After School Lizzy Had A Sensitive Side Like This? “This Is My Dim Look”

lizzy, afterschool, lizzy self-camera lizzy A new self-camera photo of Lizzy was revealed. On July 17, After School member Lizzy posted on her Twitter, "Trying to look hazy," along with the following photo

lizzy, afterschool, lizzy self-


A new self-camera photo of Lizzy was revealed.

On July 17, member Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “Trying to look hazy,” along with the following photo.

In the , Lizzy can be seen wearing a cute baseball jacket with her hair in a long ponytail. Her eyelashes are rolled up with mascara and she has faint blush on her cheeks with the blonde hair color adding to her overall look.

Lizzy normally shows her cheerful side with her Busan dialogue and her colorful personality, but in the picture she shows a rather serious and calm look.

Internet users who saw the photo commented, “So pretty,” “Lizzy is so lovable,” and “That’s the outfit they wore in Inkigayo.”

Photo Credit: Lizzy Twitter

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