KBS holds launching ceremony for "K-Wave" magazine

KBS holds launching ceremony for "K-Wave" magazine

KBS holds launching ceremony for K-Wave magazineKBS recently held a launching ceremony for its new magazine, "KBS KWave" (K-wave). The event was held on July 18th at 5PM (KST) in Seoul’s K Hall.

As many as 400 people were present at this ceremony including those from the culture, journalism, and entertainment professions, members of fan clubs, and numerous other officials.

Kim Sunghwan, president of KBS, stated, “K-Pop is headed by a wave of energetic people that attract many others from all over the world. The Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’ led to the Hallyu boom and ‘Music Bank’ has increased the size of the wave by three times."

“K-Wave will deliver the latest news for people worldwide. A monthly English publication will be released as well. With the spread of the Hallyu wave, the Korean language will become less of a barrier,” Kim Sunghwan added.

Additionally, it was revealed that, “KBS will be cooperating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade to create a global wave to heighten the image of the country.”

In a video message, the Ministry of Culture indicated, “The frenzy of Hallyu drama K-Pop has been extended over to products and culture. Now the Hallyu Wave widens South Korea’s cultural renaissance as well.”

Meanwhile, "K-Wave Sport"] will be starting with their first issue in July, and they are aiming for the magazine to be published bimonthly with English and digital versions later on.

Will you be reading "K-Wave"?

Source: XPorts News