MBLAQ's G.O shows complex emotions while acting in "Ghost"

MBLAQ's G.O shows complex emotions while acting in "Ghost"

MBLAQs G.O shows complex emotions while acting in GhostMBLAQ member G.O's acting has improved very much with his appearance in the SBS drama "Ghost." In episode 13 that aired on July 11th, G.O's character, Lee Taegyun, was suspected of being a spy after having witnessed the death of Yum Jaehee (Jun Moonsung) who murdered Investigator Han (Gwon Hwayo).

Lee Taegyun confronted Yum Jaehee about the reason for murdering the investigator when Yum Jaehee had a sudden seizure and died. Terrified, Lee Taegyun hid in the bathroom until found by Gwon Heukju (Gaek Dowon) and Park Giyoung (So Jisup). Realizing that he was the witness for Yum Jaehee's death, they immediately accuse him of murder, interrogating and searching him.

Initially a minor component of the drama's Cyber Investigation Team, Lee Taegyun became a much more complex character as he lamented this loss of the investigator. He nervously stated that he "only wanted to see the person who made Investigator Han that way."

Viewers complimented G.O's improvement in the realm of acting, saying that he is "such a good actor" and has been getting "better and better" ever since his "Chapstick CFs."

Make sure to tune into the next episodes to see how G.O further embellishes Lee Taegyun!

Source: Newsen