Super Junior Leeteuk,

Super Junior Leeteuk, "I Put My All In to Entertainment to Get Popular"

Super junior, Leeteuk

leeteuk entertainment popularSuper Junior Leeteuk shares about his thoughts on entertainment shows.

On the 18th on KBS2 "Star Life Theater," Leeteuk's active role in the world of entertainment shows was revealed.

Leeteuk confessed, "Since I started off in the beginning as a part of the project team, I put everything on the line whenever I would star on a show."

He continued, "'Star Golden Bell' was my first permanent show. I would think to myself, 'What funny thing should I prepare for next week?' I would think about it a lot. Because I threw myself out there so shamelessly, people would even tell me, 'Hey, you should stop that.'"

"Although I wanted to get popular, I also felt it was my duty to make sure my whole group gets popular," said Leeteuk. Through his words he was able to show off his reliable and responsible side as a leader.