2AM’s Seulong apologizes for being handsome

2AM’s Seulong apologizes for being handsome

2AMs Seulong apologizes for being handsome?

2AMs Jinwoon shared a hilarious photo of fellow member Seulong.

On July 18th, Jinwoon simply tweeted: Kekekeke, and attached the photo above. Seulong is seen wearing a plain white t-shirt with big bold letters that read, Im sorry for being handsome!

However, it seems as though Seulong didnt realize he was being captured as he later tweeted in response, I was wondering what you were doing in front of me ㅡㅡ

Fans were given a good laugh and commented, 2AM is so cute, He is handsome, I wonder if he really wears that t-shirt when he goes out, and I love you Jinwoon and Seulong.

Source: Jinwoons Twitter