Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Sets Record with 1 Million KakaoTalk Friends!

SNSD, Girls Generation, KakaoTalk, Plus Friend Group SNSD's Kakaotalk "Plus Friends" number has exceeded a million for the first time as a celebrity

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Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sets Record with 1 Million KakaoTalk Friends!

Group SNSD’s Kakaotalk “Plus Friends” number has exceeded a million for the first time as a celebrity.

“SNSD Plus friends” has been offering its service to Korea, , U.S., Great Britain and other 150 countries since last year December 28th and the number of user has exceeded a million. Among celebrities who are registered in KakaoTalk “Plus friend,” SNSD is the first one to exceed a million.

KakaoTalk’s “Plus Friend” is a service that provides users news about their favorite brand or favorite stars, magazine, TV programs and their contents.

For “SNSD Plus Friend,” it’s providing Girls’ Generation’s tour updates and videos, , voices and others.

On the other hand, SNSD has announced their new single “Paparazzi”



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