Chae Si-ra to star in new SBS drama

Chae Si-ra is set to play the lead in the new SBS drama "Five Fingers". According to the program's production company, Chae has been cast alongside T-ara's Ham Eun-jeong and actors Joo Ji-hoon and Ji Chang-wook

Chae Si-ra to star in new SBS drama Chae Si-ra is set to play the lead in the new SBS Five Fingers“. According to the program’s production company, Chae has been cast alongside ‘s Ham Eun-jeong and actors Ji-hoon and Ji Chang-wook.In the drama, Chae will play Chae Young-rang, a woman who once dreamed of being a successful pianist.”Chae Young-rang is a character who possesses both an angelic and a demonic side. Her cruel and malicious side is unveiled when her maternal instincts are put to the test. Overall, she’s a very complex character”, said a spokesperson from the drama.The program will tell a tale of conflict and passion involving musicians and businessmen from a piano manufacturer.The writer behind “Five Fingers” is Kim Soon-ok, who did the hit dramas “Temptation of Wife” (2009) and “Smile, Mom” (2011).The show will air starting Aug. 4, taking over the time slot of SBS’s current weekend drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity“.

By Carla Sunwoo

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