'Strong Heart' Super Junior's Eunhyuk,

'Strong Heart' Super Junior's Eunhyuk, "Friend Victoria Keeps Calling Me 'Oppa'"

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'Strong Heart' EunHyuk, Friend Victoria Keeps Calling Me 'Oppa'Super Junior member Eunhyuk revealed that f(x)'s Victoria, who is the same age as him, keeps calling him 'oppa' (Korean term used for older brother).

In SBS "Strong Heart" aired on July 17, Eunhyuk said, "Victoria is my friend but she keeps calling me oppa (older brother)."

He said, "I was born on '86 and Victoria is a born in the beginning of '87. So according to age in our country, we're the same age, but she keeps calling me oppa."

He continued, "Victoria is friends with BoA too. She even called Kyuhyun oppa when Kyuhyun is younger than her."

Victoria said, "I call everyone who debuted before me oppa and unni (older sister). I even call Girls' Generation unni."

Kyuhyun then said, "She called me oppa so I thought she was younger than me but it turns out she's older than me. After that it got a bit awkward but when Victoria started comfortably calling me oppa again, we're good friends again."

Photo Credit: SBS