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Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 16 Synopsis Preview

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Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 16 Synopsis Preview

Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 16 video Preview


Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 16 Synopsis Preview

Continue from last ep. KT shot HE and ran away. Some other men pursued him. JH told HE he must hang on and can't die. KT ran to the clinic and encountered Yhwi there. They had a short fight until Yhwi realized it was KT. They're both shocked. KT asks how come…then he got strucked by the head gangster!!!!!!

JH takes HE to CH's place and hurriedly prepare for the operation. HE is half conscious and coughs up blood. CH is worried sick. JH tries to stop blood loss by putting pressure on HE's wound but he became unconscious. YR came in and starts helping JH.

KT got tied up. Yhwi is there too but no one knows his relationship with KT.

JH begins to take out the bullet. Jeez these scenes are too real. MBC has to blur some of it to make it less grotesque-rated. MoonSun ajusshi is there to help too.

Minister Kim is discussing with his men unaware that his son has been captured. Then his eldest son came in. M.Kim's men suck up to his son.

KT is awake in the storage room then the gangster guy came in.

The operation ends successfully. JH saw YR praying with her cross beads bracelet. When she notices him she quickly hides the beads. He said she doesn't have to hide it. They start to talk and YR says sth which makes JH notices the cross on her prayer beads and remembers the notice on the bulletin that he saw. It seems YR will play an important role in spreading Christianity in Korea?

JH came back to the room. CH is lying on higher bed giving blood to HE. She wakes up and they start talking.

KT got beaten up badly. They interrogates him asking who sent him. Dang, blood is dripping from KT's sexy lips as he talks. This is too real!!

Next morning JH comes to the palace. He's stopped by the royal physician who questions this and that. The King is in great pain. Oh no!!!!

JH didn't meet the King after all and he wanders around the market. He saw a man got dragged away and read the bulletin board again. It seems Christians are getting arrested. He rips off the notice then suddenly got a bad headache.

He came back to the brothel and there's a chance in HE's condition. Everyone is panicking. HE isn't breathing. JH tries to perform CPR minus the mouth-to-mouth. JH inserts the drips in HE but got a bad headache. He continues giving him CPR. His sexy face got so sweaty that it becomes super oily. Then HE starts breathing again.

HE slowly wakes up. He's conscious and starts talking to JH with his eyes closed. He asks JH where exactly are you from, tell me. JH decides to tell him he's from the future. HE mumbles, the future….

Yhwi came to see the badly beaten up KT. He gently caresses KT's bloody face. Oh gotta love their bromance! KT laughs and sarcastically said congrats to Yhwi that his plan is a success.

CH is talking to HE when YR comes and overhears his conversation. He mentioned KT

HE is outside when JH comes to see him and they start talking. JH asks if he wants to know the future. HE said will you tell me if I ask? His way of saying it means that he knows JH wont tell him even if he asks.

YR chases after the head gangster and demands him for an answer He doesn't want to tell her. She presses him to tell the location of KT. She came to see him. She's in tear the moment she sees him. KT doesn't look at her in the eyes and is cold to her saying she doesn't have to worry about him.

JH comes to see the King whose condition worsens. JH says there's nothing he can do for the King anymore. He apologizes to the King, I'm sorry, your highness with tears in his eyes.

The royal physician comes to tell M.Kim and his gang to prepare for the mourning, eeekkk. M. Kim seems happy that his plan can come true or something.

HE came to the palace who is on his deathbed surrounded by JH, M.Kim and other officials. King gathers his strength to say his last few words. At last he calls JH name, JH comes close to him. King tells him to use his skills to save people (I think?) which makes JH cries with all his heart. Then he passed away. The royal physical checked the King's pupil then announces his death. Everyone mourns and calls out your highness!!!

JH's narrates what will happen next in history. QD sighs receiving news. Little Myeong Bok in his mourning clothing and bows in the garden. JH looks at the crying HE. Later he and HE walks outside. HE is already over the death of the King.

YR takes out a short dagger and puts it away. YR brings some snacks to the mob who guards KT. She goes to the storage where KT is but he already escaped. KT came to see his father who left for palace in his mourning clothes.

QD is having an audience with other ministers. HE proposes something but is opposed by M. Kim. He's backed by the rest of the ministers. QD decides to go with M. Kim

M.Kim goes outside and picks a fight with HE. HE just cooly leaves. An official who is on HE's side tries to persuade QD. QD knows what she's doing. She's still on HE's side after all.

HE in his white mourning clothes looking at the throne. He comes close to it and sits down on the throne like a king in the empty hall. His eyes are filled with ambition.

KT drags himself to an abandoned hall and rest. He suddenly remembers something and looks to the side. A boy in mourning clothes sitting and crying. M. Kim appears before him. The boy bows and M. Kim nods then turn to leave. The boy grabs on to his sleeve saying "Father". M. Kim corrects him saying "It's your excellency". The boy repeats, "Yes, your excellency." KT takes out a dagger and puts it on his neck saying "Your excellency, I won't embarrass you any longer" (or at least that's what I think he said). YR came just in time to stops him. She kneels on the ground crying and begging him to not end his life like this. Kt just stands up and leaves leaving the crying YR still kneeling.

HE is meeting M. Kim at CH's place. It seems M. Kim won't back off from his position. He stands up and leaves leaving HE glaring at him. M. Kim saw JH. He leaves a few good words for JH then leaves. JH suddenly got a serious headache. M. Kim notices but leaves anyway. He saw something then became unconscious.

He is lying in a room and CH is watching him in tears. JH is having a nightmare about all the surgeries he had done while in Joseon. CH just cries and shakes her head while looking at JH who is suffering from his nightmare (why?)

In another room, HE is talking to Yhwi. M. Kim is alone in his room thinking about something. Outside KT is kneeling. YR is praying somewhere.

JH wakes up still having a light headache. CH speaks and surprises JH. CH seems to know something about JH's headache and the tumor which surprises him. He presses her for answers. She looks really depressed and tells him something shocking.

CH's voice is speaking as we see M. Kim and his eldest son leaves the house in their mourning clothes with KT still kneeling. They totally ignore him. YR and MoonSun ajusshi are at the clinic cultivating penicillin. JH asks CH what can be done to change fate.

QD are meeting with HE and M. Kim and his men. HE tries his approach again but opposed by others. M. Kim proposes something shocking. Even his son and others are shocked.

Flashback to HE's convo with M. Kim. HE took out a gun just before M. Kim leaves. Apparently it was the gun that shoots HE. M. Kim is shocked. I guess that's how HE got him to propose something that will benefit HE. QD is shocked at his proposal and then looks at HE asking if he's fine with that to which he says of course.

KT is still kneeling and at is limit. M. Kim came home and is still indifferent. KT calls him your excellency. He tells KT to call him father and smiles a bit. Not sure if I can believe there's no evil in his smile. KT cries and says, yes Father.

YR meets JH at the clinic. JH picks up a pot of penicillin and remembers what CH said about his sibling. Then he suddenly got a severe headache with flash of the fetus-shaped. YR runs to him asking if he's ok. He said, "No, I can't let it happen."

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