TEEN TOP Eats Chicken on Chobok Eve, So Cute

TEEN TOP Teen Top chicken TEEN TOP reveals a photo of them celebrating Chobok.  On the 18th TEEN TOP tweeted, "Today is Chobok

TEEN TOP Eats Chicken on Chobok Eve, So Cute  Teen Top chicken

TEEN TOP reveals a photo of them celebrating Chobok. 

On the 18th TEEN TOP tweeted, “Today is Chobok. So, yesterday we ate chicken because it was Chobok Eve. Yum yum! It’s the start to the hot summer days. Eat a lot of good food and get through the heat. Go!” Their post was full of cuteness and care.

The photo that they upload was of the TEEN TOP members doing congregated around chicken. Members Ricky and Chunji are seen focused on the chicken, while L-Joy is seen with a mouth full of chicken. The photo was funny because all of the members seem to fixate only on the chicken, and not care about whoever may be watching.

Viewers commented, “Looks good. I should eat chicken for my health, too.” They also commented, “What mindful idols, eating chicken on Chobok Eve,” and, “Now that I’ve seen the Chobok photos, I look forward to seeing another for Joongbok.”



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