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'I Love Italy' Super Junior Kibum "I Will Never Forget Geum Eun Dong"

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'I Love Italy' Super Junior Kibum

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tvN I Love ItalyK-Pop idol group Super JuniormemberKim Kibum expressed his thoughts regarding the ending of the tvN drama "I Love Italy."

The drama that kept its viewers on the edge of their seats aired its final episode on July 17. In the drama "I Love Italy" that resembled a fairy-tale, full of fantasy and science fiction, Kim Kibum took on his very first acting role as a main character named Geum Eun Dong. Geum Eun Dong was a character that put Kim Kibum's skillful acting into the spotlight. The 18-episode drama contained a heart-wrenching storyline that provided the audience with the same amount of thrill as a movie would.

The last episode revealed whether Geum Eun Dong would go back to his old life as a 14-year-old or remain as the 25-year-old Hwang Min Soo. The only reason he would stay as Hwang Min Soo was Italy (Park Ye Jin), who became the love of his life. The episode also unveiled a shocking secret about the night of his transformation that shocked the viewers.

It turned out that the reason why Geum Eun Dong was transformed into a 25-year-old was because of the wish Italy made to the sundial. Viewers were deeply saddened when the last episode featured a scene where Geum Eun Dong and Italy stood in front of the sundial preparing to say goodbye. Geum Eun Dong gave Italy a ring that was made from his gold medal and cried together while saying goodbye.

Although everybody thought the drama would conclude with a sad ending when Geum Eun Dong returned to his 14-year-old self, the drama fast forwarded a couple of years and showed Geum Eun Dong getting his dream come true. At the Olympics, Geum Eun Dong is shown winning the gold medal and setting a new record. By coincidence, Geum Eun Dong and Italy meet at the airport and exchange loving glances with each other. The final episode ended with their hopeful smiles that foretold their happily ever after love story.

Kim Kibum commented, "It was such a valuable project for me because portraying a 14-year-old trapped in a 25-year-old's body is such a unique character. I think I was completely dedicated and fully became one with the character throughout the filming of the drama. I think Geum Eun Dong is a character that I will never forget."

The number of comments from people in the online community expressing their love for the drama was explosive. Viewers responded with comments like, "My heart stopped when Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin meet at the airport at the end. It was so touching", "The unexpected ending was very fresh", "I'm sad 'I Love Italy' is over already" and "I cried and laughed with the characters of this fantasy fairy-tale. I'm going to remember this drama for a long time."

WINNER Gets Competitive With Every Other In Kids’ Athletic Competition

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WINNER Gets Competitive With Each and every Other In Kids’ Athletic Festival notclaira Might 27, 2016 0 Some behind-the-scenes cuts were released from Episode 6 of the JTBC typedisplay “Half-Moon Friends,” starring boy team WINNER.

In the Could 28 episode, the children of “Half-Moon Friends,” WINNER, and the kids’ oldsters head to the park to hang an athletic competition.

In the cuts, Nam Tae Hyun and Song Mino team up in a three-legged race whilst Lee Seung Hoon rides around in a toy automobileintended for the kids.

How Will Seol Ah And Soo Ah React When Seeing Little one Brother Daebak In Danger?

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How Will Seol Ah And Soo Ah React When Seeing Little one Brother Daebak In Danger?JiwonYu Would possibly 27, 2016 0 At the upcoming episode of The Return of Superman, Seol Ah and Soo Ah will display how neatlythey could also beready togive coverage to their baby brother Daebak from danger!

However, Seol Ah and Soo AhSoo Ah soon fall into deep idea when the fellowprovides them candy. They glancebackward and forward at Daebak and the candy, making Lee Dong Gook who is staring at from afar feel nervous.

To see if Seol Ah and Soo AhSoo Ah can combat the seduction of sweet and defend their brother, watch the following episode of The Return of Superman on May also 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Ko Kyung Pyo Taking into account Lead Role In Jo Jung Suk And Gong Hyo Jin’s New Drama

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Ko Kyung Pyo Taking into account Lead Role In Jo Jung Suk And Gong Hyo Jins New DramaJiwonYu Might 27, 2016 0 Actor Ko Kyung Pyo is also joining Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jins upcoming drama Incarnation of Envy.

The actors firmprinted on Could 28, Ko Kyung Pyo has been introduced a lead role in Incarnation of Envy and is in the procedure of having a look over it.

He has been bought to play the nature Ko Jung Won, a third-generation chaebol. If Ko Kyung Pyo comes to a decision to settle for the role, this might be his first time gambling a lead persona in a drama.

Tiffany Teases Cosplay Photographs For “SNL Korea” Appearance

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Tiffany Teases Cosplay Photographs For “SNL Korea” Appearancenotclaira Would possibly 27, 2016 0 Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is development up the hype for her appearance on “SNL Korea!”

On May just 26, the professional Facebook page for the tvN displaypublished pictures of Tiffany’s transformation. In one image she wears a bright red wig and in every other she is cosplaying as a male physician with outdated glasses and a mustache.

Tiffany might bewebhosting the prove for its May additionally 28 episode and should existperforming in the “911 Emergency Call” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” skits.

Akdong Musician’s Lee Chanhyuk Unearths How He Feels Being In comparison to Ryu Jun Yeol

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Akdong Musicians Lee Chanhyuk Finds How He Feels Being In comparison to Ryu Jun YeolJiwonYu Might 27, 2016 0 At thefresh broadcast of SBS PowerFMs Choi Hwa Jungs Vitality Time radio display on Could 27, Akdong Musicians Lee Chanhyuk mentions being compared to actor Ryu Jun Yeol.

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Endless Prime Notes And Last-Minute Votes Make a decision First Position On “Duet Song Festival”

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Endless Top Notes And Last-Minute Votes Make a decision First Position On “Duet Song Festival”notclaira Would possibly 27, 2016 0 At theMay just 27 episode of “Duet Song Festival,” B1A4’s Sandeul, Lee Suk Hoon, Lee Young Hyun, Min Kyung Hoon, Ra.D, and Youngster Tops Niel battled it out for the general crown.

Niel and his partner Kim Do Hyun covered the song “Tic Tac Toe” for the primaryfunctionality and earned 357 points. Buzzs Min Kyung Hoon and his spouse Lee Eun Bi followed it up with a canopy of Taeyeon’s “If” and won 409 points.

Sandeul and Cho Sun Young, who had prior to now won 3 times on the show, sang Loveholics’ “Butterfly” and showed off their amazing solidarity yet again. After making the audience, adding Lee Young Hyun, tear up, the pair took house 423 points.

The Fact About Seolhyun’s Frame In Bikini Advertisement Has Fanatics Angry

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172 / -7 Hahahahahaha That actress made it sound as if her body was in the entire commercial. She was simplest featured in the diving scene, when laying down in water and couple other scenes. She assists in keeping calling Seolhyun that lady and making amusing of her body excessively. And after feeling guilty, she close down her Facebook page.

YG Entertainment Receives Massive Investment From China

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YG Entertainment Receives Massive Investment From Chinanotclaira Might 27, 2016 0 On Could 27, YG Entertainment announced that it had gained a one hundred billion won (about $85 million) investment from Chinese net corporation Tencent and the cellular ticketing corporate Weiying.

The YG representative, Yang Min Suk, printed that he intends to satisfy alongside Suman Wang, the administrativein command of Tencent’s video, film, and drama department, and Weiying representative Ning Lin at the Seoul Hyatt Hotel on May additionally 31.

Tencent and Weiying are contributing $30 million and $55 million respectively and owning 4.5 per cent and 8.2 % of YG’s shares. They are the 3rd and fourth greatest shareholders at the back of LVMH Workforce and L Capital.

Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Madame Aema 2016'

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"Madame Aema 2016" (2016)Directed by ability of Kim Mi-yeon-IWith Ryoo Hyeon-ah, Shapely, Jeong Neom-chyeo, Choi Jeong,...Synopsis"Riding a horse sounds like riding a man!"The longest mythical series of Korean erotic movies, 'Madame Aema' is returning!Eun-hye, a web-toon writer, is operating on a new project. However, she gets bored with her repeated storyline and is stressed out out as a result of it. Yoo-ri, one of her friends, suggests she must come and discuss with an equestrian middle once.

Eun-hye accepts Yoo-ri's advice and studiesthe liberty she hasn't ever felt before. When she rides a horse thru blowing wind, she feels unfastened from all the bothersome mindadding the marital war alongside her husband and the drive derived from her new project.

Deep in the night, when even all of the horses are asleep, Eun-hye occurs to witness Yoo-ri and the pony keeper, Joong-man having sex. Eun-hye all of unexpected realizes a sultry preference is bobbing up from deep inside of her. Eun-hye later visits the equestrian center by myself and has an explosive sex with Joong-man. And the need hidden deep internal her is in the end awakened.Release date in Korea : 2016/05/26

Rain Surges In Reputation After Appearance On Chinese Edition Of “Running Man”

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Rain Surges In Reputation subsequently Appearance On Chinese Edition Of Running Guy soojji Might 27, 2016 0 Rain’s agency, Rain Company, reported on Could 28 that Rain’s “La Song” hit the number 1 spot on China’s QQ Track Chart.

This unexpected surge of popularity resulted from the singer’s guest appearance on Chinese version of “Running Man,” entitled Hurry Up, Brother, on May also 21. Via his appearance, Rain was once the maximum searched topic on Chinese portal sites and becomea success at topping QQ Music Chart.

“La Song” includes a catchy antique drum beat and metro brass line with an artistic arrangement that presentations off Rain’s vocal and rapping talents.