’s head and says take your mask off. K doesn’t listen to S takes the mask off. Lackey and others see K’s face and are shocked.

Kim tries to go back in but she says there is no way to rescue him now. Ahn says we have to go now and they leave

Lackey orders K chained up in the torture room. Lackey says this basta&^% was gaksital. all this time you put on a show that you would catch gaksital. K just stares at him so lackey doesn’t like it and whips him repeatedly. S comes down and watches K being beaten

Comrade and ahn go down to see yang. D asks about K but the woman says sorry. DS asks if he was caught. Yang is shocked andcries as her dad goes over to comfort her

K and S sit and K says you know kenji killed my mother. S asks so you are the one who killed my hyung. My friend who I loved more than my brother. My friend beat him to death? K says I had to do that or else I would have gone crazy. My hyung KS who was a fool was gaksital the one you were crazed to catch. I wanted to catch gaksital so I shot my hyung. I didn’t know kenji would go after him and shot my mother. So cuz of my hyung KS I ended up wearing that mask. S cries. K: S – thank you for catching me. S: what? K: since I have been caught like this I wont end up killing you with my own hands. S cries more and stands up. he leaves the room without a word.

S goes up to his office. He remembers how K said now that he has been caught he wont end up killing S. he cries and remembers how they both cried on that bike that day. He cries more and then stops

H is told a visitor came.H goes out and D is standing there. D says I came to ask you a favor. I will do whatever you want. H asks what she is saying. D says please save K. H asks what do you mean. D says you know K is gaksital too don’t you. he was caught by S. please save his life. if you save his life I will leave if you want and forget him. Please save him. H says sorry. Go back. I don’t have the power to that anymore. D gets on her knees. Please please I am begging you. H looks down at her

S tells taro and yoshi about K. Yoshi is shocked. taro says K is gaksital. S says K was robbing the armory last night and we caught him. Taro asks if K killed kenji. Yoshi says how could gaksital be among my officers. S says I will catch yang and DJ through him. But taro leaves so S gets alarmed and follows

Taro goes over to K. he looks him in the eye. He remembers his dead son kenji. He grabs K’s face and says you dare to kill my son. K says he killed my mother. Taro says you dare to kill my son.Out him in the nail crate. S tells him to be patient cuz they have to catch yang and DJ but taro says put him in there now. Taro rocks K back and forth in the nail crate. K screams. S asks K: where is yang and DJ. If you talk I will let you out. K says I don’t know. taro kicks the cage so K screams louder.

They tied him back up and K is passed out. S leans over and calls his name. he throws water on K to revive him. S asks where is yang and DJ. K: how many times do I have to say I don’t know. S says since you aren’t going to talk I called someone to help. Come in. the officers bring in the tailor (Park). S asks park where is yang. You know don’t you. park says I don’t know. S says if K doesn’t talk then park will be tortured and shot. S starts to drown park so K says don’t do that. do that to me instead.

Comrade says park was caught so let’s move locations (and not stay at the tailor shop) but Yang says I wont move till K comes back. DS and others plan to get K out tonight. Since DS knows the way in better than anyone

They all go and knock out guards and go into the station.

Lackey put K into the box against the wall. DJ’s group and comrades come in and rescue K. S watches them leave and then gets knocked out. K turns to look at S.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 25 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 25 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 25 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 24 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 24 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 24 Video Preview


Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 24 Recap by mojobobo@soompi

Starts with fake Gakstial burning the records and SJ arriving.

We get last night scene of KT fighting with comrade Ahn who is the fake Gaksital. The Village Hothead appears and SJ goes after him.

we cut to the police station and SJ is putting an ice pack on Kt's neck and asks if you are ok. KT sssay that jerk.

SJ talks to KT and thinks to himself. He says he wants to catch the guy who killed him brother so he msut catch gaksital. then he mentions Damsari.

KT says something then SJ says no matter how i think...

SJ thinks to himself about Yang Bake and Dong jin.

KT asks to interrogate village hothead. SJ says you? KT says you know, he was the one who set fire to my house. kt's eyes are red with anger. what a great act he's pulling hehe but i think sj still suspects him but sj says ok yo go question him. SJ watched from behind blinds. KT starts punching village hothead and yells "its was you right! it was you who killed my mum and brother!"

village hothead talks back and gets mroe beating from KT

SJ thinks to himself about something, maybe that he can't trust kt even now?

KT says where is dong jin. village hothead says soemthing and kt says what?

village hothead keeps saying the same thing. is it a code?

village hothead says dont you want to take your revenge?

kt tells takeda that this is the guy who killed his mum and brother and asks takeda a favour,think to let thme have a private moment. takeda says make it quick.

KT looks around and gives the code to village hothead to identify himself as part of them. he tells village hothead about dong jin and hothead is shocked.

Kt says soemthign but hothead is too shocked to answer properly. kt tells him taht if you dont want gaksital to die, tell me ?

kt slaps him to make him focus and says i dont have time you ahve to make him trust you. hothead says how? kt tells him somethign we dont hear.

shunji goes to his room and gets a call.

Taro is yelling at SJ about YB.

KT tells hothead about SJ and we cut back to SJ yelling at Takeda. I think he's angry that Takeda left the room. but he rushes in to see Kt about to hit hothead again.

SJ tells the other policemen to grab hothead and KT wants to follow but SJ stops him.

We cut to the governor yelling at Taro for the recent Gaksital burning of records HAHA too bad for you sucker!

Murayama says soemthing to Wada, something about the police station sending out all their men but Wada just calls he an idiot.Murayama persists in explaining himself.

Wada says I dont care, you better get me the boys to send to china. MY is against it cos he hates koreans.

Taro says something and Wada agrees.

We go to Team YB discussing in the tailor secret room.

YB says something about a secret.

There is a ceremony at which the count and countess are being presented with garlands and what not. probably something to do with the new idea of promoting Japanese culture and putting the count and countess in higher position to show how good Japan is?

then we cut to a private dinner btwn Wada, count, countess and the education couple.

They are talking about china? Wada says even if you are a Joseon person, Japan will treat you like its own?

We now cut to hothead being burned with hot iron by shunji #$%%^$ stop giving that nonchalant look its creepy!

Shunji asks are you talking now

hothead says i dont know anything and sj proceeds to burn him again wtf?? SJ imagines its KT he's burning and teas go to his eyes

he says are you talking now?

hothead says somethign and sj stops.

kt worries up back in the office.

SJ asks hothead somethign and hothead says somethign about joseon people. SJ asks him about dong jina dn hothead says that;s right.

hothead says he doesnt know. he mentions yb and SJ says what about him!?

hothead gives him some information and sj says how dare he!

sj mentions lee kangto and hothead looks scared, saying why what lee kangt?

sj smiles creepily. takeda comes out to call kt into the room

kt sees the state hothead is in.

sj turns about to look at kt and says how is this? is this enough? kt says huh? sj says he killed your mum and brother so i did this (he says this all with a smile.......TT_TT)

sj tells takeda to take care of things. hothead and kt look at each other and kt stalks out.

cut to meeting between kishokai.

shunji is telling ueno somethign about dong jin.

ueno says you did well kimura sj. sj says thanks and taro smiles.

rie sees them walk out and is shocked.

sj stops rie by grabbign her hand. he ays he has one last thing to tell rie. Jun backs off.

sj drags her into a room and he says you are a sad woman remember i say taht to you? He says somethign abotu kt as gaksital. you know i love mok dan...a joseon woman...he tells her something abotu runnig away and to look at him

rie questions him and sj says you are mad?

cut to tram scene now. kt holds mk's hand and takes a letter thenmk walks out and she runs into someone, i think a police officer taht was following kt. she talk to him long enough for the tram to leave with kt hehe

cut to dong jin and his troops. reporter song is giving them a prep talk. dong jin does the same. gaksital rides into the camp.

reporter song and dong jin thank him, kt's mask is off. he passes soemthign from yb to dong jin.

kt tells dong jin about hothead i think his name is teuk soo? dong jin says he knows.

cheondeokbu? maybe its a new government agency? anyway they are talking abotu it and kt is informing him about ongoigns in kyungsung.

dong jin shakes kt's hand heh so cute

we cut to sj in front of Wada and the other higher ups.

SJ says somethign that stuns Wada and Wada says where is soemthign but Taro mentions Konno and Wada is silenced. Wada yells at MY and says can you catch YB and dong jin? MY is quiet kekeke.

Wada asks sj to do something.

kt goes to see kim deuk soo (aka hothead). hothead yells at hima nd kt says your mum beged me to give it to you. hothead yells and says let me go!! KT passes the item to takeda who passes it to deuk soo. it contains a secret note and deuk soo eats it after reading it.

sj comes to see him eating the food in the item heheh

we cut to the torture rooma dn sj gives deuk soo food to eat. sj asks soethign about cheondokbu. deuk soo says somethign and sj starts thinking aout something and asks about dong jin. deuk soo says somethign about dong jin and he scolds kangto hahaha! i think he said kt was harrassing his mother? lolllll

sj says i know and tells takeda to do something.

abe looks very happy and says everyone lets do well? kt says abe has somethign to say. abe gives his speech. koiso is enraged at what abe is suggesting. he says who are you to do this.

kt supports abe but being the first to donate money into the box abe is holding lol. kt taunts koiso. sj appears and abe runs to him about the donation (keupbang?)

abe tells him kt donate and sj looks at kt and sneers (IDIOT)

then he calls takawa and takawa sighs knowing that he's in for losign kt lol

sj asks him abotu kt and he talls kt that he suddenly met mok dan when he was abotu to get into the trams and sj is MAD and hits takawa in the stomach sj goes out and calls for koiso. he says go get that bitch. gang gye soon (traitor girl)

sj asks kye soon if kd and kt meet oftena nd kye soon asks no i dont know. sj says say it about. kye soon says no they didnt meet. sj says again. kye soon says n..no..

then sj grabs her over to a pool of water and tries to drown her and yells you lie? he holds her face down in water and has a flashback of him talking to ok dan and how she says she likes gaksital cos he's a joseon person who saved her dad.

sj takes otu his gun and says you know how i shot people right? you want to have a try? you want? he points the gun at her and says if you dare lie to me again...you know...look after mok dan better

kye soon cries and koiso just looks at her and touches her cheek? and she runs out.

mok dan is hadnig out thigns to the circus girls ans says its abotu yang baek. shin ann da runs in to say kye soon is weird

mok dan goes to see her and she tells mok dan waht happened

mok dan goes to the police station and kt is shocked to see her. she asks to see sj

kt leads her to sj's office and leave.

sj gets up and walks towards MD and he says whya re you here? she says im here to ask a favour. he says what? she mentioned kye soon? she says i'm not going anywhere i'm stayign here so cant you jsut not hurt anyone? she says somethign like i know your heart and did she say i will accept it?

sj says you will? then he tests her by steppign towatds her with hsi arms outsterched and she steps back LOLLLLLL i feel a bit sad for him. kt looks in and is anxious. he wants to run in i think.

he says somethign like you think im crazy? he says something that makes md suspect he knows kt is gaksital.

md leaves and doesnt even spare kt a look. kt looks in to sj's ofie and he and sj just eyeball each toehr angrily.

Tamao is drinking and Tasha comes in with newspaper about his parents. she says something about KT. Tamao laughs and talks about his father and somethign about being curuios. Tasha tahnks him.

Tamaro says "i'm not a person to be worried about" what does that mean

tasha says you are a person who is jsut nothing

tamao says i also ahve a conscience sadly

tasha says really? she mentions about his father and says are you disappointed?

tamao says smoething about money? you want? i have lots! he throws a stack of money at tasha and leaves poor dude it's ok i like you.

cut to count and countess at home adn they are laughing about. tamao comes home drunk and count says why did you dirnk so much. countess says hes a guy why are you so worried.

count says im his dad. countess isnt too happy. they are talking about kishokai then tehre is a cut to tamao is he fake sleeping? kekekekeek

count and countess dance OH TAMAO is really fake sleeping!

someone calls tasha and she says really?. thanks. she then calls MD and MD smiles and says i got it. Md then called kangto abotu some vip room and what is talking place. she tells him taht she thinks sj knows he is gaksital. kt asks her for a favour.

md goes to a coffeeshop and leaves a note for hothead who is now out of prison kekeke.

hothead goes to sj and tells him information about something taking palce. SJ walks otu to look at kt mopping the floor and says to himself, Gaksital, you knwo too about Yba nd dong jin right? I'll get you tonight.

kt thinks to himself "Kimura Shunji, you know who i am? tonight, shall we see who wins?" (or somethign to taht extent)

cut to kishokai meeting, this time rie is here. i think they are accepting new members and Tamao is one of them? ueno tasks the two new members to do something. he mentions YB.

count is proud of his son.

SJ and gang move out to the place deuk soo told him. SJ eyes the place and we see gaksital runnign with two black clothes people. I think its comrade Ahn and the lady.

cut back to kishokai meeting. countess says something and ueno oks it. I think she's giving ueno money. yes she is. lol

rie looks ill at ease and tamao leaves the room.

ueno says its too much? LIAR

masako comes in with a note from Tamao. Tamao says he is disappointed as a joseon person? PLS DONT SHOOT YOURSELF @%$^&(^%$#!@ eh says dad i love you.

tamao points a gun to his head and in his letter he says pleas forgive me. a shot rings out and count yells then gaksital appears. Kimpei goes after him. Jun is about to go after them but comrade ahna dn the lady come in and fight him opff but rie says lets go. so jun vs comrade ahn and rie agaisn the lady.

comrade ahn puts down the money and fights. BARE HANDS? AGAINST JUN's SWORD? AND HE HITS JUN?! WTF I think i found a new love in comrade Ahn lol.

outside, gaksital faces off with kinpei. EEKS.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 24 Recap by sunshine4ever

Scene start with the ending of episode 23. Fighting scenes and such.

Then KT got knocked out and SJ still fired after the fake BM while fake BM

SJ gave KT some ice and thought something on his neck. I guess maybe SJ

knows KT fake it? They were sitting in SJ's office and they had some

conversation. While they were talking together, SJ was thinking to himself

serveral times. Sorry, I don't really understand what they were saying. SJ

said thank you to KT for something and then KT left the room.

Scene with KT trying to torture and get news from the hot-headed village

guy (in a room). SJ watched from behind the blind.KT kicked the guy and SJ

watched from behind thinking to himself. Okay, I don't think SJ is buying

this. lol. Hot-headed guy got all bloody on his head (blood driping down

from head). Takaga was in the room with KT also, so I don't think KT can

say things that's unrelated to introgerration.

Then KT asked T guy to do something for him. And Takaga left. Then KT gave

the hot-headed guy the "united" paper that YB was writing about. Then KT

was talking to him about how he was BM or said something that made hot-

headed guy reflected back his moments with BM.

I think hot-headed guy (HH guy) is so shocked at KT being BM? lol

Scene with Sj walking into his office and his dad yelled over the phone

ordering him to do something. Maybe it has to do with who they captured.

KT & HH guy were talking. KT was telling him to speak truth?

SJ called out Takaga guy and I got disconnected for a bit...when I got

back to connection SJ walked away and KT was just standing there.

Kaka guy and the Japanese had a meeeting in the same meeting room as

episode 23. Kaka, Taro, and Mayarama were talking about something in the

room. So sorry. I cannot make what they were talking about, but it was

Scene at tailor shop secret meeting place. This time Mok Dan was there and

she was talking to YB smiling. Maybe they're figuring out a plan for

There was an award ceronomy for Japanese government? Kaka gave award and flowers to Countess and Count. They were clapping and smiling at the meeting room with music. Both Mayarama and Taro didn't look too happy a this scene.

Then come a scene with Kaka and Count and Countess and others were in the Japanese room (Japanese music behind) and they were talking about something.

Kaka scene still with Count and Countess - Kaka seemed very happy and so

SJ scene at the chamber..oh my gosh...SJ was using this crazy iron tool to

hurt hot-headed village. Poor guy. *sobs* I think Sj probably asked

where DJ's abouts. Oh my gosh. Somehow the guy's crying seemed to look

like KT? I am not sure if I saw it wrong, but it flashed back to HH

village guy. He refused to say anything?

Thank goodness KT didn't have to do this or it'll rip his heart apart if

Okay, after a long talk it didn't seem like HH Village guy do anything? So

SJ called for Lee Kang To to come in? Takaga guy came to office and called

for KT to come in. (Oh my gosh, dearest, please help me. I'm going to die

now). HH Guy looked all ripped and torn. KT walked into the torturing

chamber. SJ said something to KT. No idea what they said. SJ left and Kt

Scene at the Kishokai and they were having a small meeting? UH, Taro,

Mayarama, and SJ were there. Taro and Mayarama guy left. Then SJ also

coming out and they saw Rie coming in with Jun. Rie was wearing Kimono. SJ

said something to Rie along the way. Rie told Jun to leave. SJ again

dragged her hand and pulled her in secret room lol. He probably tried to

make Rie think he has KT under his control? Haha. No idea. But he seemed

very calm and mentioned some stuffs about KT that also involved MD. I

think he was trying to mock Rie for her love for KT? Rie was just standing there watching/hearing SJ then she spoke something after a long while. Said something to mock him? SJ thought something to himself. After he left Rie looked like she was about to cry.

Mok Dan and KT met on bus ride. Mok Dan gave him something and then stopped the guy that followed KT by distracting him/talking to him. The guy looked mad that KT left with the bus and he couldn't go with KT.

Dong Jin All or Nothing people were trying to cheer for unification? BM arrived at the scene.

Kangto (wearing BM clothes unmasked) giving DJ a letter by YB.

KT (BM uniform unmasked) talking to DJ about something important. Then

Scene with all the Kaka meeting people again and this time SJ was standing

to give ideas about something. Oh gosh, at this point I can't really tell

you what I am recapping since most of it I have no idea. Kaka, Taro, and

Mayarama guy were talking again with each other and SJ was just really

Kangto came to prison to talk to HH guy. KT and HH guy were saying

something and Kangto handed hot headed village guy something written in

it. KT gave the other guy one (Takaga guy, sorry probably spell his name

SJ saw what HH guy ate rice (look like good food) and took HH guy to a

proper room (sitting introgration room?). SJ was asking HH guy something

and HH guy said some stuffs about Lee Kang To. Anyway, I don't think HH

guy spill anything bad about KT.

Police station - everyone was there and Abe was saying something to

everyone. Koiso didn't look to happy with what Abe was saying, but KT

seemed to support Abe. Koiso seemed to pick on Abe as he was holding a

donation box? Maybe Abe was asking money for some cause? KT put some money

in Abe's donation box. When Sj approached, Abe ran to him and asked for

donation. Sj gave Abe some money as well. Okay, so SJ asked/called for

Takaga guy and asked about KT. Oh, no, it seems like Takaga guy was saying

something about KT & MD at bus staying and he lost them? Sj kicked Takaga

guy. Stormed out office and called for Koiso to do something. Koiso said

KT talked on the phone and SJ was seeing it.

Scene with SJ calling the other girl (remember she used to follow MD?)

He asked her things about MD. She probably didn't say anything?

OMG, he was so mean to her! He put her head in water to drown her? He

became angry and the girl seemed like she didn't say anything. Flashing

back to the scene with SJ was talking to MD in episode 23 about how he

would not let her go even if she die?

*gasps* SJ was holding a gun and asked the girl again and she wouldn't say

anything. Refering to some stuffs about Mok Dan. After holding gun, he

left. Koiso stayed behind seeing the girl crying. Koiso touched her ear.

Mok Dan passed out the "united" paper to the circus girls and talked about

YB.The circus man came and reported about KS? She was in her room crying

hard and Mok Dan came into the room.

Oh, this scene touched me so deeply. I am so glad that MD's word touched

Mok Dan and her had some conversation together. Maybe she was telling MD

that she got bullied by SJ? The scene ended there and MD walked into the

main entrance of the police station. Oh, goodness. I'm so moved by this

scene. I love the way MD walked in after she got off of the cart.

She came into the station and asked KT (he was shocked to see her) for

Shunji. KT took her to SJ's room. OMG.

KT left MD with SJ and left seeing them through the blinds. SJ approached

MD and said some stuffs. MD talked about her friend, then? She wanted to

get back at SJ for treating her badly? She was mad at him. She yelled at

him. He approached her and she backed off couple of steps. She told him to

close the blind and KT was seeing behind them with blind closing. He

wondered what's between them? LOL.

MD looked mad at SJ and he said some stuffs. Then MD was thinking about

her Young Master. Did SJ reveal that he knows KT is BM? Oh no. She left office and Kt looked at her. Sj looked from behind his blind how

Scene with SJ calling the other girl (remember she used to follow MD?)

He asked her things about MD. She probably didn't say anything?

OMG, he was so mean to her! He put her head in water to drown her? He

became angry and the girl seemed like she didn't say anything. Flashing

back to the scene with SJ was talking to MD in episode 23 about how he

would not let her go even if she die?

*gasps* SJ was holding a gun and asked the girl again and she wouldn't say

anything. Refering to some stuffs about Mok Dan. After holding gun, he

left. Koiso stayed behind seeing the girl crying. Koiso touched her ear.

Mok Dan passed out the "united" paper to the circus girls and talked about

YB.The circus man came and reported about KS? She was in her room crying

hard and Mok Dan came into the room.

Oh, this scene touched me so deeply. I am so glad that MD's word touched

Mok Dan and her had some conversation together. Maybe she was telling MD

that she got bullied by SJ? The scene ended there and MD walked into the

main entrance of the police station. Oh, goodness. I'm so moved by this

scene. I love the way MD walked in after she got off of the cart.

She came into the station and asked KT (he was shocked to see her) for

Shunji. KT took her to SJ's room. OMG.

KT left MD with SJ and left seeing them through the blinds. SJ approached

MD and said some stuffs. MD talked about her friend, then? She wanted to

get back at SJ for treating her badly? She was mad at him. She yelled at

him. He approached her and she backed off couple of steps. She told him to

close the blind and KT was seeing behind them with blind closing. He

wondered what's between them? LOL.

MD looked mad at SJ and he said some stuffs. Then MD was thinking about

her Young Master. Did SJ reveal that he knows KT is BM? Oh no. She left office and Kt looked at her. Sj looked from behind his blind how KT reacted.

Scene with Tasha and Count's son? He was drinking and she said some stuffs

to him. (I think I like this guy with Tasha, maybe Tasha can help redeem

him also, no? He likes her so much). He left the room and left some money after they talked.

Count and countess were talking to each other at their house. Count's son came into the house getting all drunk. (Oooh poor dude). Count & countess looked all happy lol. Okay, I give up on this couple, but they were so deep into something that they didn't even care about their son's drunkness lol.

Tasha called MD on the phone. MD called KT saying something happened. She said something about SJ and maybe told him what she talked to SJ about. KT said something to MD. MD was dropping paper to a guy who was sitting and eating out in the market at night.

Police station - SJ was still talking to HH guy.

Scene in police station where SJ was watching KT mopping the floor. SJ thought in his head and KT also watched his moves. KT thinking to himself once SJ went into this room.

Scene with Kishokai. A lot of guys around and they wore white kimonos.

Oh my, Count and son joined the K organization? What the heck. They keep growing! They listened to UH and had their cheers.

Scene where Sj was on the car...sorry i had to go for some break...

Then BM running towards the UH's location area? Remember the pond that KT & MD ran away from Rie & Jun?

In there Rie, Count, Countess, and son seem to be happy with UH and drinking wine. They got offered with money? Rie and Jun were there also. And then there was a letter from Count's son to him. Count read it. OMG, did he plan to kill himself. *SOBS* NO

Scene voice over with Count's son with his son on his head *sobs* poor guy. Count was crying. Oh my god...I am so sad................

Bm came into the room. And Jun was holding on to the sword and was protecting. Some FF people were fighting Jun and Rie. Oh my gosh...Bridal Mask has comrades to work with him...how awesome is that!!! WOOT WOOT!

Jun was fighting another FF guy and Rie was fighting FF girl lol. BM ran off with KP running off with him. Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

The ending was with BM & KP face to face with their weapons.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 24 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 24 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 24 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 24 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 23 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 23 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 23 Video Preview


Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 23 Recap by sunshine4ever@soompi

The beginning started with BM fighting the police and the Kinpei guy. Then coming to a scene where BM fainted. SJ came out and lifted up his mask (just so you know I was preparing something and let the fighting scenes happened cuz it's a recap...not sure if fighting scenes had anything special). I just like the way SJ was opening the mask, haha.

SJ looked angry at KT and there was a flashbacks of KT lying to him (I believe). There was a scene of KT telling SJ that he loved MD. Also the torturing scene where they used to do on KT because he was arrested for coming to MD rescue. Flashbacks of KT killing SJ's brother and KT holding a sword against SJ's dad. Oh goodness, SJ was crying while he was angry. (I feel sad for SJ). Then Kinpei came to the scene and looked angrily. KP wanted to kill Kangto. SJ told him to stop? Then SJ put back KT's mask. OMG! SJ did not want KP to kill KT. KT's mask was back.

Scene with Mok Dan right now very anxious with Leader Jo. She was picking up phone and wanted to call, but talked to Leader Jo. I think he reassured her that maybe things won't happen.

Rie came to see Mok Dan at the Inn. Rie was wearing a nice purple dress and Mok Dan was wearing black suit? They were talking in MD's room.

I have no idea, but I think Rie was telling MD that she loves Kangto. MD probably was thinking about KT & Rie's relationship because it showed her thinking in her head about Young Master.

Sorry not to sure, but MD is not too happy with what Rie said to her. Then MD kicked Rie out. lol. Oh no, MD doesn't seem too happy. Rie walked out of hotel nicely without rejecting.

Rie was in the car with Jun and the car drove off.

Scene between UH and SJ. SJ bowed to UH and said some stuffs. SJ told UH that Bridal Mask is Lee Kang To? UH said some stuffs and KP had dialogues as well. Maybe they're planning what to do with KT/BM and SJ probably wanted to have KT as a bait for DSR and other leaders? Flashback of the fake BM dying at DSR's execution. Also there was a flashback of the lady that died in prison saying good things about BM.

I think SJ probably said about how great BM is for other team members of Freedom Fighters so they should let him go right now to get the leaders. It is such a long scene and I'm sorry I can't give you anything. UH ended up laughing towards the end of the talk.

He said something to SJ and Sj got angry and hit him. Then SJ held up a gun and screamed at Count's son.

Scene with MD walking outside in the village area and SJ was behind seeing that she walked into an emergency house. (With the cross showing it seems to be a hospital).

It turned out one of the Freedom Fighter rescued KT. MD came into the room and asked what's wrong with him?

Freedom Fighter guy said some stuffs and left. MD caressed/held KT's hand. She looked like she was about to cry.

Freedom Fighter came out of the house and SJ followed the guy. It looked like FF knows that SJ was following him so he ran and dashed into a place.

Then it showed night club. Tasha was trying to help the other FF. Count's son came in to say good evening everybody.

SJ came in to the night club and asked for something. They took wine out for SJ. Count's son sat and talked to SJ.

SJ drank wine while count's son mockingly talked to SJ. Smiling and everything, but SJ was angry at his behavior. Count's son probably said something about SJ drinking?

SJ stormed out of the club and Count's son got freaked out.

Coming to scene with MD & KT.

KT woke up and asked MD why he ended up there after she caressed and took care of him. She said somethinig to her young Master and he called her Boon Yi. He remembered a flashback of KP going after him.

Then MD asked about RaRa. They had a conversation. Did she ask him about how he and RaRa. They smiled. I have no idea what they were saying because maybe he was saying stuffs about how they know each other? Maybe he was asking her if she was jealous? LOL. But he held her hand and they were just smiling.

Scene with Rie & UH...she was kneeling at the scene and UH asked about Sato Hiroshi. Maybe UH questioned her loyalty to him?

KP looked like he was about to do something to Rie with his sword. Jun's eyes twitched!

Kinpei ended up not doing anything to Rie

There was a scene with FF people going to see Dong Jin guy with the guy they saved.

Dong Jin was happy to see the guy. Dong Jin hugged FF guy in the scene..

In the scene they were hearing on the news in English about the Japanese war.

I think DJ was talking about meeting Yang Baek (YB).

Mayarama guy was yelling at SJ. Sj said sorry about the situation. I guess SJ wanted to keep things private and secret.

Oh, no, don't tell me that KT didn't know SJ actually knew the whole thing?

Back to scene...Mayarama guy beat SJ on the face? Then SJ said something about YB.

I think SJ was trying to convince Marayama guy about his plans? After that Marayama told him to leave.

SJ asked Koiso about Lee Kang To.

Then come a scene that KT came back to the station. He came into the station using main entrance.

Sj looked from behind his office through the blinds.

KT walked into the office. And it showed SJ thinking in his head.

KT knocked on SJ's door and entered.He bowed and sat down. KT said sorry. Then SJ was saying something.

SJ told KT to sit down and SJ looked very calm. Said something about Gasital. I guess KT said something about him disappearing to search for BM?

Then they said some stuffs and SJ & KT smiled together. No idea what they said.

Everyone gathered outside SJ's office (main office for police).

Marayama guy was telling all of the police station stuffs. After that he screamed.

Then Sj said some stuffs to Marayama that caused him to be angry and beat SJ up. Everyone else just stood and watched. Then M left and everyone bowed. KT approached SJ and offered his hand to lift SJ up. SJ looked sincere and so was KT.

There was a scene with M guy came to talk to Taro. M talked about Sato Hiroshi in it. M bowed and left, but Taro looked angry.

Sj's nanny came in to offer food to Taro. He didn't look too happy even when SJ's nanny was saying somethingn. Nanny was putting up some paper and Taro screamed/yelled at her. She quickly departed.

Scene with Exellency guy speaking to a whole gathering of other Japanese people in a meeting room.

They were discussing some stuffs that have Gasital mentioned in it.

Scene with Japanese officers/guys came into the Geisha's room? They were eating together and the count was there along with his wife, also M guy. Taro was also there.

The countess was talking about YB and M & Taro glared at her.

Scene with FF at the Tailor hideout. Leader Jo was sitting with YB and they were talking together. DSR was also there. YB probably talked about something important because they looked serious.

The scene at tailor ended with a very serious talk by YB.

Scene with KT & SJ. SJ was telling KT about his plans written on paper in front of KT. Gosh, this dude. So creepy. He's drawing MD in between all those people. DSR & YB & BM and MD in between all? Mentioning maybe getting MD?

I think he was trying to do something to MD to get the other three. KT looked intense in this scene listening to SJ. SJ mentioned MD several times in conversations. KT still taking in information. SJ came to pat KT on his shoulder. KT looked like he's worried.

I lost my connection a bit.

KT was on the phone with MD. MD was in the Inn. He probably warned her about SJ?

MD was on the phone and then SJ came into the room without knocking. (It's out in public?)

MD was walking into her room fuming and SJ came into the room and closed the door.

He didn't look too happy seeing her and she didn't look happy either.

He sat down across from her. There was a flashback with MD lying?

SJ and MD talking to each other. I think he probably confronted her? He walked around and approached her seat. Said some stuffs.

Scene with public bus. MD & KT met. They said some stuffs and smiled at each other. He said thank you to her. He held her hand? Sorry. My connection was not too good.

KT followed someone that followed him? (Sorry connection lost). KT got into the car and got driven to Tailor Shop.

There was a meet up with DJ, YB, DSR, and KT in it. YB looked so happy to see DJ. So was KT. DJ bowed and knelt down. YB hugged him.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 23 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 23 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 23 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 23 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 22 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 22 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 22 Video Preview


Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 22 Recap by updating...

Shunji corners Rie and asks her, “Ueno Rie, this is the last time I am asking you. Lee Kang To is Gaksital, isn’t he?” She defers and doesn’t answer, trying to get away and Shunji shouts at her, “How did you confirm it?” Kang To and Baek Gun sit together and Kang To tells the other man, “There is no way to find teacher Dong Jin!” That’s the guy mentioned in the pamphlets, I think! Shunji spies Kang To looking through records and whispers, “Lee Kang To… Dong Jin? The Dong Jin who wants to meet Yang Baek?“

Tomoe walks in on Madam Tasha and the husband sitting together- the husband from the new couple introduced today in episode 21. He seems drunk as he confronts the guy, “Who are you? What is the relationship between you two?” Awww, does someone have a crush on Tasha? The guy easily knocks Tomoe out with a single well placed hit.

Kang To faces someone and asks, “What did you say?” and mutters something about Dong Jin. Kang To and Dan sit together, holding hands and she promises to find out something while Kang To wonders it might be dangerous.

Dan and Sun Hwa head somewhere when Gye Soon follows them and Dan picks up on their trail, realizing Gye Soon is spying on them for Shunji. She tells Gye Soon to sober up-does she think Shunji is a good person? “Why don’t you realize that you will get in trouble too?” Gye Soon walks away begrudginlgy but her expression shows she is bothered by Dan’s words and the possible truth in them.

Meanwhile, Shunji goes to see Chairman Ueno. Ueno asks what he needs his help in.

Shunji: “Is it okay if I kill your daughter?” He is shown drinking in Angel Club and then going somewhere as the narration of what he says to Ueno continues, “I will need your help for that! For this, I will put my life on the line!“

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 22 Recap by Softy

Starts from gaksital listing Park’s crimes and how he came to make Park pay. Then he kills park

K changes and goes back to the station and S is sitting there waiting. S stands up and they face each other. S walks over and K speaks first. He says sorry when I go home I come in like this. did everyone go somewhere. S says they went on duty and asks for some ice coffee. K asks if he wants a lot of ice. S smiles and says yes.

S goes back into his office and says in his head-you think you can deceive me till the end. Just wait and see, I will take your mask off with my own hands. K knocks and comes in with his coffee. S invites him to sit. S asks for some help. With gaksital’s case. K asks what S is going to do. S says I am going to die cuz of what happened yesterday. I am afraid of another bombing. K says make lackey do it but S says don’t you want get your position back. Do you want any help. K says no just get lackey off my back. Lackey comes in and says park was attacked by gaksital. S tells him that K is going to be in charge of gaksital. lackey asks why

K goes out and gets a call from D. she tells him to go now to the tailor and there will be a guest he will be glad to meet. He says I will go now. K leaves and lackey calls the spy officer to follow K but S says no. it’s more important to catch K off his guard

K goes there and meets with DS. They go in together and the tailor is confused that DS took K inside. a woman welcomes K and says the teacher has been waiting. DS says the teacher wanted to meet K a lot.

When they go in Yang is writing something. the woman gets his attention. Yang stands and smiles at K. K introduces himself. Please accept my formal bow. Yang stops him and says what bow. He hugs K and says thank you.

Over tea and potatoes, Yang says it’s his mom’s potato so it will be delicious. The woman offers to peel it but Yang says I will do it. DS says how much Yang wanted to do this ever since he came to the capitol. He feeds K. K cries as he eats thinking of the last time his mom brought potatoes for snacks for his hyung and K. back when K was drying his hyung’s shoes under his arm pits. How they shoved potatoes into each other’s mouths. He keeps crying more so yang gives him water. K eats more and keeps crying.

Lee’s son is getting drunk. He makes the girl pour more beer. He pulls another girl onto his lap. He says call the madam. I grew up without my own father telling me to go away. Waiter says how many days have you been doing this. Lee’s son says are you looking down on me too. I am cowardly so what are you going to do. Waiter says is that anything to brag about. Our madam is with an important visitor. Lee’s son repeats important visitor

Madam is talking to the new guy about the reportersong that was caught yesterday. Lee jr goes in and asks if she has a new boyfriend. Is that why you reacted so strongly. He asks who the guy is. The guy knocks him out. the waiter comes in and the guy says see you again. Waiter says call me anytime you need my help. Take care of yourself. madam tells him to get rid of Lee jr

K tells Yang how they know that Yang is here. why did you come here facing such danger. Yang says I came to meet dong jin. The woman says yang didn’t want any more young people to die so Yang came himself. Yang says I have to find dong jin and combine his strength and mine and do something together

The other guy comes in and says dong jin didn’t get the letter that yang wanted to meet cuz that songwas captured

The spy officer is whipping the reporter guy and S says stop. S says to him to talk. The reporter talks back. S brings up the flags he passed out. S makes the officer take the reporter’s clothes off. So the reporter is in his underwear. The officer finds a note in the lining of his clothes. S reads the letter. The grandpa is coming …that letter the madam read. S guesses the grandpa is yang and Jin ajussi is dong jin. S laughs cuz he broke the code.

Taro repeats yang wants to meet dong jin – to do what. Yoshi and taro talk about yang and dong jin. Taro tells S find either yang or dong jin – no matter what you have to stop them from meeting. S says ok

K says he will try to talk to song the reporter. DS asks if he can cuz song thinks K is the enemy. Yang gives him a note to show song. that way song will know K is with yang. But if song remembers yang’s handwriting. The woman says how yang’s handwriting has changed cuz he got shot so his right hand shakes. K promise to find out

K goes to meet song to investigate but S calls him. K comes up with a connection to gaksital –how song could know him. S thinks in his head K is making up a story to meet song. S watches as K goes to the file room and read a file- it’s info about their suspects with photo. He looked up dong jin

S goes inside and looks at what K looked up. he says in his head how K looked up dong jin’s file. is K really on the same side as yang. Is he really gaksital.

Park junior asks for UH to catch his father’s killer. H says sorry I didn’t know gaksital would kill park. UH warns if another kishokai member dies then H has to die. UH promises park jr to avenge his father’s death. UH tells H to do better.

K walks by the interrogation room and no one is around. He goes downstairs. Song is missing.

S goes to meet H and tells Jun to get out of the way. S says to H: I am going to ask you for the last time. you know I can meet your dad behind this room. You know he wont be lenient on his daughter right. You know K is gaksital right. She says he lost his reason cuz he is crazed over a girl. she says how gaksital got hurt during the fight so I confirmed it and checked and K didn’t have any injury and it was clean. S doesn’t believe it. she says you think I am lying. He yells again how did you confirm it. she says ask masako (that gisang)

S goes and asks her if H and K met. She says how they drank not too long ago and K got drunk so H asked her to take care of him.

S goes and gets drunk and remembers H saying he is crazy over a girl and lost his sense of reason

K tells baek how dong jin doesn’t have family cuz they were blown up. yesterday there was a Korean flag incident. Baek thinks that may be a way to meet dong jin. K says yang has to meet dong jin to do something so I have to do my best to make them meet

Lee and his wife meet with taro. (I got distracted and forgot to listen cuz lee’s wife is the same actress from AGD and I just now realized that.)

S tells lackey to call that circus girl (spy girl)

Spy girl is about to leave but she sees K coming so she hides

D, sunwha, and the man are doing laundry and sunwha talks about how they waved the Korean flag and how good it made her feel inside. D asks to see the flag again. Sunwha takes it out and shows her. D wonders how they made this. sunwha says dong jin organization made it. K comes in so the man hides the flag. K asks to see D. sunwha worries K saw the flag. D says don’t worry.

D and K meet in the room. They sit and he says what to do. I want to listen to yang’s request but there isnt a way to find out. she asks what yang asked. K says how yang and dong jin need to meet and do something. she says how she met a man with dong jin’s group so if they meet that man maybe we can meet dong jin. K says you should meet him and try to find out. wont it be dangerous. She says what K is doing is way more important

S meets with the spy girl. He says spy well who D is meeting. She says D stays at the motel and K visits often. S: often? In his head he says K is going to D to find out info. S pays her more and says starting from now be D’s shallow and write down where she goes and when she meets K.

S puts his kishokai ring on

D and sunwha go to the market to look for Kim. Spy girl follows them. D asks if sunwha can remember that guy’s face. Sunwha says yes. They wonder how to find him. D spots the spy girl so D tells sunwah to wait here – I am going to meet a friend. D goes after the spy girl. Spy runs off. D catches her and asks why did you run away. The girl denies running. D warns her how S could turn on her. is money more important than your life. she says what could have happened with the circus girls without gaksital’s help. Spy girls says I will take care of myself so you don’t worry about it

Kim finds sunwha and asks what her name is cuz I was curious. Sunwha calls for D. D says it’s good to meet you. are you from dong jin’s group. Kim says yes you are DS’s daughter aren’t you. he says don’t you remember me last time. she says yes.

D calls K and says sunwah found the guy in dong jin’s group. K says you did well. Where are those friends now. K hangs up

Leader jo cant believe K is helping them. D says if S bothers Jo then K wont leave that alone. Jo says we have a good back support.

S goes to meet UH. He kneels in front of him and asks is it ok if I kill your daughter. UR knows who gaksital is and wont reveal him. UH says I told you to catch Yang. S says we can catch gaksital and yang together if we catch him. S says this is the chance to catch them

The new guy offers to go cuz dong jin knows his face. K says I will go and make sure it’s safe. Yang says he wont know you but K sayshe will know gaksital.

Gaksital rides through the woods and Kim waits for him. D told him that he will meet the person who needs to meet dong jin. Gaksital rides up. kim asks are you the one who needs to meet dong jin. He hugs gakistal and says do you know how much I like you. thank you. gaksital says what about dong jin

There are men in black doing fight training. Kim rides up with gaksital. he gives dong jin the letter. Dong jin says he is going to help song escape but gaksital says I will help song escape. You have something to do with yang. Leave it up to me. They shake hands on it

*dong jin is played by that actor from baker king so he is good friends with joowon

K passes out papers for the meeting and abe thanks him. S coughs and acts like he has a cold. S asks if lackey brought song back. Lackey says yes we brought him back. S tells him to transfer song. S acts sick and calls off the meeting and says he is going to see yoshi.

S asks yoshi to empty out. he asks if S found out anything. S says if my plans work I can capture yang. Yoshi asks are you not going to tell me your plan. You better succeed.

K calls the new guy and about song being moved. S comes downstairs and tells K I am going home early to rest so see you tm. He pretends to cough some more.

Lackey takes song and some officers onto a truck.

Gaksital stands in the road and blocks their path. He knocks out the driver and hits the lackey before he can shoot. The new guy jumps down and fights off the officers on the truck. He shoots the spy officer and frees song. gaksital fights off the last officer as the new guy takes song away. But then UH’s guard shows up and cuts gaksital. Gaksital is getting beat up pretty badly by this old bald guy. Gaksital finally limps away, but it’s like UH’s guy let him go.

Gaksital is bleeding and staggering down the empty street alley. He drops his flute and passes out. S walks over in a black suit. He looks at gaksital on the ground. S bends down and removes the mask and looks at his friend’s face.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 22 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 22 Screenshot Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 22 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 22 Screenshot Recap TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 21 Recap Screenshot

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 21 Recap Screenshot

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 21 by Dramabeans

Truckloads of young girls are delivered to Rie, to be shipped off as comfort women to the imperial army. The only ones who know where they’re headed are the circus girls, and once Gaksital makes his blessed appearance to stop things, they urge the other girls to run.

Gaksital takes on the traffickers like some kind of angel of wrath, which is SO satisfying. This single intervention is like all of his previous punishments added up together, multiplied by a factor of ten or a hundred. This is hardly the only atrocity committed during the occupation, but there’s something about comfort women that touches a live nerve.

Rie fires a shot that deliberately goes wide. She approaches till the gun barrel is nearly touching him, her face contorting in conflict. Such awesome turmoil.

They have another of those psychic exchanges as Kang-to thinks, “You know who I am, don’t you?” She laments, “Why does it have to be you? Why?!”

She can’t shoot him, though, and lowers her gun. But hearing Sun-hwa urging the girls to run away, Rie lifts her gun in their direction—I don’t doubt that her mercy doesn’t extend that far.

Kang-to jerks her off-balance, knocks her out, and pulls her close in one smooth maneuver. So cool. What makes the moment, though, is really the charged emotion in the exchange; Kang-to may not love Lala, but he doesn’t like having to hurt her, either.

Farther ahead, the traffickers await the others and worry at their non-arrival. They decide to send their one truck ahead, which happens to carry Nanny’s granddaughter Soon-yi, who’s none the wiser. So terrible, the look of hope and promise on her face as she’s sent to hell.

Shunji, injured arm healed now, gets word that Gaksital has interfered with Operation: Comfort Women. The police force faces an angry Chief Murayama, most of them battered from the attack. Kang-to is conspicuously uninjured, having been the only one not guarding the trucks, though he argues that he wasn’t informed of the mission—Koiso put him on cleaning duty.

Enter Koiso, who sees Kang-to being kicked around and shiftily lies—of course he didn’t order him to clean! How would he dare ignore the Chief’s orders?

Murayama calls Kang-to a liar and keeps kicking the stuffing out of him. Koiso smirks, the weasel. Murayama warns his men that if they fail to catch Gaksital one more time, they’ll all be stripped of their badges.

Koiso puts Kang-to on a coffee run, and Shunji carefully watches Kang-to’s reaction. Kang-to shoves aside his pain and slaps on an obedient smile: “Would you like it sweetened?” Interesting—if Shunji’s suspicious, just keep him off-guard and confused. Because Kang-to’s reaction definitely has him confused.

Back at the inn, the circus girls cry it out. Kye-soon has the gall to be annoyed: “Are you just going to keep wailling?” Boo, you suck. Mok Dan worries that the empire will continue their trafficking, though, having seen a news article about the army recruiting “cooks.”

The circus girls insist that they have to somehow alert the people—Gaksital saved them, so they have to save others. Aw, that’s sweet. The girls decide to start spreading rumors in the marketplace, and Mok Dan proposes drawing up flyers to distribute. Uh-oh. Why do I feel like that’s a terrible idea?

Rie fumes in her hotel room, smashing her mirror and cursing herself: “After all it took to get here, why couldn’t you shoot? WHY?”

She rips down Kang-to’s rose bouquet, which she’d sentimentally hung up to dry: “He doesn’t love you. Are you willing to die for a man like that? Do you want everything taken away from you?!” She yells at herself to get her act together.

Shunji invites Kang-to to sit for a friendly chat, asking how things are with Lala. How does he feel about the governor general being enamored with her, when she and Kang-to have such a “special” relationship?

Kang-to laughs. “Special? It’s not that kind of relationship.” That fires another suspicion, as Shunji wonders why he’d ask her to bring him into Kishokai if they’re not… special. Shunji reminds him that she’d asked him to remove Kang-to from her hotel door that last time, like a girlfriend in a lovers’ quarrel.

Kang-to tells Shunji he must not know Lala very well to think she could love a Joseon man. Not likely.

Shunji is summoned by Kishokai, and as he and Rie make their way to the inner room, he asks how she’d lost Gaksital after being so confident she’d catch him first. Shunji grabs Rie’s arm and asks her to come to the police station later—he needs her eyewitness account of her encounter with Gaksital. As a policeman.

Rie isn’t giving anything away but her guilty conscience makes her nervous, and therefore puts her on the defensive.

Chairman Ueno is not pleased with the operation. Four heads bow contritely—Rie, Shunji, Kimura, and Murayama—and Rie offers up the standard “I have failed, please kill me” regrets.

Kimura says that while the Jongro police failed their leg of the mission, other police stations succeeded in sending 2,000 girls. Ueno slams his hand down and orders 200,000 more. Damn. I know that history will corroborate this number, but it’s just… damn. A disgusting number.

Murayama starts to promise that he’ll catch Gaksital, but the chairman surprises all by saying, “Ueno Rie will catch Gaksital.” I love the round robin of shifty eyes that follow his declaration. Rie is startled, but promises to do as bidden.

Ueno’s scary samurai confirms that they received notice this morning from one of their operatives of an emergency situation. Hm, what can this be?

img title="" src="http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t413/javabeansdb/drama/2012/gaksital/gaksital2/gaksital21-00166.jpg" alt="" />

Mok Dan receives a letter from Damsari, which tells her of his plans to accompany her grandfather back to Kyungsung: “And be sure to tell your friend that I am bringing him.” Ah! Is this code?

Circus boss Jo asks if she’s ever heard of Teacher Yang Baek, and she answers of course—every Korean knows who that is. He’s a freedom fighter and a symbol to the Korean people, which I guess makes him Damsari times ten. Jo deduces that said grandfather is Yang Baek.

Kishokai comes to the same conclusion: Yang Baek was spotted near the border, when he’s supposed to be living in Shanghai. This is shocking news, and the man has an enormous bounty on his head (the equivalent of approximately $2 million in today’s world, we are told). Would he dare enter the country to certain death?

Ueno considers him a serious threat; although multiple assassins were sent to Shanghai to eliminate him, they failed every time. Rie sees this as their chance to nab him once and for all. Shunji counters that they have to be careful: He’s risking death to sneak back to Korea, which means something big is being planned.

Ueno tells Shunji to find out what that is, then kill him. Cut down the man, cut down the people’s fighting spirit.

Angel Club’s madam Tasha receives another letter, and it instructs her to a certain Mr. Jin who lives nearby. Tamao snatches the letter out of her hand like a taunting schoolboy and starts to read—and gets a slap to the face for it. He’s stunned at her severity, and damn. That stare she shoots him could peel paint.

Sure he’s the son of sellouts, but I feel for him, wanting to break out of his bubble of security but not sure how to do it. I only hope he manages to find a way, and find himself in the process.

Those instructions take Tasha to a tailor’s shop, which serves as a secret base for independence fighters. She is shown to the back room where posters of Korean flags are being drawn up, and presents Damsari’s letter to her contact, Reporter Song.

Shunji briefs the upper brass on Yang Baek’s history. He was officially stationed in Shanghai as a state official, but once the empire went to war against China, there have been many Korean-born officials who have changed position and become nationalists, using their uniforms as their covers. This sounds familiar. Shunji, why haven’t you caught Kang-to yet again?

Some years ago, Yang Baek formed a “violent terrorist group”—interesting how a shift in context changes the meaning of a thing—and the slideshow cycles through various faces as Shunji ticks off the terrorist acts each man led. Damsari is among them.

General Wada sputters—what can he mean by returning to Korea? Shunji replies that this must mean he has a plan he’s willing to sacrifice himself to carry out, something he values greater than his life.

(By the way, the presentation’s projector gives us an excuse to shoot this scene with some seriously gorgeous lighting. Swoon.)

Back to Mok Dan. Jo wonders about the so-called “friend” in the letter. She assures him not to worry, because he’s someone who has helped them.

She calls Kang-to’s line at the station, but Koiso gets to it before Kang-to can. Mok Dan hangs up without a word, but that’s enough to alert him and he heads out for the inn. But as he’s leaving, Katsuyama pulls up and summons him to see Lala.

Kang-to arrives at the hotel, and they stand for a long moment in silence, thinking back to their meeting in the forest. She cuts to the chase, asking for his motivation in wooing her with flowers for entrance into Kishokai—was it to take down the organization? Does he see them as so easily defeated?

Calling him foolish, she reminds him that he lost his family to Koreans, just like she did. “So why? Why would you do that for those things? Does that make sense? How could you do that? I don’t want to kill you by my hand. I don’t know what drove you to make that foolish choice, but quit right now. If you stop, I’ll take your secret to my grave.”

Kang-to: “Even if I die, I can’t quit.”

She cries. “Are you stupid? You’re willing to die? You said that if the same situation arose you’d save me again, just like you did five years ago. Even though you knew I’d tried to save the woman you love, you didn’t kill me. That means I’m in your heart, even if just a little bit— doesn’t it?”

Kang-to tells her that she weighs on his mind: “Because it seemed like you saw me, who’d chased so desperately after success and power, you always weigh on my mind. Whether you’re doing this because it’s what you truly want, or perhaps it’s what your adoptive father wants, and you’re living as his puppet on a string—think it over carefully. I believe you’ll choose the right path someday.”

As if she’s not already on the brink, his words bring her to tears. But as he turns to leave, she orders him to stay put, because the minute he steps outside he’s a dead man.

At the inn, Mok Dan finishes up handwriting a stack of flyers warning the Joseon people not to fall for the false promises to serve the army. She can’t distribute them because the authorities know who she is, but Sun-hwa and even cowardly Shin Nan-da head out together… just as Shunji arrives. They freeze up guiltily, but Mok Dan urges them out before they’re stopped.

She reluctantly serves Shunji tea, and he asks after her father—did she receive word from him? Mok Dan realizes he must know something but plays ignorant, replying that his line of questioning must mean her father is safe.

He’s not fooled. He tells her she’ll be seeing her father soon and asks, “When they arrive, will Gaksital be meeting Yang Baek?” He asks what will happen once those two join forces, asking with a creepy smile, “Aren’t you curious to know?”

Kang-to arrives outside her door and overhears the conversation just in time to refrain from barging in. She orders him to leave, and Shunji bursts out, “Are you still angry at me? Well, I’m angry at you too! You said you were mistaken, that you just thought he was your young master. That means you and Gaksital are strangers—but why are you trying to protect him? Ah, because he’s Joseon’s hero? That’s the only reason?”

Mok Dan fires back, “Yeah. He may have nothing to do with me, but he has risked his life twice to save my father. While the one I believed to be my friend toyed with my father’s life.”

He plays the “I had no choice” card, which doesn’t work with her. Oh, and there’s another crime to add to the list: “Did you think I wouldn’t know about the woman who loved the motherless me like a daughter and took me into her family registry, Dong-nyun ajumma—and how she died?”

Oh, snap. Shunji is stunned speechless, and leaves in agitation.

Kang-to waits until he’s gone, then joins Mok Dan, who rushes at him in a hug. Aw. There’s just something about that moment that I love, the unconditional welcome she gives him. He worries over her injuries, but she just thanks him because all of their circus members escaped the traffickers.

He tells her he doesn’t know what to do about the women who will keep getting dragged off in the future. She tells him he’s no longer alone, and of Damsari’s plans to bring Yang Baek here. It’s both hopeful and worrisome news, because Shunji’s also in on the news and security will be on high alert.

Kang-to takes her hands in his, and assures her, “Don’t worry. I’ll do everything I can and help the two of them.”

Shunji leaves reeling from Mok Dan’s accusations. Ah, he hadn’t known of her close relationship with Dong-nyun, and tells himself, “If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have killed her.” Aw, so generous, this one. Maybe Mok Dan should just go around proclaiming intimate ties to everyone in the city to spare their lives.

And then… he looks up and sees Kang-to leaving the inn. Eep! So careful going in, Kang-to-ya, yet so careless leaving?

Shunji thinks back to Kang-to’s admission that he’s over Mok Dan now, and fumes.

Katsuyama asks Rie, “Do you know who Gaksital is?” Uh-oh, is he in on the secret? But no, he continues, “You don’t even know that, so how can you kill him?”

Rie tells him she’ll take care of it. He cautions her that she won’t be able to stall on the chairman’s order. She shouts at him to leave.

Shunji arrives unannounced and asks for the details on how she let Gaksital slip away. She tells him he ought to know, having been in that situation several times (HA), but he wants a play-by-play.

He points out the flaw in her story that she arrived after he’d freed everyone and escaped, because then she should have returned to the rendezvous point. She’s hiding something. Didn’t she vow to capture Gaksital? Why so slow to take action?

He says he’s still suspicious that Kang-to may be Gaksital. She fires back, “Then run back to the station. And shoot him.”

Shunji says he’s not out to catch policeman Kang-to; he needs to catch Kang-to in Gaksital’s guise. “I hope you’re not lying to me.”

Phew, I just love their antagonistic chemistry. It crackles.

Governor Wada presides over another flattery-filled dinner with the upper crust, namely the count, countess, and the school-establishing parliamentarian. Kimura sits sulking in his seat, and Governor Wada urges him to cheer up about this whole Yang Baek business, since he’s just going to die anyway.

But mention of that name provides a jolt of alarm to the count and countess. Suddenly quaking in their boots, they fear for the safety of themselves and their ilk; just the mention of his return could stir the Joseon people into a rebellious furor.

Kimura assures them that the issue is under control.

That night, Reporter Song rides a trolley bus through town, and exchanges nods with Village Hothead, who surely merits a name by now. Hothead exits at the next stop, taking a package from Reporter Song.

In the marketplace, furtive citizens are already at work, passing folded papers along and urging the recipients to wait till they’re home to open them. There’s a parade tomorrow in honor of an athlete, and they’re passing out the Korean flags that were made in the tailor’s backroom.

Meanwhile, the circus girls are busy at work handing out more information, this time warning of the comfort women scheme. The two parties meet when Hothead hands Sun-hwa a flag and offers to finish passing out her flyers, identifying himself as a member of the Dong-jin Association.

The next day, newly crowned world champion athlete is paraded through town—he’s a Korean boxer but his victory has been claimed by the Japanese as their own (as happened to many athletes during Occupation years, who found even their Olympic medals claimed by the empire). He doesn’t appear to be enjoying his moment of glory as citizens cheer him on waving Japanese flags. Village Hothead leads his men in a cry, and together the people bust out their homemade Korean flags and cry out in hurrah for Joseon.

At this display of solidarity, the boxer rips off the Japanese flag he’s been made to wear on his chest and shouts, “Manseh!” Oof, it’s a powerful moment, watching the boxer moved to tears to be cheered on by his people. It’s bound to earn everyone heaps of pain for the defiance, but all the moving for it.

Reporter Song makes sure to photograph the scene, which shows up in the newspaper. Kimura is not pleased, and he orders Murayama to have the boxer brought in. Oh no! And all he did was win his match.

Shunji has already been put on the job. Kimura orders him not to go easy on the world champ for the crime of ripping off his Japanese flag. They have no need of athletes who have no Japanese pride.

Shunji agrees that this won’t be taken lightly, especially after learning that the newspaper sponsoring the boxer is the Joseon Joongang Ilbo. That means it was premeditated, and that couldn’t have happened without secret meetings between the citizens. Kimura gives the order to have the newspapermen dragged in as well.

Reporter Song is among them. Shunji reports to his father after questioning them, having been able to glean that their leader is someone named Dong-jin. Kimura recognizes that name as one on a government blacklist, but he disappeared three months ago and is currently MIA.

But newspaperman Park—the president of a different publication, the Kyungsung Ilbo—assures him not to worry. He’s got a way to ferret out the rat in hiding. The plan brings a smile to Kimura’s face.

This snazzily dressed pair arrive in Kyung-sung, and the woman darts a furtive look back, where a disguised Damsari is following. HA, so he just upgrades the ‘stache to a full beard? At least he changed something.

Damsari is the lowly servant who loads their luggage into their taxi, then continues on foot.

They arrive at the tailor’s, where General Wada is being helped into a suit. The tailor comrade recognizes his contacts and ushers them off for a supposed fitting.

In the backroom, decorated with independence banners, Mok Dan, circus boss Jo, and Tasha nervously wait. They greet the new arrivals, who call them “comrade” in turn. Last to join them are Damsari and his companion: Yang Baek.

They look upon Teacher Yang Baek with deference, and he embraces them warmly.

Kishokai is swift to go into damage control mode, and announcements are littered through town proclaiming that all the rumors about the imperial nurses is a misunderstanding. In fact, the venerable Teacher Dong-jin himself has proclaimed his support. Kang-to reads the sheet and crumples it up furiously.

Newspaperman Park crows over his clever ruse, and Kimura congratulates him—misusing his name will surely draw Dong-jin out of hiding.

A dagger flies by Park’s face and embeds in the wall. It bears the familiar tag: “Punishment for crimes.” Enter Gaksital, holding his cane of fury.

Park freezes and can only stutter into the phone, “G-g-gaksital!” Kimura alerts Shunji, whose first move is to check on Kang-to’s whereabouts. Absent.

Shunji orders Koiso to head to Kyungsung Ilbo, and smiles to himself. Uh-oh. This can’t be good.

Kang-to levels his iron flute at Park, charging him with his crimes: sullying the name of a freedom fighter, selling off his nation’s young girls, deceiving his countrymen: “I have come to punish you for your wickedness.”

Bam! He slams the flute into Park’s head, who falls down dead.

Kang-to hurries back to the station, looking around carefully as he makes his way back to his desk. Where Shunji sits, eyeing him expectantly. Ruh-roh.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 20 Live Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 20 Live Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 20 Video Preview


Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 20 Recap by Softy updating...

Happy birthday Softy (09-08)

K goes to see H but Jun opens the door. K asks if H is inside. he goes in and she asks what is going on. why does your face look like that. he says the new chief fired me. If it’s you- you can get taro to take back his order. H thinks in her head that taro wants to have a war with her. K says it was cuz I am Korean. She says don’t worry I asked you to become a kishokai member. K thinks in his head so that’s the name of the organization. He asks if he can get promotions as kishokai member. She assures him he can. He asks what the chairman is like. She says nice things about her dad. he asks when he can meet the chairman. She touches his shoulder and says soon. He thanks her.

K walks her out and she invites himto come and meet her at 7pm. Jun stares at them and forgets to close the door after her. K leans in and says see you later and smiles at her

S told taro how kenji killed K’s mother. Taro thinks K knows that and dressed as gaksital and killed kenji. S says K might not know that truth yet. So you have to stop him from getting fired. Taro gets a call for him and yoshi to go see UH.

Taro and yoshi go to see UH. UH says what’s going on. H says to taro as soon as you heard K was going to be kishokai member you fired him. Taro says how K might be gaksital. but H says it was already proven that K cant be gaksital. UH says since this happened let’s act like nothing happened about K becoming a member. UH gives them different orders to prepare something and H glares out of anger.

S and H meet. S says I wish you would stop dropping by suddenly. She says how she wanted K to become a member but now that her father changed his mind it wont happen like she wants. He asks why she wants K to become a member. She says it’s a waste to throw him away. He says it’s ok to throw him away even if it’s a waste. She says aren’t you his friend. You are not taking sides with your dad are you.S says I know new truth that K might be gaksital. she asks what that is. He says you don’t need to know. she says I want to kill gaksital as much as you so what happens if I catch him first

K is getting treatments for his arm from baek. Baek says quit being an officer but K reminds him how DS asked him to stay one. So I have to hang in there and stay one. We have to wait cuz H said she would help me become a member. Baek asks why go in there and K gives a reason like how he can get to the leader. He tells baek not to worry and leaves.

H remembers S saying he found out a new truth about K. She asks jun when you slashed gaksital’s arm where was it. he says which arm.

So H puts something in K’s drink and waits for him. She is going to drug him.K comes in. she says he hasnt been accepted as a member yet. K: it’s too bad. H: wait a little longer and I will convince the chairman. He asks if the chairman is the person who made her into a singer and raised her like a daughter. How did he become a kishokai. She asks are you curious about me or kishokai. Cuz in your heart there should only be D. when I was 9 I lost my parents and walked in with my own feet to become a giasang. I know you approached me to become a kishokai member but don’t lie that you are curious about me. K: I am a bad person for making you say those things. But when I saw you wear mourning clothes and crying I was really curious how you became Lala. If the same thing happened like 5 yrs ago I would save you again. Whether you are lala or a young gisaeng. She cries and says let’s make a toast. To you sato hiroshi. They drink. Suddenly his eyes close and he passes out. she goes over to him and says if you are gaksital you saw me trying to kill the woman you love. But you say you would save me again

like 5 yrs ago. why do I want to believe that obvious lie so much. she unbuttons his jacket and checks his right arm. There is a bandage. She is shocked. she covers up the wound and leaves quickly.

H goes out for air and tells herself: Come to your senses. You saw that K is gaksital. she calls out for Jun. she says call masoku (that gisaeng that K is friendly with).

Governor is meeting with yoshi and taro and them. this is the scene where governor asks them to gather people to become comfort women. yoshi says he will find pretty women

Some people go to the circus and leader jo asks who they are. They say didn’t you see the newspaper. We are getting a group together to go to china to become nurses. Spy girl talks about the high pay. The lady says how they will house them and pay for everything. The man asks can I go too but the lady says only women for nurses. Leader jo says there are no people here who want to go. The recruiter guy asks just for them to write down their names and they can get paid. The recruiters get pushed out and one of the girls pick up the article (one they sign their name it becomes binding and they have to go so that’s why they kept insisting on the girls just signing their names)

K wakes up and asks the girl masaku what happened. Where did lala go. She says as soon as K fell asleep lala left and told me to take care of you. he remembers making a toast and then passing out. K says in his head I only drank one shot. He grabs his jacket and leaves.

H hears from Jun that K followed her into the hotel and that K approached her. she says I know that too. K knocks outside and says you are inside right? Open the door lala. She ignores him. He keeps calling out her name so she calls S. she asks him to get rid of K. S asks are you saying K is at the hotel? I will go right away. She hangs up and stands. K: are you not inside. I have something to say so I came. Lala.

S drives up to the hotel as K comes out. S says I looked everywhere for you. K: you want me to go to work. S: yes you are late so let’s go

Leader jo and D think something is strange cuz they are giving so much money to young women cuz even men cant earn that much. D offers to look into it

K puts his uniform back on and Abe asks if he is feeling ok. Other officers give K funny looks. K gets a call. D says it’s me. She says some people came to look into recruiting girls to become nurses so are they reliable. He says I will look into it. where are you. she says with the circus. He promises to look into it and call her back

The officers stand at attention in front of yoshi again. Yoshi tells them how they have to help recruit and transport the girls (to become comfort women). the rebels cant know that we are helping the army. He gives the lackey a promotion. Then he looks at K and takes his stripe away and demotes him. After yoshi leaves others congratulate the lackey. S goes over to K and pats him on the shoulder.

They meet in his office and S tells K to sit. S says how his dad was opposed to firing K. be patient and I will make sure you get your position back. K thanks him. S tells K to stay at the place S gave him. There is a call and S says esther. So K stands to leave but S says wait to K. S: right now? I will go quickly. He hangs up and says D wants to see me so you drive

In the car K thinks in his head. You stopped me from being fired to keep me next to you. what do you know. S says in his head –just wait -I will reveal you are gaksital.

Circus girls meet with those people and sign their names in the book. (it’s like a contract so they have to go once they sign) S and K walk by them and K takes notice of the situation. Girl asks if they are going to be paid timely. Lady says yes –how good will it be cuz you will earn money and learn skills.

D complains how they have to perform to make money. leader jo asks how much longer do we need to be watched/guarded. What crime did we commit. D says how these people don’t have much so do you have to take the circus away from them too. So D orders the officers to back off and tells the people they wont be watched anymore. He asks to speak to D. D walks out to follow S and K whispers to her don’t let them go to become nurses cuz it’s dangerous. D: ok

D and S are on the road and K stands at a distance. S suddenly hugs D. S looks at K and says to D: I will trust you. I wont even guard you anymore but you have to give me your heart. she tries to pull away and says don’t do this. S: do you have anything you are hiding from me. If you are hiding something from me I will find out and crush it. he said that looking at K and let’s go of her. he calls out to K and says follow me.

K walks by D and hold hands for a second.

In the car, S says I will catch gaksital who killed my hyung but why are you not catching the culprit who killed your mother and hyung. I would. Didn’t you tell me that you couldn’t leave anyone alone who killed your family. But why aren’t you finding the culprit who killed your hyung and mother. K pulls the car over and grabs S out of the car and says you know don’t you. you know who killed my mother and hyung. Tell me. S: if I knew I would have told you- would I just be like standing here like this. sorry for bringing up something painful for you. he gets in the car and K thinks in his head. You found out your hyung killed my mother. Ok let’s see this through

H is massaging UH’s legs. He brings up K and how he is the Korean who rescued her 5yrs ago. she says I am not recommending him to become a member cuz of that father. He asks her to be in charge of the group of girls leaving the capitol so she says I will.

Lee and his wife are meeting with that elderly couple again. They are talking about education and how many to send to study. Lee says it’s better to send a lot. The woman says they will send the girls about to graduate. They make a toast. (this elderly couple do not realize they are sending away their students to become comfort women)

A young girl tells her grandmother (S’s nanny) how she will study to become a nurse and earn money. it’s in another country so it’s like studying abroad. I will study hard and become a doctor and take care of you and live a long time together. Taro arrives and grandma introduces her granddaughter. She says my granddaughter was chosen to be a nurse so will it be ok. He looks and sees she is pretty so he says don’t worry and send her. they thank taro

D tells the circus girls who signed up to go cuz they have to leave quickly. (D is taking them away so they wont have to go become comfort women) Leader jo tells them to be careful. Men show up and say you signed up to go become nurses. D says you deceived us so isnt this like kidnapping. The officers dressed in plain clothes drag the two girls out and one holds his gun at D so she cant move or leave the room

As the drag the girls away, D runs out and knocks them down. Leader jo tries to help and gets beaten. D gets kicked and beaten too by K’s spy guy. He says you would be dead if it wasn’t for S.

Grandmother sends her granddaughter away and gives her some money. the girl tells the grandma to keep it and buy something good to eat. She leaves. (and my heart is breaking)

Officers are dressed in plain clothes and they pick up the girls and take them away in a truck. The girl waves to her grandma. Grandma says go well and come back.

In the truck the circus girls and sunhwa are on it. H and Jun are waiting for the girls with that lady that recruited them. H tells the lady to confirm the names. Lady says how pretty the girls are. She calls out names. Suddenly gaksital runs out into the middle of the road in front of another truck full of girls. The lady and H and jun hear gunshots ring out. gaksital is fighting off the officers. The officers run away and K looks up at the truck full of girls.

Then in another part of the woods, Gaksital jumps in front of the truck with the circus girls and K fights the officer who used to spy on him. An officer tries to shoot gaksital but sunwha and them bite the officer’s arm. Sunwha says to other girls -we have to run away cuz it’s dangerous. Gaksital beats up the recruit guy and hopefully killed him. H aimed her gun and shot at gaksital but missed on purpose. He turns to look at H. she still has her gun aimed at him. H says in her head: please. Don’t make me regret saving you.

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