‘I Love Italy’ Super Junior Kibum “I Will Never Forget Geum Eun Dong”

tvN, I Love Italy, Kibum, Park Ye Jin, Super Junior tvN "I Love Italy" K-Pop idol group Super Junior member Kim Kibum expressed his thoughts regarding the ending of the tvN drama "I Love Italy

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tvN "I Love Italy"

K-Pop idol group Super Junior member Kim Kibum expressed his thoughts regarding the ending of the tvN “I Love Italy.”

The drama that kept its viewers on the edge of their seats aired its final episode on July 17. In the drama “I Love Italy” that resembled a fairy-tale, full of fantasy and science fiction, Kim Kibum took on his very first acting role as a main character named Geum Eun Dong. Geum Eun Dong was a character that put Kim Kibum’s skillful acting into the spotlight. The 18-episode drama contained a heart-wrenching storyline that provided the audience with the same amount of thrill as a movie would.

The last episode revealed whether Geum Eun Dong would go back to his old life as a 14-year-old or remain as the 25-year-old Hwang Min Soo. The only reason he would stay as Hwang Min Soo was Italy (Park Ye Jin), who became the love of his life. The episode also unveiled a shocking about the night of his transformation that shocked the viewers.

It turned out that the reason why Geum Eun Dong was transformed into a 25-year-old was because of the wish Italy made to the sundial. Viewers were deeply saddened when the last episode featured a scene where Geum Eun Dong and Italy stood in front of the sundial preparing to say goodbye. Geum Eun Dong gave Italy a ring that was made from his gold medal and cried together while saying goodbye.

Although everybody thought the drama would conclude with a sad ending when Geum Eun Dong returned to his 14-year-old self, the drama fast forwarded a couple of years and showed Geum Eun Dong getting his dream come true. At the Olympics, Geum Eun Dong is shown winning the gold medal and setting a new record. By coincidence, Geum Eun Dong and Italy meet at the and exchange loving glances with each other. The final episode ended with their hopeful smiles that foretold their happily ever after love story.

Kim Kibum commented, “It was such a valuable project for me because portraying a 14-year-old trapped in a 25-year-old’s is such a unique character. I think I was completely dedicated and fully became one with the character throughout the filming of the drama. I think Geum Eun Dong is a character that I will never forget.”

The number of comments from people in the online community expressing their love for the drama was explosive. Viewers responded with comments like, “My heart stopped when Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin meet at the airport at the end. It was so touching”, “The unexpected ending was very fresh”, “I’m sad ‘I Love Italy’ is over already” and “I cried and laughed with the characters of this fantasy fairy-tale. I’m going to remember this drama for a long time.”

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