Why did B.A.P scrap their entire first mini album

Why did B.A.P scrap their entire first mini album

Why did B.A.P scrap their entire first mini album?

Group B.A.P recently scrapped all 50,000 copies of their first mini album No Mercy, which was going to be released on July 19.

The group released all five songs from the album and a music video on July 19. They were going to release the album both on and offline but they found some problems in the finished copies. As a result, they decided to scarp all the copies and make them again.

On July 19, the groups agency, TS Entertainment, said, We did our best to release the album on and offline on July 19 but the finished goods were not good enough to present. The impression of the album color was not quite what we wanted so we decided to scrap all the copies. Since the concept for the group is Pop-Boy, they will show various primary colors and we wanted those colors to be perfect.

The title song No Mercy, which was released on July 19, ranked tenth on Melons real time chart. It is an exciting hip hop song, with a rock riff combination. Bang Yong Guk and Zelo rapped for the song with an accent and Samulnori, a traditional Korean music performance, complemented the song.

Hong Won Gi, one of the top music video directors in Korea, who has worked with SNSD, Super Junior, and B2ST, created a masterpiece for B.A.P.

The group will appear on Mnets M Countdown, KBSs Music Bank, MBCs Music Core, and SBSs Inkigayo to perform their new song.

Source: TV Report