[Exclusive] Inside look at T-ara's Fan Meet in Seoul

[Exclusive] Inside look at T-aras Fan Meet in SeoulOn July 14th, T-ara held its fan club inauguration ceremony at the Kyung Hee University in Seoul. Soompi was there with 3,500 “QUEEN’S” from Korea and abroad. Check out our exclusive video of the event below!

[Exclusive] Inside look at T-aras Fan Meet in Seoul

The girls opened the ceremony with a performance of their latest track “Day By Day,” as well as their previous song “Lovey Dovey”. After the greeting, T-ara introduced themselves using the cute aegyo “Bbuing Bbuing”. In addition, T-aras newest member Areum greeted her fans for the first time. The girls also surprised the audience with an unexpected greeting from Dani before her official entry in the band. Shyly, Dani declared that she will work hard before joining T-ara.

[Exclusive] Inside look at T-aras Fan Meet in Seoul

After their greetings, T-ara and their fans discovered together a video compelling supportive messages from other idol groups. SISTAR, After School, f(x) and even Lee jang Woo, Eunjung’s fake husband in the TV show “We Got Married”, congratulated the girls for finally creating their official fan club. After the video, the members read stories written by fans. Thus, they were impressed by messages from a fan who lost 12 kilos while taking the girls for model, but also from a Taiwanese fan who learned Korean and came to study in Korea to meet her favorite idols. After reading the different stories, the girls performed “Why Are You Being Like This”. 

[Exclusive] Inside look at T-aras Fan Meet in Seoul

The second part of the ceremony allowed the fans to interact more with their idols, as several of them were chosen by the girls to play games and win signed CDs. Games included dancing to “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “Lovey Dovey,” as well as arm wrestling.

The ceremony ended with thank yous from T-ara to their fans. Jiyeon and Q-Ri even shed tears while saying their goodbyes. Finally, the band performed “Roly Poly” and made an encore with “Bo Peep Bo Peep”. To conclude the ceremony, a “high-touch” moment has been held for the fans to high five their idols.

T-ara will hold their first solo concert at the Jamsil Indoors Stadium in Seoul on August 11th.

Check out Soompis footage from the event!