CNBLUE to tour Japan in October

CNBLUE to tour Japan in October

CNBLUE to tour Japan in OctoberWhile CN Blue's members have been working on their individual activities such as working on "A Gentleman's Dignity," they will soon get together again to bring fans more of their music.

CNBLUE is ready to release their "Come On" single in Japan, as well as pay the country a visit. These performances will run from October 2nd through October 21st.

Although the tour title has yet to be determined, the schedule is as follows:

October 2-3: Nagoya

October 7: Niigata

October 10-11: Osaka

October 13: Hiroshima

October 16: Shizuoka

October 20-21: Saitama

The prices for these tickets will be 7500 yen - this includes tax but shipping and ticketing fees must be paid separately.

Don't forget to support their August 1st release of "Come On."

Will you be attending these concerts?

Source: CN Blue Japan