Super Junior Donghae's Lead Role In Drama,

Super Junior Donghae's Lead Role In Drama, "It Was Burdensome But, Anything For Super Junior"

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Donghae drama lead roleThe July 18 broadcast of KBS"Star Life Theater" focused on Super Junior's daily life.

In this episode Donghae was seen reading over his script. He recently was casted as the main character of a drama.

Donghae shared, "Since I don't have a lot of experience in acting, there were some things that were difficult. If I don't take things seriously, all the time, something new could pop up." Sharing, "Acting is a constant assignment," he expressed his honest concern for acting.

In this drama, Donghae takes on the role of a patissier. He was seen brightening up the mood of the filming set with his friendly and affectionate mannerisms.

Donghae shared, "It is burdensome taking on the lead role of a drama but I hope that I can play a part in spreading the name of Super Junior even more." His love for Super Junior was clearly evident.

Photo Credit: KBS