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Secret Ji Eun, Reveals Her "Luxurious Body Line" In A Cute Photo With Zinger

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Secret Ji Eun, Reveals Her

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ji eunSecret Song Ji Eun revealed her luxurious body line in an ironically cute picture.

On July 18, Song Ji Eun posted on her Twitter, "Good night everyone~~~~ Off to dreamland^___^," along with a picture. In the photo, Song Ji Eun is making a cute and silly pose with her fellow member Zinger.

Zinger commented on the picture, "I have my rights to pictures that have me in it, why don't you get permission from me before putting it up?^________^+". To this, Song Ji Eun said, "I'm sorry ^____^;;", bringing laughter to their fans.

Interner users who saw this commented, "Both are so cute," "Where are you guys?," "Off to dreamland~," "Ji Eun is so cute," and "I miss Secret."

Photo Credit: Ji Eun Twitter

Photos 'The Handmaiden' Kim Min-hee, Ha Jeong-woo, Kim Tae-ri sing their own praises the actually mesmerizing chemistry

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The Vogue Korea pictorial published on Would possibly 23 is reallycrowd pleasingon the topic of the mesmerizing visuals and the refreshing chemistry by the 3 leads Kim Min-hee, Ha Jeong-woo, and Kim Tae-ri who met for the primary time for the movie.

The dainty costumes encouraged by 1930s styles coordinated in the recent styles creates the distinct vibe integrating the original hairstyles and the dreamy glanceat the actors' faces.

Vogue Korea June factormay be published with the 3otherduvet pages the usage of the Kim Min-hee and Ha Jeong-woo's duo image, Kim Min-hee and Ha Jeong-woo's person images.

SHINee’s Jonghyun Unearths His Mind About His Participants Throughout Solo Preparations

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SHINee’s Jonghyun Unearths His Mind About His Participants  Throughout Solo Preparations

SHINees Jonghyun Finds His Mind roughly His ParticipantsThroughout Solo Arrangements porshia Might 23, 2016 0 On May just 23, SHINees Jonghyun held a show off for his new album, She Is.

During the interview portion of the showcase, Jonghyun discusses the difficulties he experienced whilstmaking ready for his new performances. He says, Even ifI used to be practising, I ignored the members and trulyconsidered them a lot, revealing their close bond. During the preparation period, I felt how much the alternative members cover my vulnerableissuesbecause of their difficult work.

Fellow member and MC of the event, Minho, mischievously asks, Whos your favouritea choice of the SHINee members? Jonghyun pauses for a moment prior to answering, Its Minho, with a laugh.

Jeong Yoo-mi's boulevard summer style

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During the subsequent interview, Jeong Yoo-mi said, "Most of garments I most oftenrevel indressed income with beige and khaki numbers that willhave compatibility into any occasions. The most intense one will have to existmore than likely a leather jacket".

She also said, "I love to read fashion magazines and have a look at collections" and "I every so oftensought afterto aim cropped top. I suspect I have such so much of other styles I wished to try".

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Seong Yoo-ri, Kang Ji-hwan shed tears and solace each and every other

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She said, "What will have to I do to make you're feeling better. Glance at me" and "It's good enough to cry when things are difficult. I am not going to tease you. Cry if you need to have to". And then she wiped the tears rolling down on his face.

Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Eric and Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin get your center thumping, keeping hands and exhibiting intimate skinship

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Hae-yeong used to be curious how he loved the gift. Once he got here back from work, Do-gyeong told her, "It turned into good. Delicious" and Hae-yeong responded, "Of course, I made it".

At the moment, cherry blossom petals flew blown through the wind. Hae-yeong shouted, "Why is this so beautiful, darn it seriously". Do-gyeong asked her why she swore. Hae-yeong with tearful eyes said, "Because I am happy".

As Park Soo-gyeong (Ye Ji-won) inebriated showed up all of sudden. Do-gyeong and Hae-yeong hide themselves in to the dark alley nearby. The 2have become and sojust aboutevery other touching each one other's skin inevitably as they 2briefly shroud into the narrow space.

Spoiler 'Neighborhood Attorney Jo Deul-ho' Park Shin-yang throws exhilarating counter-punch to Kim Kap-soo and saves Park Sol-mi

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As Jang Hae-gyeong (Park Sol-mi) used to be arrested suddenly, Jo Deul-ho were given angry. Jo Deul-ho asked Sin Yeong-il why he arrested Jang Hae-gyeong. Sin Yeong-il stated that Jang Hae-gyeong had helped Chairman Jeong (Jeong Won-joong) with tax evasion and he discovered the evidences that Jang Hae-gyeong shaped a paper corporate to do so. Jo Deul-ho told Sin Yeong-il, "Let's have a tournament then".

Later, folks joined in the combat to turn out Jang Hae-gyeong turned into innocent. Lee Eun-jo (Kang So-ra) have become a defense lawyer for Jang Hae-gyeong. Jang Sin-woo (Kang Shin-il) made up our mindsto near Chairman Jeong's borrowed-name accounts.

Chairman Jeong depended on Sin Yeong-il and signed the documents to shut the borrowed-name accounts. However, Sin Yeong-il betrayed him. When Chairman Jeong learned this, he was stunned and fell down struck by capability of cerebral hemorrhage.

Yoo In Young Explains Why Kissing Lee Jin Wook Felt Awkward In “Goodbye, Mr. Black”

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Yoo In Young Explains Why Kissing Lee Jin Wook Felt Awkward In “Goodbye, Mr. Black”

Yoo In Young Explains Why Kissing Lee Jin Wook Felt Awkward In Goodbye, Mr. Blackehk38 Might 23, 2016 0 On May just 23, actress Yoo In Young sat down with TVReport to discussthese days wrapped-up drama Goodbye, Mr. Black.

She stocks that the romantic scenes with Lee Jin Wook were very awkward for her. Ive most effective acted with Lee Jin Wook in tvNs The 3 Musketeers and Goodbye, Mr. Black, yeta massive number offolks think we've got acted in combination a lot, she says.

Yoo In Young unearths that she have becomepals alongside Lee Jin Wook via Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jin Wooks close friend. I acted with Kim Ji Suk prior to then nosotroswere given close first. He would tell me about Lee Jin Wook here and there, but the primary time I if fact exist told met Lee Jin Wook was for The Three Musketeers, she says.

Updated forged for the impending Korean film "Glass Garden"

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Updated solid for the impending Korean film "Glass Garden" (2016)Directed through Shin Su-wonWith Moon Geun-young, Kim Tae-hoon, Seo Tae-hwa,...Crank in: 2016/05/27SynopsisMystery motion picture "Glass Garden" depicts astonishing occasions that take place to Jae-yeon (Moon Geun-young), a researcher in her doctorate program, who has been living fairly a secretive existencein comparison to others, after she encountered the irony of truth and then overlookedthe encompassing world. Jae-yeon's mysterious and astonishing tale is retold from the viewpoint by Ji-hoon, a novelist, who once went thru a controversy being accused of plagiarism and grew to become his back at theglobal afterwards.Release date in Korea : 2017

Kim Min Hee, Ha Jung Woo, And Kim Tae Ri Are Enthralling In New Trend Pictorial

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Kim Min Hee, Ha Jung Woo, And Kim Tae Ri Are Enthralling In New Trend Pictorial

Kim Min Hee, Ha Jung Woo, And Kim Tae Ri Are Captivating In New Style Pictorialehk38 Would possibly 23, 2016 0 The Handmaiden forgedindividuals Kim Min Hee, Ha Jung Woo, and Kim Tae Ri are mesmerizing in a new pictorial for Vogue Korea.

Vogue Korea released cuts from the spread on May just 23. The styling and temper of the photo shoot is a modernized interpretation of the cultured of The Handmaiden and the 1930s in which the movie is set.

Directed via Park Chan Wook (Oldboy), The Handmaiden is a romantic mysterybased totally loosely on Welsh novelist Sarah Waters’s “Fingersmith. It used to belately shown at the Cannes Film Festival and is slated to hit theaters starting June 1.

Watch: Topp Dogg Battles It Out In Epic Speed Dining Relay On “Topp Dogg: All-Kill”

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Watch: Topp Dogg Battles It Out In Epic Speed Dining Relay On “Topp Dogg: All-Kill”

Watch: Topp Dogg Battles It Out In Epic Speed Dining Relay On “Topp Dogg: All-Kill”ilmare42 Might 23, 2016 0 In the premiere episode of SoompiTV’s “Topp Dogg: All-Kill,” the participants of Topp Dogg put their speed eating abilities to the test!

For the group’s first challengeat the show, they’re divided into two groups for a hard “convenience shop relay.” One member of every team has to run to a within sight convenience store to clutch4pieces from a grocery list, and then every one of the remainder members in their team takes turns gobbling up an item of food or chugging down a drink as speedy equally possible. When they’re done with their item, they'vein an effort to convince every person they’ve performed eating or drinking by way of whistling!

Xero, Sangdo, Hojoon, A-Tom, and B-Joo make up the primary team, and Hansol, P-Goon, Nakta, Yano, and Janissi go next. The guys get cunning as they are trying to win, with A-Tom the usage of his teeth to fight the lid on the cup of ramyun and Hojoon desperately seeking to melt a frozen cast melon bar by dipping it in leftover ramyun soup.