I Do, I Do: Episode 14 (Live Screenshot + Recap)

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I Do, I Do: Episode 14 (Live Screenshot + Recap)

I Do, I Do: Episode 14 live Recap by lilasia

Bong Soo and Dad are talking in the office.

Ji An walks in to her office and pulls something out of the fridge… but Tae Gang doesn’t approve, so he takes the drink out of her hand.

He goes to the couch and lays out a blanket. He goes to her seat and coaxes her over. She resists at first with a small whine.. but then allows herself to be led over. She lays down and pulls up the blankets.. and he impulsively gives her a peck on the cheek, surprising her. He walks out. She smiles and settles.

He goes back out and Na Ri calls him out.

He goes back in and leans over the couch. “Ankle’s mom.” She jerks awake, surprised. He apologizes, and says that the VP tells him he has to go to an event. She says, OK. He walks out.

Na Ri is driving with Tae Gang. She says he looks cool in those clothes. He says it looks good even on him.

Ji An gets a call. She says, yes, this is Hwang Ji An.

She sits at a cafe with a guy. The guy notes that he read the single mom article, and he was impressed by it, so he called. He tries to recruit her to his company. He tells her that they’ll provide support for her. They even have maternity leave, he notes as she reviews the papers. She bites back a little, what should I do? What should I do to work in such great circumstances?

Ji An is left in her chair, stunned.

Later she sits in her car stunned, thinking back on his words. The president’s words. Na Ri’s words.

She calls her mom. She tells her mom that she thought she’d be fine, but she’s so sad.

Na Ri calls after Tae Gang as he turns to leave, chasing him down. She notes that he was rude in front of everybody. But he’s annoyed of the lie that he’s the genius that is the primary for this collaboration. He says it’s all fake.

She has a check-up with Eun Seong and she listens to Ankle’s heartbeat.

He tells her that she’s a mother, too, isn’t she. When she’s depressed when she’s comforted by the sound of her baby’s heartbeat.

He comes back in, offering her something. She looks at the box and sees pink shoes. She asks what it’s for. He asks, what it could be. Could it be a girl? she asks cautiously. He confirms. She smiles, noting that she was worried, not knowing how she would have raised a boy.

Bong Soo and Dad go for a drink. Bong Soo asks about if Tae Gang gets married. Dad notes that would be great. Bong Soo asks, what about the VP. Dad says he shouldn’t dream, but Bong Soo says… Embrace the dream!

Dad imagines… coming out of a high class car, attended by people. He takes his sunglasses off, coolly.. then you hear, “Fatheeeeeeeeeeeeeer”. Out comes Na Ri, giggling like a schoolgirl as she runs out to greet him. They dance in a circle for a bit, gleefully.

But then Chung Baek comes by to tap him on the shoulder. A guy comes in, asking if he’s Park Kan Sook?

Ji An puts the pink shoes in her shoe closet next to the other children’s shoes. (It looks bigger than the others). Her doorbell rings, and in comes Tae Gang. He asks if she has ramen. What? she asks.

She goes to the kitchen, and starts preparing stuff… then he comes over and hugs her from behind, a hand on her belly. He says he wants to stay like this for just a minute. He notes that he thought being a father is kinda hectic. She says, of course, you thought it’d be easy? They’re starting from now. She notes that she’ll make something delicious from the two of them. He says it’s OK. She wonders why. He rushes off, wide-eyed.

Dad is taken to an office.

Na Ri is talking on her phone… about a house? (I missed this part. Typing too much about Tae Gang in the kitchen XD)

He eats some ramen, deliciously. She tells him that she thinks Ankle is going to be a designer because even her heartbeat is “shoes shoes shoes shoes.”

Her doorbell rings, and she gets up to see who it is, followed by Tae Gang. It’s her parents. He gets ready to introduce himself to them, but she shoves him into the shoe closet instead. He falls in, and she shuts the door.

Her parents come in, bearing her food. As they unwrap the food.. her mom notices the bowl of ramen. As they all look at it, a phone rings. Ji An reaches over on the table and grabs her phone… but it’s not her phone that’s ringing. XD;

In the shoe room, his phone is ringing. He takes off the battery because it wouldn’t turn off. Her dad walks in the shoe room, having followed the sound, and sees him there surprised. He asks what he’s doing there. Mom comes after Dad.. then Ji An.

He says, Mom, Dad.. kneels down, then says that they had met at the company before. Then says, “Mother, Father, I’m Ankle’s Dad, Park Tae Gang.”

They kneel in front of Dad and Mom in the living room. His dad asks, this guy’s the father? Tae Gang tells him that he’ll be leaving for America. He starts to note that he’ll be going for a while to slowly become a father to Ankle. He asks about his parents. He notes that he has a father. They ask what he does for a living. He says that his dad is a patterner.

Ji An slowly tells her dad that they’ll just be doing their roles as mother and father, she has no plans to marry him. Her dad looks like he’s about to have a heart attack, as he’s about to start yelling again.

Tae Gang walks out of the apartment, dejected.

She repeats to her dad she won’t be marrying him. He’ll be leaving for America soon.

At the storeroom, Tae Gang’s dad shows him some pictures of an apartment. He gushes about how the VP is nice and cute.. it would be nice if Tae Gang married her.

Then he stops his dad and says.. Dad, you know the father to Manager Hwang’s child… What about it, he asks. Well you see… he raises a pillow up to hide his face behind it.

Outside in the VERY BUSY restaurant, you can still hear Tae Gang yelling his hurt, as pots and pans clatter.

Dad is yelling at him, didn’t I tell you not to get somebody pregnant whikle you’re drunk? He’s supposed to go to America. How could something like this be good? Tae Gang notes that everyone says love is blind… he notes that he was able to see with his own eyes what it is that he should do. He says that if it hadn’t been him, he wouldn’t bring such troubles to his dad. He says he won’t let his own child feel that way. He wants to make the child feel that its mother and father are happy about it. His dad says, Is that so.. Do that then. He says he’ll definitely do that then.

Later, he sits in the dark (with just one lamp lighting up the room), and writes a list out on a notebook. Like making her eat some more pig’s feet before he leaves. He’ll do his best from now on.

At the office, he has left something on Na Ri’s desk with a note.

Ji An is walking through the hallway the next day, and runs across Bong Soo and Tae Gang’s dad. His dad tells her to please wear longer skirts and to wear a cardigan. She shouldn’t let herself be cold. Then he tells her to contact him if anything should happen.

He hands her a note and walks away. Bong Soo wonders what he’s doing. Does he like Ji An? But they just continue walking.

She opens it up, and tilts her head in confusion. (She doesn’t know what that was all about) The two men enter the elevator.

Manager Ma tells the others that the VP will be doing the collaboration as the poster model.

Snarky girl and guy minion gossip later.

Na Ri walks in on them. They get up in surprise.

Tae Gang’s dad and Bong Soo are in the patterner office. They note that another unwed mother is being kicked off for work. Dad says that he had heard from Tae Gang.

Bong Soo’s eyes widen, accusing dad of knowing. Dad says, don’t say Tae Gang’s name anywhere! Bong Soo’s eyes widen some more, Tae Gang? Tae Gang is the father? So he’s planning to leave wife and kid and go to America for work?


Na Ri takes his dad out to eat for lunch.

Later, in her office, Na Ri remembers how Tae Gang had lent her his shoes, hung out with him, danced at the party with her, responded Yes when she asked if he likes Ji An. She leans back in her chair, in tears.

Tae Gang leads Ji An in to her office. He walks over and uncovers a chair.. with a pink cushion and a foot rest. Ta-dah~ She smiles, pleased. He tells her that she can take naps on it from now on. Nobody comes there. He tells her to try sitting. She’s still smiling as she sits. It’s nice. She can think about Ankle and sometimes even him in here.

He wonders if he should really go to America. She tells him that they’re prepared anyway. She notes that it’ll be better if he went over there. He says that if he does he’ll just dig her heels in and won’t let him be involved, right?

She notes that she wants to eat some pig’s feet. She leans back and notes that this is comfortable.

He gazes at her seriously, hovering a bit. She asks, what. He gently tells her that she’s not just some woman. She gave him a dream, a way to live. He won’t stray from the path anymore… just like her. He wanted to thank her for the first time.

He starts leaning over slowly… slowly.. she looks his way. He read in a book that skinship like this is good during pregnancy; it’s good for the baby, the book says… endorphins are released. Is that all true? He asks if they should test this out. She asks if the door is closed.

He leans over to kiss her. (But we never get to see it.)

Later she comes in to the team office. Guy minion calls out to her. Minion tells her that the VP is at her office. She walks straight passed him, conscious. Tae Gang comes out smiling and merry afterwards. He wonders what’s up with him.

At her office, she wonders if Na Ri is there for the collaboration. Na Ri says she’s here to help her only this once. She asks who the baby daddy is, but Ji An remains silent. However, Na Ri is there to tell her that she knows Tae Gang is the dad, even if Ji An won’t tell her. That’s fine, she notes, it’ll soon be a rumor in the office. The office has noticed. She notes that if Park Tae Gang is found out to be the father, the win, the career, and even the training in America will be gone. She remains silent.

Na Ri notes that she thinks she’s the only one who knows. Ji An asks, is that so.

The world is the same as it was 20 years ago.. she asks Ji An to quit.

Then they won’t have to fire Park Tae Gang or his dad. Na Ri gives her until the next day to think about it.

Eun Seong is at home. Somebody comes calling, carrying grocery bags.

The woman says that Park Tae Gang had sent her over, and asked that she show Eun Seong how to make pig’s feet. She wonders where he is, as she walks in looking for the kitchen.

Tae Gang is spending some time with an old lady at work… who starts yelling at him and screaming. He gives her a lollipop and he’s able to help her then.

The woman goes into Eun Seong’s kitchen and unpacks groceries. She starts showing him how to make pig’s feet, while he takes notes.

Meanwhile, Tae Gang is washing clothes diligently.

Tae Gang sits in Eun Seong’s kitchen.. and has him taste the pig’s feet. He asks Tae Gang how it is. He tried to make it just like the lady from that place. He says he’s sorry, but it’s not quite right; the taste is only below halfway there.

Eun Seong tells him to make it then. There’s so much more that he needs to do. He’ll get used to it.. but Tae Gang notes that he won’t. Eun Seong lays out all the “Do nots” from here on.

Tae Gang has a request for him before he leaves for America.

At her office, Ji An looks over the offer letter from the rival company, sadly.

She walks out to the team office, Na Ri’s words echoing in her head… about if her relationship with Tae Gang gets found out. That Tae Gang stands to lose everything… even the recruitment. She asks if she could do that.

She shreds the offer letter, stone-faced.

Eun Seong is on the phone, asking where she is.

He comes over, bringing her the food at work. She asks if he really made it. He says yes. He notes that Tae Gang is leaving soon, isn’t he. He notes yes. He tells her to come to the hospital, and bring the father. The baby daddy wants to greet the baby.

Tae Gang and Ji An go to see Dr. Yang at the hospital, who starts the ultrasound. He looks attentively at the screen, as Dr. Yang points out the parts of the fetus. The head. The body. The feet.

Tae Gang starts talking to the baby. “Is that you, Ankle? Don’t you look like me? Ankle, it’s your dad. Hello.”

I Do, I Do: Episode 14 live Recap by Lavieenrose

TaeKang : Do you want me not to go to the States?

JiAn : After pregnancy, I have a question. Why do we need a 10 months?

TaeKang : I don't know. I've never thought about it.

JiAn : I think it's kind of preparatory period. You need that time,too. Go to the States and be a great designer!

JiAn : I think about the collaboration. But I can't give up.

NaRi : ...I'll tell it to CEO. But If it doesn't accepted, it can't be helped.

JiAn : Vice-president, show your ability.

In the JiAn's office, TaeKang embraced JiAn very tightly! He really loves JiAn

- CEO Jang : Do you want to help JiAn? You told it to your father?

- NaRi : ...Sorry.. I'll put the matter right.

- CEO Jang : Investigate her secretly. I want to know her baby's father. Investigate new employee.

- NaRi : Do you mean, TaeKang?

(CEO Jang gave photos to NaRi.)

- CEO Jang : He visited JiAn's home frequently.

- NaRi : No.He's not the person. They prepared the collaboration at her home. And he will go to States with the company's scholarship. He'll be a star designer.

- CEO Jang : Then, make the reason.

NaRi gave a suit to TaeKang and they went to an event.

JiAn met a person who works in the rival company of JiAn works.

- The Guy : I heard your rumor. You have a hard time in that company.It's a big opportunity. Come to our company.

- JiAn : Then, what do you want to me? It's a deal, no?

- The guy : The information like next season's concept.

- JiAn : ..Do you know? Your company is always 2nd. That's the reason.

- The guy : What makes you so confident? Know your place.

Do you think you look cool? No way!

You pregnanted by mistake. Shame on you!

TaeKang was upset to NaRi.

- TaeKang : Why did you lie? I didn't work much to the collaboration.

- NaRi : It was a co-work. No?

- TaeKang : But..It's not my life.

- NaRi : TaeKang. It's not a charity. It's an investigation.

Frankly speaking, You are a murchandise. We have to packing you in the beautiful way.

- TaeKang : ..But it's not fair.

- NaRi : In that case, we will think about you again.

But TaeKang reminded what JiAn said. He wanted to be a good father to JiAn.

- EunSung gave a present to JiAn. JiAn's baby is a girl! It maked her happy.

- TaeKang's father and Sul daeri drank together.

NaRi called TaeKang's father. She offered a house to him!

OMGGGG JiAn's father and mother visited JiAn's home without any notice!!!!

JiAn wanted to hide him but JiAn's father found him!!

- JiAn's father : Your family?

- TaeKang : I have only father.

- JiAn's father : How old are you?

- JiAn : Father, we agreed. I will not get married with him.

TaeKang's father showed pictures of the house.

But TaeKang told him that he is the father of JiAn's baby.

- TaeKang : You were a good father and I will be a good father,too like you.

I will go to States and work hard. I will be a good designer.

After that, I will propose again.

- TaeKang's father : ......Okay....You can be a good father....

TaeKang's father gave his number to JiAn.lol

He wanted to be a good father-in-law? Hahaha

Oh...The company decided NaRi to the person in charge of the collaboration.

NaRi said sorry to JiAn but she was so upset.

- TaeKang's father and Sul daeri said about TaeKang and JiAn.

Sul daeri also got to know that TaeKang is father of JiAn's baby.

NaRi heard the conversation!!!!

TaeJang wanted to prepare a place for JiAn. He wanted to provide a place to relax.

- TaeKang : You make me strong.

You taught me how to have a dream and be a good designer.

I want to be a good designer like you.

Then, TaeKang wanted to Kiss her so he told,

- TaeKang : Kiss is good to baby. Your body secretes endorphin when you are happy.

NaRi visited to JiAn and asked,

- JiAn : Do I have to answer?

- NaRi : ...Is he TaeKang?? Don't worry. I'll say nothing. But soon, everybody will know it. CEO Jang has already recorgnized it..

- JiAn : He'll go to States soon so..

- NaRi : Then? If there is a problem, we have to stop to support him and you will be dismissed.

- JiAn : But you know, I'll do nothing bad.

- NaRi : Who will trust it? For me, the society doesn't changed. I have suggestion. Leave the company. Even if it was a mistake, he is the father of your baby. And also, he is a promising designer. Don't disturb him.

- JiAn : ...There will be another solution..

- NaRI : You know that there is no time.

Pettitoes expert visited to EunSung's house to teach him! It was a TaeKang's plan.lol

Before going to the States, TaeKang wanted to do 3 things.

1. Provide a place to relax.

2. Make her to eat pettitoes a lot.

EunSung learned how to make pettitoes.lol He will be a cook for JiAn. TaeKang and EunSung will be a good friend.

JiAn and TaeKang visited to the hospital cuz TaeKang wanted to hear heartbeat of Ankle. They looked so happy! What a nice couple!

I Do, I Do: Episode 14 video Preview


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