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I Do, I Do: Episode 16 Synopsis Preview

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I Do, I Do: Episode 16 Synopsis Preview

I Do, I Do: Episode 14 video Preview updating...


I Do, I Do: Episode 16 Preview

JiAn reveals her and TaeKgn's relationship and people get shocked. JiAn is waiting to be assigned. Madam Jang puts emotional pressure to NaRi. TaeKang hands in his resignation. He suggests a partnership to JiAn.

NaRi announces something suprised in her inaugural ceremony...

tae gang is in ji an’s apartment protesting… talking about doing what she wants.. he hugs her.

dad is in the store room, looking through pictures of tae gang as a child. his dad wonders where he’s been.

he comes in with a box… “dad” he says. dad says, what? he tells dad, i love you dad. his dad wonder again.. and he picks up the album to hide behind it.

outside, we hear the clattering of pots and pans again as tae gang yells in pain… “dad!! daaaaaaaaad!!” chung baek tries to tells the customers not to worry… as they stop eating to listen…

dad asks why he did it (resigning and essentially not doing the internship)… he talks about wanting to be with them.. and about how he’ll miss ankle. his dad weakly says, i see.. fine then.. and he walks away and out of the storeroom.

tae gang opens up the box.. a care package.. and sees all the non-perishable goods.. he smiles. then he opens a small box inside.. the shoes are inside.. he remembers how she said that these were her first shoes she designed. her inspiration.

he gets a text from her to meet up.

he goes into the office lobby.. and finds her staring up. he stares up with her. she talks about mothering the company (i think)..

he takes the box out and holds it out, open.. he says, this here…

she tells him fine then.. but i think she says that they’re not getting married. she wonders what they should do then..

cue to the VERY END of the previous episode.. where they’re in the lobby with matching clothes.. having their pic taken by people. she nudges him for posing. but he coaxes her to pose herself as well. they decide to head in to work.

he holds a hand out. she takes it, and smiles. they walk to their team office.. holding hands and smiling.

at the team office, the minions are crowding his desk.. going, “is this for real?” he abruptly gets up to get them to quiet down.

ji an sits at a board meeting.. with na ri and the current president. she admits to the father of her baby. he questions her for her stance.. and i think she mentions that the president himself for practically forcing her to get married. na ri snorts as she snickers… they look at her and she stops.

ji an and na ri have a talk outside later..

as the latter walks away, she tells ji an.. “fighting!”

ji an, tae gang, and his dad eat lunch together with their matching office. [UPDATE +12HRS: Did I just say matching "OFFICE"? my brain said "outfits", my fingers typed "office"... =/] they’re a little low in spirits… everybody seems to be avoiding them..

but then bong soo comes and loudly proclaims that he’s sitting with them. seung mi and da in then sit next to ji an.. the minions come in.. and their smiles falter as they see where seung mi and da in are sitting.. but seung mi beckons them over.. and they sit down with smiles on their faces. ji an smiles.

the gossip gaggle (those guys always chatting in the common room) come by and acknowledge them… and everybody in the cafeteria starts clapping. tae gang stands up.. and starts thanking everybody.. she grabs his arm, asking him what he’s doing. his dad is embarrassed as well.

she’s sitting in front of a committee later.. and they ask her about tae gang. she talks about how he’s the father of her baby.. and about how they’d met because of a bike. tae gang comes up next, who talks about his bike XD… then na ri… and seung mi.. and bong soo.. and tae gang’s dad… until we’re rounded back to ji an. it seems to be an investigation to ji an’s character.

the committee person drops his pen in frustration.

later people mill about a form on the board.. and bong soo and dad see it… (is it a sign up sheet for jake han’s company? it has something to do with the company..) bong soo and dad look worried. (something to do with ji an?)

lady jang and na ri are meeting in her office.. where lady jang scolds her. then tells her about getting rid of ji an. she says, not yet. lady jang asks what she’s been doing. she meekly responds.

ji an comes out to the team meeting table..

the minions talk (but i missed it)… i think da in is asking her sung bae what they think is happening.. she looks upset.

seung mi is talking with ji an as she assigns some stuff. ji an talks about something about being a mother.. and i think an apology for seung mi. she tells seung mi to be a good designer.

later, she’s packing up.. and tae gang knocks. she softly says, “yeah?” he comes in with a smile.

she tells him that he’s been thankful for everything (the understanding?). for seung mi.. for his dad.. for him.

he takes her hand.. with his left. he brings his right out from behind.. and puts a ring on her palm. she sighs at first. but he tells her to consider. she doesn’t think his grandmother had intended this.

tae gang studies shoes from his dad at the store room.

then he studies shoes some more at the shoe store… taking notes.

he studies at her apartment, on a laptop. she comes up and hugs him from behind. he pulls her over and sits her on his lap…

tae gang is at the hospital later.. and he’s passing out surveys. dr. yang and eun seong come out.. and they wonder what’s going on. isn’t that ankle’s dad? eun seong draws him away/drags him. XD; he calls back to the patients to fill them out.

ji an is watching mbc with the commercials on the olympics.. XD; she flips the channels.. it’s one of those lazy days as she lays on her couch..

she’s on video chat with jun hui as jun hui eats..

she gets somebody at her door.. and she gets ccalled to the company president inauguration.

na ri is standing in front of a press conference.. reading something out loud. she sees ji an come in, and puts the thing she’s reading down. i think she says she’s not signing it. it sounds like she’s questioning the bureaucracy.. and lady jang.. in front of everybody.. and then recommends ji an, who’s going to be a single mom to take the helm. lady jang, in her throne, is thrown for a loop.. as is the crowd. lady jang’s eyes practically roll to the back of her head.

as the reporters surround a stunned ji an.. na ri comes over and hugs lady jang.. who asks if she’s crazy. i think na ri tells her not to be upset.. mother.. na ri turns back around.. and lady jang smiles as their picture is snapped.

later, ji an is left alone and slowly walking on their floor by the window where she and nari last talked.. na ri calls ji an as she’s driiving away.. and ji an asks why she did that.

na ri doesn’t want to lose to tae gang.. to become a good designer… i think she talks about her mom having had to quit too..

na ri hangs up.. and ji an is left on her own.

na ri goes to the place where cremated jars are held..with an offering of flowers. she’s there to visit her mom.. she touches the glass with the inscription.. and a shoe.. and a picture of her with her mother. she apologizes to her mother.

tae gang’s dad… lets her parents in to the store room.. apologizing for their conditions.. her mom and dad cautiously look around as they come in.. and she says, no it’s fine..

he brings out tae gang’s photo album.. she fawns over them. and even dad, who shakes his head earlier.. can’t help but look over. his dad continues to proudly talk about tae gang. he’s done tae kwon do? i think by this time her parents are humoring him..

tae gang says something about jake..

i think ji an tells him that her resignation was withdrawn. the air is thick.. but he congratulates her. she talks about the feelings when they did the collaboration.. and then says something about a preparation.

at chung baek’s restaurant. the three musketeers are discussing the new business… who would be president.. would it be tae gang? no, ji an… bong soo says. his dad says it’s going to be him who’s the boss. but bong soo says that ji an would be president.. then dad would be vp.. then tae gang..

chung bake breaks out the drink. the four of them take a shot.

he takes the shot… sadly. while the others carry on.

ji an is in her shoe closet.. remembering na ri’s words about ji an being the president. then remembers tae gang giving her the ring.

she flips her sketch pad open.. she writes a list as to why to take up the position of president..

she’s at a loss when writing reasons for the alternative…

on her next check-up with eun seong.. he calls her on stress.

she still hears “shoes” as ankle’s heartbeat.

later, they sit in his office.. and they discuss her latest stress point… the latest choice she has to make. he asks her what the best thing in life is.

he smiles at her. it’s not going to be easy as a single mother. pregnancy doesn’t make her a mother.. but her heart (?)..

she sits in the park later.. and tae gang comes to meet her. he apologizes for last time.. and notes that he’s fine. the three of them (with ankle) will be alright.

at the shoe closet, she looks at the shoes that tae gang designed.. for the baby and the collaboration shoe. he’s thinking as the mother ji an.. not the worker ji an..

5 months later..? a heavily pregnant ji an comes in to a board meeting, sitting at the head.

tae gang is talking to a few people, in an interview setting. i think he’s trying to sell their shoes. he brings the concept of comfort. the interviewers look a little disapproving.

they all walk out of the room.. with him lingering by the door. they told him that his idea didn’t meet with what they want (i think).. and he leans his head back.

chung baek is whistling… as he, bong soo, and dad work in the tae&kwang shoes store…

fighting! (bong soo has a box over his hand?? o___o)

he starts rearranging the shoes.. and they try to quietly discuss.

as she’s about to leave, her belly hurts a bit.. but then na ri comes in.. and she almost gives birth right then and there, in surprise.

na ri says she’s gotten big again. and i think ji an says don’t she look sexy.

they go to ji an’s office (back up where na ri had ousted her).. they talk.

na ri gives a frustrated smile. ji an gets back up from the desk.. and holds her hand out. na ri takes it, and they have a friendly handshake.

at the hospital.. eun seong arrives.. to meet a whole bunch of women… he comes bearing gifts.

at tae & kwang.. dad is happy to have made quite a few sales. ji an comes in then.. and she checks out the place. she reflects that they’ve done well. the place looks nice.

it’s a little awkward with tae gang..

but then the three musketeers take their leave. and tae gang and ji an are left alone.. he asks if she’s been eating well. it sounds like she’s applying to work there.

he tries to hug her, but the Belly is in the way. he awkwardly tries a couple of times. he laughs and she smiles. finally he just cups her face and starts kissing her. she kisses back.

she has a sad face…and he asks.. and she says that her water has broken.

at the party, ji an is talking to the expectant mothers.. they wonder what he’s doing for christmas. he jokes back.. and they laugh.

he gets a call from a screaming tae gang and ji an.

they wheel her in to the hospital.. tae gang in attendance.

his dad paces.. waiting for her parents.. who come rushing in.

(i’m gonna laugh if she gives birth to a shoe… _-_;)

they do the typical thing where she grabs at his ears and hair in pain. he asks what’s going on. they tell him that they have to operate.

they try to draw him out.. as he lets himself get dragged out.. he tells her to hang on.. then weakly, makes the heart shape sign (mcdonald’s sign XD) saying, hwang ji an, i love you.

he comes out looking worried.. and the parents rush to him asking how it’s going. he says they have to operate/do surgery.

eun seong arrives at the hospital.. and gets to the operating room. dr. yang is heading the procedure.. eun seong asks what’s going on. dr. yang apprises him of the situation.. eun seong then says that he’ll do it. he tells her to wait for ankle..

the operation finishes, and they put her in a room. i think eun seong tells him the operation went well.. to everybody’s relief. but she’s out cold.

somebody knocks on the door.. and a nurse brings the baby in.. her mom keeps going.. aigoo. the nurse approaches tae gang.. and says, you’re the father, right? he says yes.. the nurse transfers the baby to his arms.. with her mother putting an arm underneath to make sure the baby doesn’t get dropped.

they all gaze happily at the baby. and he greets his princess. (he literally calls her “princess”.. how precious!)

he turns to look at ji an on the bed…

ji an is wearing a pink dress, with short hair (that looks really good on her) and she’s walking in a field.. there’s a long runner.. with shoes lining each side… she smiles.. and continues walking barefoot… until she stops in front of the shoes that tae gang had made for ankle.. including the replicas.. she pics up the replicas.

she hears a “moooom!” and tae gang is there carrying their.. 5 (? 7?) year old (i’m not good at guessing age.. ) they wave at her as she smiles. he lets their daughter down.. who comes running to her.

she squats a bit so she’s at her daughter’s level. says, you’re ankle? ankle says, yes, mom.

she takes her daughter’s hand.. and the three of them walk off into the distance.. hand in hand.

we get a voice over… reflecting on choices.. and the future.

(am i the only one who’s a little afraid of the ending? the way that’s framed, it almost seems like she’s in a coma… or that she just woke up from a coma… she’s probably not… but i expected that final scene to be much lighter/happier and even if not full of laughter, there would stillbe some.. but we have some fairly sentimental music.. tae gang is smiling but quiet.. she’s VERY quiet, but serene.. then they walk off… with the line of shoes still there??? along with the shoes they had made for ankle?

i think it’s because she asks if the baby is ankle? but that could be a usual question for them.

or maybe it’s just because i’m sleepy again…)

[UPDATE +7HRS]: i can see clearly now, the rain is gone? lol… a little blurry earlier. but i just saw a clearer clip of the end.. it wasn’t a runner she was walking on.. it’s an actual path. i maintain that they left all the shoes there, though…. cuz they certainly weren’t carrying anything. XD; also, is it interesting that they’re walking towards a crossroads in the path while the voiceover talks about choices?

in any case, it could just be my feeling. the ending gives a sense of finality to the series, but it’s still so open to interpretation. i really don’t think it’s that clear what was going on with the last scene… i think the point is just that she made a choice and took a risk… and she gained something. and that’s just how life is. it’s really serene. as i noted to tena below “they give us no promises.. no clue as to what’s happened besides the fact that they now have their daughter. we don’t know if they got married.. where they’re working.. if their careers are doing well… if tae gang ever made shoes for the two of them… if either of them are still designing. but it’s about choices.. and open future because of choices…”

also.. as of episode 15, i feel like fandom just about died and went to heaven… cuz fans unexpectedly got what they wanted: tae gang wasn’t going to america. ji an quit the company.. tae gang and his dad quit the company.. and there’s the prospect of starting their own. but we got to episode 16.. and we see that even with that, not everything is perfect. and again… that’s just how life is. anyway… too much talking. can you believe there’s so much i want to say over what is actually a fairly “simple” story? and most of them i haven’t said already… love this show so much. i’ll make sure to post thoughts once the formal recaps are posted to comm….

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Song Triplets Sing their own praises “The Go back of Superman” Diplomas From Fans

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Song Triplets Sing their own praises “The Go back of Superman” Diplomas From Fans

Song Triplets Sing their own praises “The Go back of Superman” Diplomas From Fanatics ilmare42 Would possibly 30, 2016 0 Song Il Gook’s adorable triplets have printed the diplomas they gained from fans for “graduating” from “The Return of Superman”!

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse joined “The Return of Superman” with their dad, actor Song Il Gook, in July of 2014, and they stole the hearts of audiencecorrect away. They left the prove on February 7 of 2016, yet fans have happily still been in a position to stay along of them by method of their dad’s Instagram updates.

On May just 30, Song Il Gook shared footage of the menkeeping up commencement diplomas given to them by capability of a fan club. Each and every of the triplets has a degree alongside their call on it, with the text under reading, “We provide this graduation diploma to the kid above with our boundless thank you for giving laughter and joy not tobest the country but also other folksall throughthe sectorvia their angelically beautiful, lovely, and candy words and actions.”

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An Infinity of Possibilities: BTS Save MeWritten by way of Irteqa On Would possibly 30, 2016To the elation of anticipant BTS lovers (including myself) over the globe, the evening of Could 15th saw BigHit Entertainment reveal the stratospheric boy group’s ultimate MV of the 3 that were promised. Following April 19ths Epilogue: Young All the time and May additionally 1sts Fire, “Save Me” used to be unveiled in birthday celebrationin their special album The Most lovely Moment in Life: Young Forever and the finish of their chart-busting “youth” trilogy, The MaximumGorgeous Moment in Life.

“Save Me” as a song is relatively freshly conceived with its safari-like instrumentals, steeped in electronica, mysteriously emotive lyrics, and stable projection of either the vocal and rap lines. At the similar fourth dimension the song caters to a crisp and recent audio and feel, however, it falters with regards toproviding musical diversity. Hearth (as a song) when in comparison to salve Me turned intoready to prop itself up and assignment musical intensity by applying its lively bridge and the numerous beats and ad-libs that in the end gave it a pleasing variance.

Meanwhile as a MV, “Save Me” might now notprecisely exist what fans were expecting, given the nature of beyond BTS tune videos (professedly subject to unending theories). Yet IT opens a window in terms of offering fans the danger to formulate their own conclusion, given the BOY MEETS _ ambiguity following the end of the MV. In other words, its starkness and ease translate to an international of possibility, in which fans are the given entire reign and the ability to either unearth, bury, re-plant, or sever the flower that started at I want U. “Save Me” is for sureclever and whilstit should flounder in the eyes of those that expected an illustrious finishing to the type of popular trilogy, its cleanness is large and creates a uniquearea for imaginations of every kind to roam and run.

Here's The total Artist Line-Up For JYP Country In Korea 2016 Concert This August

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Here's The total Artist Line-Up For JYP Country In Korea 2016 Concert This August

(Photo : Jo Kwon Instagram)Mark your calendars, JYP lovers in South Korea!

Artists from the preferred entertainment firmcould beacting in Jamsil Indoor Stadium at the first weekend of August -- that is August 6 and seven - as a phase of the biennial JYP Nation concert series.

A new poster for the JYP Nation in Korea 2016 concert publishedthe overall artist line-up, adding J.Y. Park, veteran ladystaff Wonder Girls, Jo Kwon, 2PM, Min, Fei, Baek A Yeon plus the more youthful acts like Park Ji Min, GOT7, Bernard Park, G.Soul, DAY6 and TWICE.

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Watch: U-KISS Stocks Sneak Peek Of Comeback With MV Teaser For Stalkerilmare42 Might 30, 2016 0 U-KISS has dropped the music video teaser for their much-anticipated comeback with “Stalker”!

The workforce has been getting fanaticsequipped for their comeback with loads ofsymbol teasers, and at May just 31 at the hours of darkness KST, they added to the thrill with the track video teaser for their upcoming identify track Stalker.

U-KISS can be making their go back on June 7 with their 11th mini album, entitled “Stalker.” We’ve still were givenquite so much of teasers to go, as we willsit up for the free up of still cuts from the music video on June 1, a track list on June 2, an album spotlight medley on June 6, and more.

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On Could 31 in the dark KST, Luna dropped her first solo mini album entitled “Free Somebody,” in addition the tune video for the name track of the same name. “Free Somebody” is an electronic pop dance track that showcases either Luna’s impressive vocal talents as neatly as her dancing talents.

She could be making her solo debut functionalityvia filming KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” on May also 31 for the episode that’s set to air on June 3. She can then be performing at KCON France in conjunction with f(x) on June 2. After Luna returns to Korea, she’ll be appearing on June 4’s episode of MBC’s “Music Core.”

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Showing a more playful aspect of the usually sensual FIESTAR, Apple Pie is an energetic synth pop number with witty lyrics encouragedby capacity of Snow White and the tale of Adam and Eve. The catchy dance track used to be created by an globalteam of producers working with Marcan Entertainment, who prior to now put out hits like Taeyeons I, EXOs Love Me Right, and Red Velvets Dumb Dumb, whilst the lyrics were penned by leading songwriter Search engine optimization Ji Eum.

Watch: Henry Gifts Enthusiasts With Passionate Quilt Of Zayn’s “Pillowtalk”

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Watch: Henry Gifts Enthusiasts With Passionate Quilt Of Zayn’s “Pillowtalk”

Watch: Henry Gifts Lovers alongside Passionate Quilt Of Zayn’s “Pillowtalk”ilmare42 Would possibly 30, 2016 0 Great Junior-M member Henry has shocked fans with a present of a new cover video!

On Could 30, SM Entertainment uploaded a video of Henry passionately appearing Zayn’s “Pillowtalk” in a studio whilstgambling the piano. His smooth, robust comprehend of the songis certain to come up with goosebumps!

Henry is a skilled Canadian performer who debuted with Super Junior’s Chinese sub-unit Super Junior-M in 2008. He later made his solo debut in Korea in June of 2013 with his first mini album “Trap, which he followed up with a 2d mini album entitled “Fantastic” in July of 2014.

Hwang Jeong-min Continues String of Box-Office Successes

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Actor Hwang Jeong-min attracted some 50 million moviegoers over the past 18 months, as maximum of his contemporarymotion picturesbecomelarge box-office hits or were praised via critics whilst achieving some minor advertisement success. Hwang played diversified characters in films reminiscent of "Ode to My Father" (2014), "Veteran" (2015), "The Himalayas" (2015), "A Violent Prosecutor" (2015) and "The Wailing" (2016). His most modern film, "The Wailing", is a mystery set in a village where the arriving of a stranger is followed by a string of mysterious murders. The movie attracted more than five million audience in its first two weeks. "I'm at all timesanxious when shooting begins, yet one immerse myself in roles quickly", Hwang said. "I put all my power into a character, so it issimple to get over excited after shooting is done".Asked what makes him stay working, Hwang said, "Portraying a new personawill also be agonizing, but or not it's energizing and makes me feel alive. I am happiest when I'm working".The prolific actor is already running on multiple new projects, adding Ryoo Seung-wan's film "Battleship Island" set to be released later this year.

BTS Announces Plans For 2016 Anniversary Festa Jam-Packed With Gifts For Fans

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BTS Announces Plans For 2016 Anniversary Festa Jam-Packed With Gifts For Fans

BTS Announces Plans For 2016 Anniversary Festa Jam-Packed With Gifts For Fanatics ilmare42 Might 30, 2016 0 BTS’s 3rd debut anniversary is bobbing up in just a couple weeks, and the gang has now announced that they’ll be celebrating with ARMY again this year with any other “BTS Festa”!

On May just 30, the staff released a poster for their “2016 BTS Festa,” which functionspractically a complete two weeks of special gifts for fans on a day-to-day basisthrumore than a fewother platforms.

It’s all going to get started with an “Opening Ceremony” by the use of a blog on June 1, with a different choreography functionalityday after today on YouTube and Naver’s V app, the unlock of a photo album on June 3 via Facebook, and the group’s 0.33 anniversary “family photo” on June 4.