FTISLAND Reveals Japan Single 'TOP SECRET' Teaser Video!

FTISLAND, Top Secret

FTISLAND Reveals Japan Single 'TOP SECRET' Teaser Video! FTISLANDFTISLAND revealed their Japan single "TOP SECRET" teaser video for their upcoming single release on August 8.

"TOP SECRET" was chosen by Japan NTV music program, "Happy Music" for their July ending theme song even before their album release.

In the 30 second teaser, you can see an upgraded and sophisticated FTISLAND, wearing black and white suits with a checkered print in the background.

In this album there will be three songs, "TOP SECRET", "Beloved" and "Here." "Beloved" was written by FTISLAND's bassist and vocal, Lee Jae Jin.

Unlike usual single albums, this single will have 4 versions; a music-only album, a dvd and cd package, a limited edition album package and an album that includes the live tour version.

The jacket teaser for "TOP SECRET" was also revealed, which showed their more mature and charismatic side.

FTISLAND has just recently completed their Japan tour, 'FTISLAND Summer Tour 2012~ RUN! RUN! RUN!" which started on June 24 and visited 4 cities in Japan with over 60,000 fans.