Girls’ Generation(SNSD) Shows Their Support For Korean Athletes In A “High Cut” Photo Shoot

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The ‘National Girl Group’ Girls’ Generation played a part in showing support for the players in London Olympics uniforms.

In the star style magazine “HIGH CUT” releasing on July 19, photo shoot cuts of Girls’ Generation in the Korean team uniforms will be revealed. They restyled the Korean uniform from 1948, the year Korea first entered the Olympics, to reform them into stylish and clean uniforms that accentuate the superior figures of the girls. This photo shoot also included bags, heels, and accessories from Bean Pole.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Girls’ Generation showed off their friendship. They stated, “Even in 10 years, I think our group will exist. We set our goals to become like , to always stay in this frame of ‘Girls’ Generation’.”

Girls’ Generation’s photo shoot can be seen on 81st edition of “HIGH CUT” releasing on July19.

Photo Credit: HIGH CUT

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