Idol Member's Rich Dads, Who's the Richest

Idol Member's Rich Dads, Who's the Richest

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Idol Member's Rich Dads, Who's the Richest? Idol Member's Rich Dads, Who's the Richest?The rich dads of idols, who is the richest of them all?

On July 18, ZE:A Hyungshik has been receiving much attention from MBC "Radio Star." On this day, Kwanghee said, "Hyukshik's father is on the Board of Directors for the Germany 'B' brand car company. I didn't say it until now because I thought it would become an issue, but if there are a lot of members in a group, there's always one member that's like this." The agency of ZE:A also revealed that Hyungshik is the son of a board of director for BMW Korea.

The agency said, "It is true that Hyungshik comes from a rich background, but he doesn't go around telling people. ZE:A members, including Hyungshik are earning a lot of money on their own, so he doesn't need extra to show off or anything like that."

Super Junior Siwon's father is also rich. His father is the CEO of Boryung Medience. In June, Siwon said on KBS 2TV "Win, Win," "It is true that my dad owns a company in Japan, but he doesn't have a personal helicopter," clearing up rumors.

A-PinkYookyung's father is also one of the 'rich idol dads'. He is the CEO of DSR Steel. She has shown her luxurious house from the reality program "A-Pink News Season 1."

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sooyoung's grandfather is also one of them. In 2009, Sooyoung was asked in a program, "Is it true that you have a living room that's big enough for all 9 members of Girls' Generation to play soccer?" in which she replied with, "I think such rumors were spread because my grandfather owns an architecture company."

She also said, "Behind one fence is my grandfather's house and my house, for a total of two houses. It is true we have a garden."