4minute Kwon So Hyun Promotes “Travel Maker” With Cute Group Photos “Everyone Watch!”

4minute, kwon so hyun kwon so hyun singapore On July 17 Kwon So Hyun Tweeted, "4MINUTE in Singapore. It's our first show on the QTV show "Travel Maker

, kwon so hyun

kwon so hyun

On July 17 Kwon So Hyun Tweeted, “4MINUTE in Singapore. It’s our first show on the QTV show “Travel Maker.” Everyone watch this show! It’s going to be a lot of fun! It’s been a lot of fun Singapore.”

The photo she posted with the Twitter update captured the 4minute members all gathered together drinking juice. Each of the members are radiating their own color of beauty.

4minute visited Singapore in order to shoot the cable channel QTV’s “4minute’s Travel Maker.”

For the show, the members have traveled to Busan and Singapore, among other places. They will reveal the down-to-earth side of girls in their 20′s through the show.

Photo Credit: Kwon So Yeon Twitter



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