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Immortal Song 2: Development into a Worthwhile Watch

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KBS 2TVs Immortal Song 2 began with a dreamy and fairly straightforward concept: idols would get to show off their vocal ability and performance skills through remaking songs from notable artists. Those singers themselves would be present to give comments on the idols performance. Singers would be pitted against each other, the audience picking which performance they preferred of the two at hand, until there was only one left: the winner. The initial cast was full of noteworthy competition: BEASTs Yoseob, 2AMs Changmin, SISTARs Hyorin, IU, Super Juniors Yesung, and SHINees Jonghyun, all accompanied by MCs Shin Dong-yup, Kim Gu-ra, and a bit later, Moon Hee-jun. The show began in early June 2011, featured outstanding performances, and brought in all those views from fans of the groups. What could possibly go wrong?

Several things, apparently. Idols werent the most ideal of contestants to have running a show. With popularity comes busier schedules. IU left after the first episode; Yesung and Jonghyun had to leave after the third. BEAST was heading off to Japan fairly soon, so it wouldnt be long before Yoseob was out as well. But luckily, what South Korea does have in abundance are idols. From FT Island, MBLAQ, Secret, and more, it was possible to continuously exchange contestants as conflicts arose regarding scheduling. But not only were schedules conflicting: with idols, there is always that inherent sense that fans want to make their idol win, no matter how important or unimportant it is in the long run. (Not convinced of this? Just take a look at the explosion that developed within Seoulbeats own Best Debut poll.) While watching the voting results, a viewer cant help but wonder if there are Shawol-noonas for SHINee or STAR1-uncles for SISTAR, among others, wanting their favorites to win. And its that type of thinking that could wreck the potential the show had and at times overshadowed the legitimate singing ability of idols.

In addition, it didnt take long for audiences to point out the blatant injustices involved in the voting process. The order of performances was chosen at random. Voting had only two choices each stage, each performer either having just performed or having just won a stage. With such a stellar cast, it would be difficult to choose one over the other. Furthermore, each performance wasnt intended to be similar to those of others. Songs with entirely different feelings could have been chosen, arousing different sections of a large range of emotions. How can anyone compare a ballad with heart-wrenching emotions to a lively dance track that makes you want to get on your feet? How can anyone choose which one is better? Not only that, but the first performer was always at a disadvantage. Their chance of winning was indubitably slimmer because they had to face every contestant thereafter. The last performer, before even performing, had a 50% chance of winning simply because of luck of the draw. The show soon modified the first of two rounds, where performers chose their song based on a theme, into a tournament-style that eliminated half the idols through face-offs of two, but left the final choice up to votes for any of the eligible performers: a system that was still unsatisfactory.

To be fair, the show did begin with some positive aspects. Performances grew with quality as an understanding was developed of how to reach out to an audience successfully. To win, that stage better be outstanding, whether its because of a smooth and basic dance routine, emotional expressions, or a hyped up scene acted out on stage. And it also connected generations through remakes of older songs. Younger generations may not have listened to older music, perhaps engrossed in current K-pop. But when those that are closer to the age of the younger population create a stirring performance out of an oldie, it becomes relevant to younger people, and maybe even something of interest in classic songs.

KBS eventually got a clue, understanding that perhaps the show wasnt as well-planned as anticipated. Less than two months after the first episode, Huh Gak and 4Mens Shin Yong-jae, non-idols, were added to the roster, and intentions were made known to expand the list of vocalists to include more vocalists outside of the idol realm, bringing in singers like ALi, Lyn, K. Will, and more. The voting system changed earlier in 2012 to a much more acceptable method. After each performance, the audience would choose to vote or not for the performer based on the impact of the stage. While contestants would still face off in pairs, instead of the audience choosing one or the other, it would be based on how may of the 500-member audience felt moved after each performance. Whichever performer garnered more votes out of the 500 would move on towards winning for the week. And a last change was the introduction of fixed members. With the frequent exchange of idols, it was difficult to have some form of consistency with the show. But with contestants like Sonya, K. Will, Ulala Session, and Ailee present each week, viewers are guaranteed strong performances despite fluctuations in other members. And each exchange of idols had the potential to bring in a new batch of viewers, some of whom wont leave when their favorite had to because of the other music available.

And what a relief the developments have been. Immortal Song 2 started out as an unfeasible, yet attractive idea. Focused on performances, not just vocal talent, it makes for an excellent platform to display skills. But recurring shows based on idols are difficult to maintain for reasons already stated. The addition of fixed members is a similar idea to what is present in variety shows. And also much like in variety shows, these members are the ones that can make sure its not awkward in the waiting/viewing room with their ongoing jokeslove triangles involving Ailee and two Ulala Session members or comments on Sonyas continuously strong performancesand comfortable presence. Newer host Jeon Hyun-moo, along with Moon Hee-jun and Shin Dong-yup, continues to keep interactions amusing with commentary and continuous efforts to engage all present performers. Interviews have grown to encompass groups or pairs of contestants, making those more lively and humorous as opposed to the more serious ones of before.

Another striking point is that with these fixed, powerful vocalists always on site, younger additions to the cast can really grow from witnessing these performances first-hand. While some idols may be great under idol standards, when it gets to where serious music really is at, their skills can be seen as just okay. Theres a difference between performing with a team and performing individually, in each case trying to convey appropriate emotions or a fitting routine. Seeing that difference can be a learning experience and motivation to get better. While your group may be doing okay sales-wise, theres still that music aspect to being a K-pop group. So when SHINees Taemin, whose appearance on the program sparked predictions and reviews of his performance, or Infinites Woohyun appeared on the show, you can bet that they left as improved vocalists.

Another positive stemming from the abandonment of an idol-focused lineup is the introduction to lesser-known singers. I had never heard of Sonya or K-punk rock band No Brain prior to watching their performances. And boy was I missing out. Sonyas voice is simply stunning, and No Brains take on different music was particularly interesting and fun for listening and viewing. Immortal Song 2 is a good place for self-promotion as if you claim to talent, youre in the right place to prove it. Vocalists also get the opportunity to meet several different legends within Korean music and show versatility as they provide personal takes on older songs.

Immortal Song 2 has climbed into my list of shows or performances to watch. Though I may not always engage in the fun interview portions, the performances are fantastic, each one having individual styles based on preferences and strengths. Though the show began with the potential to crash and burn miserably, it resolved its issues to stand strong today as an entertaining show with personality and out-of-the-ordinary performances. Fortunately, at this point, all Immortal Song 2 has to do is keep doing the same: bringing new idols when they can or when its promising, providing occasional special performances, and keeping those fixed members for an improved show all around.

Have any you taken a look at Immortal Song 2 since its changes in line-up and method? Have any favorite performers, performances, or vocalists that you think should be on this show? Leave a comment below letting us know what you think!

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TWICE Wins No. 1 on “Inkigayo” With “Cheer Up”; Performances by capacity of Jonghyun, Oh My Girl, and More

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TWICE Wins No. 1 on “Inkigayo” With “Cheer Up”; Performances by capacity of Jonghyun, Oh My Girl, and More

TWICE Wins No. 1 on “Inkigayo” With “Cheer Up”; Performances by way of Jonghyun, Oh My Girl, and Morehajima Might 29, 2016 0 Congratulations to TWICE for winning No. 1 with “Cheer Up” on SBS’s “Inkigayo.” Hanging2d and 3rd were AOA and Jessica.

Meanwhile, following the departure of MC Kim Yoo Jung, guest MCs were making an appearance at the show. This week, it was BTOBs Changsub and Oh My Women Yooa.

Performers for this week’s displaycome with Jonghyun, Dana, MAP6, Oh My Girl, Shin Ji Hoon, Woohyun, AOA, MONSTA X, Romeo, Search engine optimization Ye Ahn, AFOS, Avenue Boyz, Tahiti, Giant Brain, TWICE, Akdong Musician, and SEVENTEEN.

These Footage Disclose Why TWICE’s Sana Makes The Cutest Bunny Ever

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These Footage  Disclose Why TWICE’s Sana Makes The Cutest Bunny Ever

Fan pictures of Sana from a up to date fan signalmatch is having enthusiasts woo over the feminine idol even more because of her adorable movements and facial expressions. From being smothered in bubbles to blowing soap bubbles herself, all whilstdressed in pink-and-white bunny ears, those photos will definitely make you fall in love with her when you havent already.

Sana has won the highlight in TWICEs Cheer Up promotions because of the her catchy word shy shy shy. Thus far, the gang has won seven music display awards for their track and maydefinitely rack up more as they continue to ceaselesslyremain in the head 10 thru all virtual real-time and day by potential of day charts.

Half of Korea's Best one hundred Agencies Lay Off Staff

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Half of the headone hundredcompanies in the rustic have laid off staff recently, in keeping with conglomerate tracker on Sunday. As of the finish of March, the fullchoice of workers at the pinnaclea hundred businesses declined by way of 2,116 because the end of closing year to 857,412.Fifty-one of the tip 100 reduced their personnel.The Samsung Community stood out. Samsung CT laid off 610 workers to be left with 11,473 workers, whilst Samsung Engineering shed 520 workers and used to be left with 5,553."Layoffs turned intoessential after Samsung CT's structuredepartment posted losses, and Samsung Engineering experienced capital impairment overdue last year", a conglomerate spokesman said. The nation's most sensible3 shipbuilders -- Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering and Samsung Heavy Industries -- also laid off more than 800 workers.But 14 corporations hired more staff, adding LG Chem (620), Hyundai Motor (321), Hyundai Mobis (282), Korean Air (251), Samsung Electronics (251) and Amore Pacific (244).

Jessica’s Solo Album Dominates More than a few Track Charts Even Without Television Promotions

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Jessica’s Solo Album Dominates More than a few  Track Charts Even Without Television Promotions

Jessicas Solo Album Dominates More than a fewSong Charts Even Without Television PromotionsJiwonYu Might 28, 2016 0 Looks as if Jessica is making wonderfulgood fortune with her first solo album!

The identify song Fly crowned8other music charts and her album sales recorded number 1 on Hanteo and number 4 on Billboards International Albums chart.

Furthermore, over 70,000 copies of her solo album was once sold, which is the absolute bestselection of sold albums this year for feminine solo artists.

“Running Man” Participants Move Up Opposed to three hundred University Scholars In Large Game Special

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“Running Man” Participants  Move Up Opposed to  three hundred University Scholars In Large Game Special

Running GuyIndividualsPass Up Opposed tothree hundred University Scholars In Giant Game SpecialJiwonYu Would possibly 28, 2016 0 At the upcoming episode of Running Man, the members will go against 300 university students!

During the show, the members arrive at a collegeto finish a mission. To celebrate the 300th episode of Running Man, each and every member plays games that they were best possible at during the beyond 300 episodes yet this time, its against 300 people.

The workforce relays that Kim Jong Kook provides his all to win against the students, but he finally ends upassemblyanyone as sturdy as him. Likewise, Lee Kwang Soo ends up meeting someone who suffers from bad good fortunesimilar to him, too.

Akdong Musician Needs To Stay Their Trademark Off-Beat Tune And Lyrics

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Akdong Musician Needs To Stay Their Trademark Off-Beat Tune And Lyrics

Akdong Musician Needs To Stay Their Trademark Off-Beat Song And Lyricsnotclaira Would possibly 28, 2016 0 On Could 20, Dazed magprinted some footage from their June factor pictorial with Akdong Musician.

Akdong Musician currentlygot here back with the album “Spring.” The Korean title, however, literally translates as “puberty.” “Instead of literally representing teenage puberty, the album represents a transformation of mind,” they said. “We sought afterto precisethe thrill and anxieties of new dreams and love, in additioninterest about the world.”

The bright, antique vibe of the pictorial reflects the duo’s eclectic musical style. Suhyun’s hair is bright red whilst Chanhyuk curled his hair and took off his glasses. The 2 are dressed alternately in denim, plaid, athletic gear, pinstripes, and khaki, complementing instead of copying one another.

Park Bo Gum Is Your Superhero Boyfriend In Surprise Collaboration Pictorial

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Park Bo Gum Is Your Superhero Boyfriend In Surprise Collaboration Pictorial

Park Bo Gum Is Your Superhero Boyfriend In Surprise Collaboration Pictorialnotclaira Might 28, 2016 0 While you like the Marvel superheroes and Park Bo Gum then Edwin mag has the pictorial for you!

On May just 21, Edwin released the footage from their contemporary collaboration with Marvel. Park Bo Gum is going for a chill, boyfriend vibe, pairing T-shirts with Marvel emblems alongsideundeniabledenims and shorts. The carnival background makes it simple to believe being out on an off-the-cuff date with the good-looking actor.

A representative from the photo shoot said, “Park Bo Gum is handsome even while you see him from behind,” they said. “He perfectly channeled the antique feeling of the shoot. The entiregroup of workers fell in love with his lovely appearance, similar to the Iron Guypersona on his shirt.”

Which Idol Took House The “Lucky King” Crown On “Dream Team 2?”

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Which Idol Took House The “Lucky King” Crown On “Dream Team 2?”

Which Idol Took House The “Lucky King” Crown On “Dream Team 2?”notclaira Would possibly 28, 2016 0 On May just 29, “Dream Team 2” held a “Global Friends” special. The special was once the show’s remaining broadcast and featured “random chance” games popular on typepresentationscomparable to “2 Days 1 Night.”

The first game of the episode turned into “Real Bar vs. Faux Bar.” Out of BTOB’s Eunkwang and Minhyuk, Youngster Top’s Ricky, Sam Okyere, and Sam Hammington, Eunkwang were giventhe genuine bar.

Next up was Andreas, Sujan, B1A4’s Gongchan, and BTOB’s Hyunsik and Peniel in the similar game. The lucky “real” bar went to Hyunsik whilst the others were eliminated.

Yoo Jae Suk Finds Unforeseen Friendship With Actor

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Yoo Jae Suk Finds  Unforeseen Friendship With Actor

Yoo Jae Suk UnearthsUnforeseen Friendship With Actornotclaira Would possibly 28, 2016 0 On May just 28, the KBS display “Entertainment Weekly” explored unexpected friendships between celebrities.

In 2013, Lee Jung Jae seemed on “Healing Camp” and said, “I served with Yoo Jae Suk in Gwangmyung. Yoo Jae Suk helped me out a lot. We carpooled in combination and he would come and wake me up and take me to where I had to go.”

Other unexpected friendships incorporated singer The only and actor Hyun Bin, actor Ha Jung Woo and comedian Kang Sung Bum, and actor Kim Woo Bin and comedian Kim Sook.

Watch: Tiffany Is A Loopy American Female friend In “SNL Korea” Skit

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Watch: Tiffany Is A Loopy American Female friend In “SNL Korea” Skit

Watch: Tiffany Is A Loopy American Female friend In “SNL Korea” Skitnotclaira Might 28, 2016 0 Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany currently showed off her acting talents in the “3-Minute Girlfriend” skit on “SNL Korea.”

Tiffany gave the impression equally the host of the Could 28 episode. In the skit, she plays the variousother girlfriend clichés to funny results. The skit is in reaction toa prior “3-Minute Little Sister” skit.

First, Kwon Hyuk Soo (the boyfriend) gets “my other half” concept, which temporarilyis going awry as Tiffany follows him to his corporate and proves to be a nuisance. From there, Tiffany transforms into the “first love” and the “terminally ill” girl.