T-ARA Ahreum’s Past Picture Revealed… She Was Prettier Before Debut?

T-ARA, Ahreum T-ARA Ahreum's Past Picture Revealed... She Was Prettier Before Debut? T-ARA's new member Ahreum's past pictures were revealed

, Ahreum

T-ARA Ahreum's Past Picture Revealed... She Was Prettier Before Debut?  T-ARA Ahreum’s Revealed… She Was Before ?

T-ARA’s new member Ahreum’s past pictures were revealed.

An online community, recently posted picture under ‘T-ARA new member Ahreum’s past.”

The internet users who posted the pictures revealed Ahreum’s pictures from her middle school yearbook. In the pictures, Ahreum looks taller than girls her age, with clear skin and big eyes without double eyelids.

Internet users who saw the picture commented, “She’s pretty,” “If she was that pretty when she was young, that means she’s really pretty,” “I think she looked better before debut,” and “I’m jealous of her baby skin.”

Photo Credit: Online Community

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