2PM Wooyoung Gets Even With JYP “We Turned Down His Songs 11 Times”

2pm, wooyoung, jyp, j.y.park, eun ji won, sista, mib, kangnam wooyoung 2PM Wooyoung shared a story about how he got revenge against Park Jin Young for not giving him a say

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2PM Wooyoung shared a story about how he got revenge against for not giving him a say.

On the July 12th episode of 2TV “HappyTogether 3,” revealed that he could not go against JYP. He commented, “I would like it if the head of the agency would understand the hardships of the artists.”

Wooyoung then revealed that there was a time when he decided to get evenwith JYP. He stated, “JYP would have us listen to a song, telling us itwas our title song and asked us for our opinion.” When asked how many times he had turned JYP down, Wooyoung answered “About11 times,” causing the other guests to explode in laughter.

Wooyoung continued “We also begged him to give us a vacation.” The singer noted that 2PM had worked non-stop after their . He added, “Every time we danced, I asked him for time off,”causing everyone to laugh once more.

Photo Credit: KBS

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