Bada’s nickname during her trainee period was “five album singer”

Bada’s nickname during her trainee period was “five album singer”

Badas nickname during her trainee period was five album singer

Veteran singer and former leader of top girl group S.E.S. Bada shared a bit about her experience as a trainee at the press conference for KBS Ns Global Super Idol on the 17th.

She revealed, I dont talk about this often, but when I was in S.E.S., my nickname was five album singer. Its an embarrassing confession. During my trainee days, I didnt act like a rookie singer. Because I was interested in musicals during high school, I was embarrassed to debut as an idol, explaining the reason behind her nickname.

Bada also gave some advice to the contestants saying, After I debuted and eventually became a solo artist, I learned that as I show my improving talent, I have to be humble in order to continue to live as a person with solid principles. I didnt know that in my younger days, but I really feel that way now. Although I am no superstar, I was able to get to where I am today because of my talent and experience, and my confidence has to always be followed by modesty.

Source + Image: My Daily via Naver