2NE1 Garnering Popularity from Worldwide

2NE1, I Love You 2NE1 Garnering Popularity from Worldwide Girl group 2NE1 is turning heads as fans embrace their bold, stylish transformation in their latest electro-trot single "I Love You

, I Love You

2NE1 Garnering Popularity from Worldwide  2NE1 Garnering Popularity from Worldwide

Girl group 2NE1 is turning heads as embrace their bold, stylish transformation in their latest electro-trot single “I Love You.”

YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 didn’t disappoint their eager fans once again with genre-breaking song. Latest single is the first love song since the group’s straying away from their previous confident mega hits of “I Don’t Care,” and “I Am the Best.”

It seems the experimental song also caught the attention of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. As he stated, “We ADORE this popalicious track, despite the fact that we can only understand one phrase!”

He continued, “It’s K-Pop incarnate, with catchy beats that hammer into your brainz till you are blinded by its musical magic!”

SPIN magazine in a blog post praised “I Love You,” describing it as a “perfect summation of pop’s present and future.”

SPIN’s post stated, “We love them. Well yesterday they dropped their most recent single ‘I Love You’ and it’s a stone doozy, a perfect summation of pop’s present and future: those Guetta-style soccer-riot synths glowing and pulsing, ghostly background vocals creating smoke around the neon, and a stuttering Ke$ha-gone-’Stay Fly’ rap in English.”

The unconventional song seems to satisfy not only sentiments but non-K-Pop listeners as the song fuses trot with a base of electro beats.

The girls’ latest single has been sweeping music charts left and right. Korean comeback single “I Love You,” released on July 5 within hours achieved an all-kill on many real-time music charts.

2NE1 is gearing up to kick off their first world tour “New Evolution,” staring on July 28 in Seoul and continue through 10 major cities in 7 countries of Asia, Europe and the U.S.

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