JYJ Junsu Ranks Number 1 on Chile Music Chart!

JYJ Junsu Ranks Number 1 on Chile Music Chart!

JYJ, Junsu, Tarantallegra

JYJ Junsu Ranks Number 1 on Chile Music Chart! dJYJ member Junsu's first solo album ranked number 1 on the Chile Music Chart.

On July 10 on Chile's popular channel ETC-TVPop Chart, his new song, "Tarantallegra" ranked number 1. This chart ranks the most popular Pop songs and Junsu was the first Korean artist to be on the chart.

A Chile official commented, "After the JYJ concert in March, their popularity did not die down. Chile fans now have much curiosity for Korea and their music. You can hear JYJ's music on cell phone ringtones and many people have requested for them to come and perform again."

Junsu commented, "I feel that this is all due to our world tour. Chile is very far away from Korea, but they love my music and I will work hard for them so that they can continue to support me and other Korean artists."

His entertainment company stated, "Although Junsu is done with his Asia Tour, requests for him to perform in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world are coming in nonstop. We are debating on what he should do next."

After the release of Junsu's new album, Tarantallegra, he has ranked number one on China's music video chart and on Germany's Asia Music Charts.