B2ST releases track list for new album

B2ST releases track list for new album

B2ST releases track list for new album

Group B2ST recently released a track list for their new album for people eagerly awaiting their return.

B2ST will return to performing in Korea in one year and two months with their fifth mini album. The new album includes six songs, which are totally different from their old songs.

Songwriter Sinsa-dong Tiger, who has written many hit songs for the group, Yong Jun Hyung, Rado, Choi Kyu Sung, and Good Night-Sleep Well worked on the new songs.

Yong participated on five of the six songs. He wrote the lyrics for Midnight, Its Not Me, and When I Miss You and he wrote the songs The Day You Rest and Dream Girls.

On July 19, a spokesperson for the group said, The new songs include funky melodies and powerful lyrics. The chaste songs will comfort your exhausted ears.

Charismatic B2ST will show off a new side of their personality through the new album.

The title song Beautiful Night is an electro-synth pop style song, which the group has never performed before. New songwriter team Good Night-Sleep Well wrote the song to give the group a new feel.

The group will release their new album on July 22.

Source: Starnews