56296haha Finally Comes To A Decision Between Son Ye Jin And Yoona

HaHa Finally Makes A Decision Between Son Ye Jin And Girls' Generation(SNSD) Yoona

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HaHa Finally Makes A Decision Between Son Ye Jin And Girls' Generation(SNSD) Yoona hahaHaHafinally maked his decision as to who he should date through his online poll.

On July 18, HaHa posted a link to a poll and posted on his twitter "I'm seriously going crazy. Ye Jin! Let's date!"

On July 16, HaHa had posted the photo above on his Twitter page, happily wondering which one of the beauties he should date. The singer in humor asked internet users to help him choose since he could not make a decision between the two. As a result, an online pole was created where fans voted for either Son Ye Jin or Yoona.

As of July 18, 2,278 internet users (66%) out of 3,440 voted that HaHa should date Son Ye Jin over Girls' Generation Yoona.

Fans left comments like, "What's Son Ye Jin going to do about this," "HaHa must be so happy,""Are they dating now?," and "How does Son Ye Jin feel aboutthis?"

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HaHa finally comes to a decision between Son Ye Jin and YoonA

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HaHa finally comes to a decision between Son Ye Jin and YoonA

It looks like HaHa has finally made a decision between actress Son Ye Jin and Girls Generation‘s YoonA.

On July 16th, HaHa had happily posted the photo above on his Twitter page, blissfully contemplating who he should date between the two beauties. Unable to come to a decision, the singer hilariously asked netizens to help him choose, and a poll was held on portal site where fans cast their votes for either Son Ye Jin or YoonA.

HaHa who got a good laugh from the results shared the link to the poll on his Twitter July 18th and wrote, This is driving me crazy. Hey Ye Jin lets date!

As of July 18th, 2,278 netizens (66%) out of 3,440 felt that Son Ye Jin was a better match for HaHa over Girls Generations YoonA.

Fans who saw the results remarked, HaHa must be really excited, Are they dating now? How does Son Ye Jin feel about this? and more.

Do you agree with the results or do you see YoonA as a better match for him?

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Girls'Generation's Yoona Finally Graduates After 6 Years From Dongguk University

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Girls'Generation's Yoona Finally Graduates After 6 Years From Dongguk University

Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Yoona shared her thoughts on graduating after six years.

On February 24th, Yoona attended the graduation ceremony of Dongguk University. After enrolling in Dongguk University′s College of Arts in 2009, Yoona graduated after six years.

Through her agency, SM Entertainment, Yoona stated, "I′m saddened that I couldn′t spend a lot of time with my seniors, juniors and colleagues."

She added, "But I′m really happy to be attending the graduation ceremony."

With her model school life and vigorous activities outside of the university, Yoona was acknowledged as a figure that allowed the school to shine, enabling her to recieve the Achievement Award.

"I′m slightly embarrassed and thankful to even receive the Achievement Award," said Yoona. "I′ll continue to work hard in the future as well."

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA blow their own horns Their Aegyo

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA display Off Their Aegyo Girls’ Generation individuals Taeyeon and YoonA have proved once back their stunning appeal.

On November 21, leader Taeyeon uploaded an image on her private Instagram, writing, “It’s D-day, see you soon.” The caption refers to Girls’ Generation’s fourth solo concert in Korea happening today.

In the picture, YoonA and Taeyeon pose cutely for the camera, their bright smiles and mild attractiveness creating a excellent combination. also they are dressed for the Christmas season in bright red sweaters and skirts with green ribbon striking from the ceiling. Other Girls’ Generation members have also been uploading Christmas-themed posts in the days leading up to their concert.

Girls’ Generation will be performing their solo concert “Phantasia” from November 21 to 22 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Yoona Is A Cosmopolitan Beauty In New H:Connect Photos

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Yoona Is A Cosmopolitan Beauty In New H:Connect Photos

Girls" Generation"s Yoona was recently appointed as the new exclusive model for the SPA brand H:Connect. According to a representative, the beauty was chosen to star in the new Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook because of her "feminine, innocent charm" and "cosmopolitan image," which allow her to appeal to different age groups of consumers.

In the newly released lookbook photos, Yoona modeled all kinds of styles that ranged from modern ripped jeans to luxurious fur mufflers. Her pieces included fur-hood coats, fun print cardigans, fringe-trim capes, trapper hats, knee-high socks, and leather boots. However, her best accessory was undoubtedly a funky beret that she tipped to the side.

For one of her looks, Yoona coupled a striped top and short-shorts with the "Buffett Court" coat. The wool-blend item has notched lapels, clean-finished cuffs and flapped pockets. The piece features a duster silhouette and displays "modern yet chic sensibility." The coat can be yours HERE and can be seen below in the two available colors.

To check out the first batch of released lookbook pictures, click here!

In other fashion news, Yoona is also the face of Casio"s Baby-G watch collection and LOVCAT Bijoux luxury bag line. Her last magazine pictorial was in the November issue of Marie Claire.

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Yoona joins Hyeon Bin in film 'Cooperation'

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Yoona joins Hyeon Bin in film 'Cooperation'

Actress Hyeon Bin and Girls" Generation member Yoona will co-star in film "Cooperation".

According to an insider in motion picture industry on November 16th, Yoona has been showed to big name in "Cooperation" recently. Yoona will play Park Minyeong, who is a sister-in-law to the Korean detective in the movie. Here is her screen comeback in two years since her Chinese movie, "Goodbye Ani".

"Cooperation" already drew much attention when Hyeon Bin chose the movie as his screen comeback after his two year smash from films. "Cooperation" is a tale about an unofficial and primary cooperation in investigation between South Korea and North Korea. The movie is a blockbuster with its production budget of 10 billion won. Hyeon Bin plays Im Cheol-ryeong, a North Korean detective. he's expected to give prime point action acting and talks in North Korean accent. The filming is to get started out firstly of next year.

Meanwhile, Yoo Hae-jin has been contacted for the role as the brother-in-law for Yoona"s character, Park Minyeong. Yoo Hae-jin"s firm Sim Entertainment told television Report, ""Cooperation" is one of the crucial projects he is having a look into positively".

Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c...

KCON Finally Hits Home Turf On South Korea's Jeju Island

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In 2015, the world"s biggest Hallyu convention, KCON, expanded its realm beyond Los Angeles with satellite gatherings in New York, Japan, and now South Korea.

Held Nov. 6-7, KCON 2015 Jeju took place on South Korea"s largest island, was organized to give more exposure to fans about the Hallyu wave and allow Korean culture fans the fans a chance to be in the same place where some of the hallyu magic happens.

KCON set up in Jeju Stadium with a line-up that boasted appearances by artists who could appeal to a variety of ages.

By 5pm, fans were flocking into the stadium in high spirits dispite the looming threat of rain. Attendees were made more excited when it was revealed that the complimentary LED bracelets given to the crowd as they entered were actually part of an elaborate light show planned for the night.

Block B opened the stage with their powerful performance, showing off their hip-hop energy. Performing three songs which includes "Nalina" and "HER," they made the fans feel more pumped up for the show.

Up next was M.I.B"s Kangnam, who also pulled double duty as one of the MCs that night. Showing off his playful persona on the stage, he pulled the crowd into dancing along with his latest single "Chocolate" and also a cover of Psy"s "Gangnam Style."

After the loud and upbeat performances by Block B and Kangnam, it was a nice change to be swept over by Roy Kim"s mellow and soulful voice. Performing "Bom Bom Bom" and "Home" with his acoustic guitar, he definitely melted the hearts of the crowd members that night.

Teen Top picked the pace of the show up once again, showing off their sleek dance moves, performing "Rocking" and "Ah-Ah" while SPICA, being the only girl group to perform that night, mesmerized the crowd with their dance moves and vocal performing "You Don"t Love Me" and "Home."

Chen Zi Tong, the runner-up of the Chinese reality tv show, The Voice of China, was up next, showcasing her diversity in performing as she performed both a slow tempo song and an upbeat song that night. Although she needed a little bit of help translating on stage, she tried speaking a little bit of Korean when announcing the song that she was going to sing.

Shin Seung Hoon took to the stage next and this was the time for the older fans to rejoice as he performed his hit songs. He conquered the stage with his performance and stage presence, cementing the fact that age is just a number. It was apparent that the audience enjoyed his performances so much that they even got up and dance to one of the songs he performed.

Before long, it was time for the last act of the night. Judging from the sea of fans wearing orange raincoats in the stadium, it was clear that Shinhwa was the most anticipated act of the night and these guys definitely did not disappoint! Performing "Sniper," "This Love" and "Brand New," the group exuded stage presence like no other, showing that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. They even closed the event with a bang as there were fireworks show as they finished performing their set for the night. All in all, KCON Jeju was definitely a successful event as it had brought a lot of international fans into Korea to experience Hallyu wave for themselves.

Girls' Generations's Yoona casted in film 'Cooperation' along Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin

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Girls' Generations's Yoona casted in film 'Cooperation' along Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin

Girls" Generation"s Yoona might be making her large screen debut in upcoming film "Cooperation".

The motion picture is seemed as a blockbuster with a production payment worths 10 billion won, specializing in the joint investigation between North and South Korea.

Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin also are showed for this movie. Yoona is expounded to take the role of the more youthful sister-in-law of Yoo Hae Jin"s character.

"Cooperation" will start its filming in 2016.

YoonA can be making her Korean large screen debut?

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YoonA can be making her Korean large screen debut?

According to fresh reports, YoonA will be joining Hyun Bin in film "Cooperation"!

On November 16, SM Entertainment showed YoonA"s casting in the motion picture "Cooperation" as the more youthful sister of a Korean detective"s wife. Her call will be Park Min Young and this will likely mark her debut at the big screen in Korea. In the meantime, that very detective, her elder brother-in-law, may neatly be played by ability of Yoo Hae Jin. Hyun Bin is decided to play a North Korean detective named Lim Chul Ryung, marking this as his first big screen comeback in two years.

The movie, directed by Kim Sung Hoon, will start filming early 2016.

Yoona Joins Hyun Bin In His New Action Thriller

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Yoona Joins Hyun Bin In His New Action Thriller

Actress and Girls Generation member Im Yoona will join actor Hyun Bin in his new action film, tentatively titled "Cooperation." It"s a film about an unprecedented joint investigation conducted by both North and South Korean detectives. And due to its highly sensitive nature, the investigation is being conducted in secret.

Hyun Bin plays the North Korean detective Lim Chul Ryong and Yoona will play Park Min Young, the younger sister of the South Korean detective. Actor Yoo Hae Jin plays the South Korean detective. Yoona"s role has been described as a supporting role.

Yoona is best known for her roles in the dramas "Love Rain" with Jang Geun Suk and "The Prime Minister and I" with Lee Bum Soo. She appeared in the Chinese drama "Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long" and the Korean-Chinese film "Goodbye Ani." She also has a cameo role in the web drama "Because It"s The First Time."

Hyun Bin confirmed his role in September and has been training for the film"s intense action stunts since then. The action thriller will be his third project since returning from his two year mandatory military duty in December 2012. He played the fearful King Jeongjo in the film "Fatal Encounter" and a man with a split personality in the drama "Hyde, Jekyll and I." Hyun Bin is best known for his roles in the romantic dramas "Secret Garden" and "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon," as well as the films "Late Autumn" and "Come Rain, Come Shine."

Director Yoon Jae Kyoon and his company JK Film Production will produce the film with a budget of $8,500,000. The company produced two hit films, the 2009 disaster film "Haeundae" and the 2014 film "Ode To My Father." "Ode To My Father sold 14.2 million tickets. And he is no stranger to spy films, having produced the 2011 film "Sector 7."

Filming is set to begin early in 2016.