SHINee Taemin, First Solo Stage Performance with ‘Timeless 2′

SHINee, taemin, solo, stageKBS2 program 'Declaration of Freedom- Timeless Songs 2' aired on 27th - with Taemin in his first ever solo stage performance

SHINee, taemin, solo, stage

KBS2 program ‘Declaration of Freedom- Timeless Songs 2′ aired on 27th – with Taemin in his first ever solo stage performance.

On the program ‘Timeless Songs2′, 14 different singers each made their own unique arrangement of music legend SongChangShik’s songs. Out of all of them, however, idol SHINee Taemin caught the most attention. As the youngest member of SHINee, he is adored for his cute appearance and powerful dance moves, and he gave it all he had for his first solo performance on ‘Timeless Songs2′.

SHINee Taemin, First Solo Stage Performance with 'Timeless 2'

Before going up to the stage, Taemin said “I’m so nervous of standing alone on stage.” However, when the orchestra started playing, he regained his composure and surprised everybody with a strong live performance.Taemin humbly expressed: “I was able to sing without freezing thanks to SongChangShik’s support and smile.” Likewise, the korean musical legend SongChangShik praised for Taemin for his excellent first performance.

The rarely seen manly side of Taemin and his dynamite version of “At least Once” will be revealed on 6:15pm 28th on ‘Timeless Songs 2.’

Stay tuned for more updates.

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