B.A.P releases 1st mini-album, "No Mercy"

B.A.P has released their first mini-album, "No Mercy," since their debut in January this year. The mini-album was made available for purchase on July 19th online and offline

B.A.P releases 1st mini-album, "No Mercy"

B.A.P has released their first , “No Mercy,” since their in January this year. The mini-album was made available for purchase on July 19th online and offline.

The “Warrior” male group made their debut in January this year with their first single, “Warrior,” which was then followed by their 2nd single, “Power.” B.A.P has received much love since their debut due to their dynamic looks and performances.

The mini-album includes a total of 5 new tracks, including the pre-released single “Goodbye” and the title track “No Mercy.” have also affectionately referred to the group’s leader using the B.A.P’s name as “Bang Yongguk is Amazing Producer” due to his involvement in B.A.P releases. For this mini-album, Bang Yongguk takes part in writing the lyrics and composing several of the tracks.

You can purchase their new mini-album at Bugs, Olleh Music and Soribada.

01. Goodbye
Composed by Jeon Dawoon / Lyrics by Min Yeonjae, Bang Yongguk / Arranged by Ahn Sunghoon

02. No Mercy
Composed by MARCO, Jeon Dawoon / Lyrics by MARCO, Jeon Daewoo, Bang Yongguk / Arranged by MARCO, Jeon Dawoon

03. 음성메시지 (Voice Message)
Composed and Lyrics by MARCO, Bang Yongguk / Arranged by MARCO

04. Dancing In The Rain
Composed by Tarmo Keranen, Lee Bailey / Lyrics by Park Soosuk, Inwoo, Tarmo Keranen, Lee Bailey / Rap by Bang Yongguk

05. 마음이 시키는 일 (What My Heart Tells Me To Do)
Composed and Lyrics by Kim Kibum / Arranged by Park Soosuk, Inwoo / Rap by Bang Yongguk

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